Top 10 Most Difficult Minecraft Achievements and Advancements

Minecraft achievements and advancements vary in difficulty from simply opening your inventory to having every possible effect at once. The time you spend getting these achievements and advancements vary from a few seconds to weeks for the average player. Most of them are unique and they involve mobs, blocks, items, and other things. I'll try to give you some tips if you're trying to do these. Vote for what you think are the most difficult achievements and advancements in Minecraft.
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1 How Did We Get Here?

For the #1 spot, I went with "How Did We Get Here?" You have to get EVERY. SINGLE. EFFECT. POSSIBLE. This means that you need a shulker, mining fatigue, AND the wither effect, which would probably be the most difficult part. You'd also need to get every potion type, making it even longer This will probably take weeks, maybe even months for the average player. At least you'll get 100 experience points. I'm not going to even touch this one probably. I don't hate myself.

2 Beaconator

To get Beaconator, you have to make a fully-powered beacon of any type. The difficulty varies on what type of blocks you're putting under the beacon, but this still can be quite tough since it requires killing the Wither and getting 164 blocks of one type (iron, netherite, emerald, etc.). Just imagine how long getting all types of fully powered beacons would be! Not sure if it would even be worth it really.

3 Super Sonic

The name doesn't lie. First, you need an elytra and a good number of rockets. Then you need to build something with a 1x1 gap. After that, go far away from it and fly until you're going 40 blocks per second. Finally, you have to make it through that 1x1. You have to be very precise. I recommend placing a bed near the gap, because you're definitely going to die a lot. I bet many speedrunners out there trying to get every achievement as quickly as they can are scared of this one.

4 The Beginning.

You do this one by killing the Wither. It's way easier if you fight the Wither in a cave in Java because it would be totally screwed over and it's way stronger on Bedrock. The Wither is hard to kill because it gives you the Wither effect when you get hit, has strong attacks, and can heal.

5 Hero of the Village

This is completed by completing a raid. If you want a raid to start, you need to find a pIllager outpost and kill the captain. The captain is the pillager with the banner. Once you do this, you will get the bad omen effect and you must go to a village, and a raid will start. Make sure you keep the villagers safe somewhere where they won't be killed by the pillagers. The number of waves varies on the difficulty you're playing in and what level of the Bad Omen effect you have is. The Bad Omen's level can be increased by killing more captains. The maximum number of waves is around 8. Once you complete the raid with villagers surviving, you will get the achievement and an effect with the same name. The effect also has different levels, and varies on what level your bad omen effect was. It definitely pays off. Villagers will throw free items at you, and their prices will drop significantly. I mean, it's the least Penn the Librarian can do for me after refusing to give me mending for 5 hours. Freaking troll. He should be bowing down to me.

6 Map Room

Another time consuming advancement where you have to travel a lot. First, get 9 maps. Second, get 9 item frames and place them in a 3x3 square on a wall. Third, fill out all of the maps and make sure they are adjacent to each other. Finally, place all the maps on the item frames. Yeah, this will take a while.

7 Sniper Duel

You definitely need a bow with infinity on it for this one. You have to kill a skeleton with an arrow fired from 50 blocks away. Building a tower up high could help. Also, try to trap the skeleton somewhere so that it doesn't move.

8 Cover Me In Debris

You have to get a full set of netherite armor. That's it. It takes a long time since netherite is so rare, which makes sense because it gets you the best tools and armor in the game. At least you don't have to put netherite ingots in a crafting table to make the armor. That would make it take much longer. A tip I would give you for finding netherite is looking in a crater that you make by blowing beds or TNT up. I personally like using TNT but using beds isn't bad either.

9 Adventuring Time

This one takes a long time. To get this achievement, you must travel to 36 biomes. This will take a long time, especially if you don't know where to go. However, you can speed this process up if you have an elytra and plenty of rockets.

10 The End.
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11 Moskstraumen
12 Return to Sender

Starting off with Return to Sender, where you have to kill a ghast with its own fireball. Ok, maybe this isn't very hard for some people but for me personally this one is tough because ghasts often move too much, which makes the fireball miss. Also, for some reason I can't seem to be able to reflect it most of the time for whatever reason. I'm probably just a noob though.

13 Monsters Hunted
14 Bring Home the Beacon
15 Arbalistic
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