Top 10 Biggest Problems with Mario Party Superstars

Mario Party Superstars is a decent game but there are definitely lots of flaws. Some of my opinions will change if the game gets DLC. I do not think this game is bad but I think it is very stale. I am just not a huge fan of this game. If you love the game that is fine. We all have different opinions.
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1 Lack of Content

The content could've been more of but it's nothing lacking in quality. The board gameplay is as good as it is, and while there aren't as good minigame modes as in 9, it's still functionally fun. Survival is one of the most unique experiences of any Mario Party. The records system has also been so improved that you can check out online leaderboards and see where you land on them. I can't imagine comparing this to Super which had a few irrelevant side-modes that had little to nothing to do with the rest of the game (Sound Stage is just worse Decathlon, and there's no reason to play River Survival after you beat it, same with Challenge Road). If you're bored with Mario Party Superstars, you're just not a very keen Mario Party fan to begin with.

2 Only 5 Remade Boards

Hudson Soft made 6-8 original boards in the older Mario Party games so is it really that hard for and Cube to make at least 6 remade boards on the Switch in 2021? I know that they are absolutely capable of doing 8-10 boards but they don't want to because they know the people will give it a 10/10 because of nostalgia.

5 boards ain't anything to cry over. The first game had 8, sure, but half of them were not even good. Sure 5 is a little under the average, but it's the bare minimum and at least all of them are good. Quality over quantity!

3 Small Character Roster

I think that the character roster is very important in Mario Spinoffs. It is a massive disappointment that it is mostly just the human characters and not a lot of variety. Mario Party 6 has a bigger character roster and that game came out in 2004. They are so many characters that could have been playable but no they decided to make the roster very basic.

This has no impact on the game. All the characters are just skins of each other, and for trying to replicate the old feeling, I'd say they picked the right-enough choices.

4 Too Many Lucky Spaces

They are not "Lucky" if they take up almost half of the board.

This is a bit of a problem, but it could've been worse.

5 Unfair 1 vs 3 Minigames

Most of the 1 vs 3 are unbalanced and always favor the solo player an if they don't favor the solo player than they favor the 3 players.

True but then again they've always been like this so it's nothing odd in this game.

6 Toad Isn’t Playable
7 Lack of Uniqueness
8 Very Few Minigames from Mario Party 7-10

This is a problem, and I wish and Cube paid more attention to them, as someone who grew up with primarily these games, but the N64 is harder to come by so it's obvious to prioritize the harder to get games.

I know this game is focused on the N64 titles but instead of putting in very few minigames from the later installments they should have made them equal or only put minigames from the N64 games and called this game Mario Party 64 All Stars.

9 King Boo is Way Too Hard to Reach

I would argue that putting King Boo in ridiculous spots on the board is perfectly acceptable, especially since "you get too many coins" and if you have enough, King Boo can steal stars from literally every player on the board.

10 Overpowered Items
The Contenders
11 The Bonus from Toad in the Last Five Turns

Who's gonna win? The person I give a gift to. I just hate the dialog, not the fritter.

12 No Unlockable Boards or Characters

This is the only real problem. The only thing you can really unlock are info pages, and songs, and other irrelevant stuff no one cares for. If there was a story mode of some sort and you'd unlock Horror Land and Birdo, that would be great.

After you buy all the backgrounds/music from the shop, you are done and stuck with 5 mid tracks.

13 Boring Gaming Sequences
14 Rigged Gameplay

Breaking News: Mario Party is a luck-based game, where people have considered RNG rigged since 1999.

15 Lack of Innovation

This makes the game seem like a port instead of a new game. There is nothing that makes this game stand out as it's own game.

16 Cheap Items

Since you get so many coins for the lucky spaces and coin minigames 7 coins for a Chomp Call and 5 for Double Dice are absolutely nothing and you would always buy them because they are so cheap. In the last turns getting Golden Pipes is easy because you will usually have over 100 coins.

With the exception of the Chomp Call, every item in the game is about the same price as the others.

The only badly priced item is the Chomp Call. Everything else was acceptable.

17 The CPU Players Cheat
18 You Get Way Too Many Coins
19 Uninteresting Design

"Uninteresting" is ambigious. I think it's very interesting to bring back older content from games that are a lot harder to come by, and let them be experienced by a newer audience, while also improving on them. It's not all just for "nostalgia"

It's very interesting in my opinion.

20 Stars Appear Way Too Often out of Hidden Blocks

At least what I experienced Stars seem more rare to come out of hidden blocks in Super than in this game. One time I got 2 stars from hidden blocks in a 15 turn game.

They're way rarer this time around.

21 The Music Completely Disrespects the Originals
22 Mario is a Cheat
23 Toadette Isn't Playable
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