Top Ten Pilotable Ships in Starlancer

A long time ago I made a list on the best ships in the game Freelancer. Now I shall do a list on the best ships in the game that predated it, Starlancer. This list covers the pilotable ships that you fly in the Alliance, and none of the capital ships or Coalition ships.
The Top Ten
1 Phoenix

The prototype medium fighter Phoenix is the last fighter available to our war heroes and for good reason, it has excellent maneuverability for a medium fighter, TONS of guns, the invaluable Blind Fire special ability, as well as the unique Nova Cannon, though that's something that probably is reserved for larger targets due to its gimmick. In any case, the moment you have access to the Phoenix it's doubtful you'll want to use anything else. This ship also comes with Reverse Thrust.

2 Shroud

The prototype light fighter is one that you're forced to use for two missions, the first you're actually forced, and the second, the last mission in the game, doesn't tell you you should, but you must. Being a light fighter, it has generally light armor and terribly bad firepower with guns, plus not a lot of missiles to use. It offsets this with the Blind Fire ability and the cloak. The only fighter in the game that can cloak, too, which is the reason it's needed in the last mission due to the ion cannon that is unavoidable without cloaking. It also comes with Spectral Shields and Reverse Thrust.

3 Patriot

The Patriot is more or less the next step up from the Coyote and Predator ships in the early game, so it's liable you'll fly this thing most of the way through the mid-game before the Phoenix becomes available. Decent guns and missile hardpoints, but far better maneuverability than those before it, it's a serviceable medium fighter with the Blind Fire ability.

4 Reaper

Another ship with Blind Fire and the first heavy fighter on the list. This has a good top speed but like the other heavy fighters isn't very maneuverable. Like all other heavy fighters it has a whopping eight missile hardpoints which can be used for a number of things, and it also has extreme frontal firepower perfect for bomber roles.

5 Grendel

The Grendel's probably the most interesting fighter in all of Starlancer. It's one of four starting ships, is more or less heavy in looks, so expect it to have decent weapon mounts but not a lot of maneuverability. The thing with the Grendel is how it has the best gun recharge rate out of every fighter in the game, making it great for those who really are good at shooting to fly it in many missions. The main issue is you have to be a good shot, as the Grendel is the only ship in the game without any special equipment. In other words, this is a ship for master pilots, and the power is worth it.

6 Coyote

The Coyote is a personal favorite for the early game. Blind Fire is great for targetting, and it has seven missile hardpoints, much more than other medium fighters. It's a good medium fighter until the Patriot comes along.

7 Wolverine

This is probably the heaviest ship in the game, meaning it's got the worst maneuverability of all fighters in the Alliance, but the strongest overall firepower (8 missile hardpoints and a lot of guns), shields, and armor. It's only got the Reverse Thrust equipment though, which is its biggest disadvantage compared to other heavy fighters like the Reaper (which has Blind Fire)

8 Tempest

The first heavy fighter you have access to, I have enjoyed flying the Tempest a lot as it has really strong shields (plus the Spectral Shields), strong firepower, and eight missile hardpoints. Of course, it's not agile, and it's probably the weakest heavy fighter overall.

9 Predator

Out of the four starting ships, this is probably the best one for starting players. Very balanced, great handling and serviceable for the early game, it can almost compete with the Coyote which is available after the first mission, although it lacks a missile hardpoint by comparison.

10 Naginata

Closing this list off with the Naginata, one of the four starting fighters and the most agile ship in the game more or less. Being the most agile and speedy, this is offset by it being a light fighter that isn't strong on the offense. Its speed is what makes it.

The Contenders
11 Mirage IV

The funny thing about the Mirage IV is that it is based off of a French aircraft in real life, and the origin of the ship in general is French. Overall, I never used the Mirage IV, it's got decent speed but every other stat is average, with weak hull for a medium fighter. Plus the guns are on the tips which makes it harder to aim when close.

12 Crusader

The fourth starting ship (the others are Predator, Naginata, and Grendel), the Crusader only has Spectral Shields for its special ability, and is generally alright, but the Blind Fire ships are better for combat.

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