Hardest Code Vein Bosses

As a huge fan of anime and the Souls series this seemed like a match made in heaven, right? Well... the truth is Code Vein is an extremely flawed game, the gameplay is very unpolished and the level design is atrocious. But I soldiered on and finish it, so consider only bosses in the first playthrough. Feel free to add DLC bosses too because I don't intend to play them.
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1 Butterfly of Delirium

Yes. The very second boss of the game is the one I consider the hardest, not because of fair difficulty but because she encompasses so many terrible gameplay design traits that I couldn't help but feel I was handicapped by the game. Broken hitboxes, cheap combos, constant charging through the arena makes your camera have a seizure (thank God she is the only flying boss of the game) and the poison is applied almost instantly. I discovered during this fight that you can't sprint sideways when locked on to an enemy, excellent mechanic right? Also, I found out that pressing L3 twice brings the GESTURE QUICKMENU up; in frantic boss battles you'll end up doing that without even noticing and you can't unassign an action to pressing L3 twice, I can't stress enough how stupid this is (a GESTURE QUICKMENU) and this feature killed me more than gravity did.

By the time I faced her, I hadn't unlocked the Anti-Poison Gift and I manage to beat her by brute force in a favorable RNG run, very ...more

2 Skull King

Since the last level didn't feel like the final one at all, I thought he was just going to be another regular boss but oh boy was I wrong. The game sure uses this Velstadt (you know: big warrior, generic armor and a big-ass weapon) template as a default in most bosses but Skull King is much faster and hits super hard. My NPC companion was perishing around 40% of the boss' HP until I switched to Yakumo since he was lasting longer the most. Phase 3 (around 15% hp) horizontal charged slash is a one-hit kill, super hard to avoid and cheap as all hell.

He feels like a Bloodborne hunter boss on steroids, so I can't imagine beating him in a slow build (like hammer or two-handed sword), I used my dexterity Prometheus one and basically had good RNG to beat third phase.

3 The Virgin Born

This fight is terrible. They tried another take on the Successor of the Ribcage style (quadruple big beast) but failed again! This time they tried making a Relinquished monster archetype straight out of Yu-Gi-Oh!

The weak spot is under his belly and although it didn't look like my one-handed sword horizontal slashes should be hitting the strange hitbox was considering it valid so I took it.

The cheapest move ever is when he floats up in the sky and shower the entire arena with an AoE attack, can you even avoid that? There is no jump button Best strategy is to stay under him suck it up and take the hit because after he lands there is the biggest window ever for you to mash the square button until your stamina depletes.

He also has the common kamehameha beam attack that swipes the arena horizontally and it is awful. The animation is terrible and the pacing of the swipe is super off, I don't think I ever dodged it successfully.

I beat him like 5th or 6th try ...more

4 Cannoneer and Blade Bearer

The best fight of the game hands down! It is a blatant rippoff of Ornstein and Smough: a big more stationary fella paired with an agile more dexterity one; the arena even has some pillars to aid the player.
The best strategy is to deal with the ice-based agile waifu first since she poses greater danger; it's basically a Bloodborne approach so dexterity builds are your best bet, very enjoyable fight. After she is down, dealing with the fatty fire dude is easy; his AoE moves aren't much of a threat after his companion is dead just exploit the flamethrower attack to finish him off.

5 Juzo Mido

Another Velstadt dude. Second phase has this supper annoying move where 4 black orbs follow you around exploding twice, simply running away avoids the move but Mido can exploit that and attack you; the double Deep Soul (sorcery from Dark Soul 3) is also annoying. Other than that there is not much to say, he didn't give much trouble.

6 Successor of the Ribcage

Best design ever! A mix of Shiva (from Hinduism), a hot girl and a wolf... I'm sold man! The designers were so proud of her model they make her the only two stages (two lifebars) boss of the game.

The fight, however, is as bad as the level itself (the infamous Cathedral). Stage Two has a lot of unfair moves: the fire beam that explodes into an AoE with the worst hitbox of all times (it's basically a hitYARD) and take about 90% of your health, the lightning that is horrible to dodge and the fire balls that keep dancing back and forth. Basically, every time Code Vein tries to do a ranged magic attack, it sucks! The animation is always awful and the hitbox is frankly random.

So, is Ribcage hard? Not much actually. Just go balls to the walls, buff yourself to the maximum, stay up close and empty your stamina attacking.

7 Gilded Hunter

A Velstadt through and through, you can't get more generic than this (even his name is just whatever). To be honest, from this point on on the list, I really don't remember other fights because how generic they are. I just heard people struggle with Gilded Hunter and since I died 3 or 4 times here I thought "well he deserves number seven"

8 Successor of the Breath

A buffed Velstadt, ice version. I remember some unfair moves in phase 2 and he did hit like a truck. That's it.

9 Argent Wolf Berserker

Yet another generic Velstadt. What makes this fight is the tiny arena coupled with the wide range of his Great Mace. Using a Zweinhander makes this battle a joke: hit once, defend and let go off the button after the combo is finished to regain your stamina; rinse and repeat for the win.

10 Successor of the Throat

She is only here because I died once for the Code Vein's signature explosion move. Nothing much to say, it's sand waifu boss.

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