Top 10 Best Pixel Gun 3D Maps

The maps in Pixel Gun 3D take the game to a whole new level. They're the battlefields where epic showdowns take place, the mazes where strategies are made and broken, and the landscapes that transform the game from a simple shooter to an immersive combat experience.

From the spookiness of the Ghost Town to the futuristic vibe of the Space Station, each map in Pixel Gun 3D offers a unique environment to explore and dominate. These maps are not just visually diverse, but they also influence your gameplay. Different terrains, varying levels of cover, multiple vantage points - all these factors play into your strategy and shape your experience.

But now, we're on a mission to figure out which maps are the fan favorites. Which ones offer the perfect balance of complexity and playability? Which maps have hosted your most thrilling victories or your most heart-wrenching defeats? It's time to put on your virtual combat boots and wade into the discussion!

Perhaps it's a classic map that you've mastered every corner of, or maybe it's a new addition that's added a refreshing twist to the game. Whatever your pick, we want to hear about it! Remember, your vote could influence the rankings and help new players find their next favorite map.
The Top Ten
1 Mafia Cottage

Mafia Mansion is the best! I don't get why they removed it! It was my favorite map, and I love the secret camera area. I hate RiliSoft.

This AWESOME place! I got massacred twice and a fury in here. Love it.

Nice for katana killing. What? I got Mad Butcher two times.

2 Heaven Garden

It's awesome! It's perfect for sniping, using fast guns, and overall, it's epic!

This should be at the top and Mafia Mansion? Oh, please. Yeah right, why is that at the top? It's horrible.

I really like the way it is set out, and it is pretty big. It's so cool!

3 Sky Islands

I come to this map most often now. It's not filled with a ton of ruby armored people all the time. Arabian Dust used to be my absolute favorite map. It's not the best anymore.

4 Atlantis
5 Nuke

This is my favorite map in the world. Copyright from Call of Duty.

6 Blockmart
7 Sniper Forts
8 Pool Party (PG3D)

Easy for killing. I killed 25 people here.

9 Ant's Life

This is awesome! It's good to use sniper weapons with a scope. The Tactical Bow is a bow and arrow and it has a scope. Cool!

The map is cool. You are like an ant, and the two sides make it fun.

I love this map so much! I love to play death matches there.

10 Paradise Resort (PG3D)

The air balloon is good for people firing from there. They can fire at people on the ground, but people from the ground can't fire at them.

The Contenders
11 School

The most scary map, feels like Silent Hill.

12 Space Station

I used to like using my Prototype UP1 here. But I figured I can't get anyone. So I decided to stick to Ant's Life.

The map is great, and the less gravity makes it fun!

Should be fun.

13 Walking Fortresses (PG3D
14 Parkour City

The best map on Pixel Gun for Flag Capture! Try it out!

15 Village
16 Infected Prison
17 D-Day
18 Cargo Ship

They never should have gotten rid of this map.

19 Arabian Dust
20 Inside the Code

Great map as you bounce up when you fall, and dodging shots is easy.

I can't shoot people while I'm bouncing. I hate this, but I won here against two opponents who are higher level than me.

21 Train Depot
22 Two Castles (PG3D)
23 Mining Camp

This is a great map for Point Capture. Good for special weapons.

24 Dangerous Roads

They got rid of this map. NOOO!

Wow, they created this map to warn hackers, and yet there are still so many of them.

Try Sniper weapons. They're good.

I love the music and animations. It's an XL map. I like the islands!


25 Destroyed Megalopolis
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