Top 10 Reasons Why Sonic the Hedgehog is Better Than Super Mario

Here are some reasons why our speedy anthropomorphic hedgehog is cooler than the fat plumber.
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1 Sonic saves animals, Mario kills animals

I´m a Nintendo fan and I will say even if I wasent, I would think this list is stupid. so many reasons are wrong. 1: Mario has better music, sonic has many recycled tracks and mario kart 8, odyssey, and origami king all have better soundtracks than all sonic games. 2: Why on earth is mario a copycat of sonic, watching a show on the creation of SEGA, sonic was made to be a mario rip-off. and most mario games are not sonic rip-offs. heck more sonic games are rip-offs of mario games than mario. 3: mario has mario kart 8 deluxe, which team sonic racing riped-off of, is better than team sonic racing. 4: mario has saved a lot more than a princess. go ahead and argue with the time and space but mario has saved the galaxy twice. 5: mario bros 3 is better than sonic the hedgehog. 6: bowser is cooler than eggman and has a better personality so stop bullying him. 7: mario has a cool new movie coming out 2023 and we are forgetting the live action. 8: bowser is a more complex villain surprisingly ...more

Sonic and his world seem more realistic (in a world of fantasy games anyway).
1)He moves by rolling and jumping into a roll, while Mario jumps straight up with his legs apart.
2)A hedgehog thst can move fast to defeat an evil genius from harming animals seems more believable than an Italian Plumber going to stop a large turtle from harming a princess. Though anything can be made in fantasy worlds, some concepts flow better than others as Sonic.

I am willing to bet that the reason they attack Mario is because they heard he is evil, so they try to attack him and get rid of this psycho man forever. Sonic, we already know that he eats chili dogs, but only because they have not been dead by him or anyone else, or he doesn't know that. Either way makes Sonic Lost World a GENUS game to play.

The animals (other than Yoshi and a couple others) try KILLING Mario, even at the beginning of a Mario game. Completing a game without killing dangerous obstacles is a hard challenge, mainly because at the ends of a lot of the games you need to either drop Bowser into lava or kill him with fireballs.

2 Sonic characters are more fun

In Mario games, the only characters that are playable and not so hideous are mario and luigi, while in Sonic games, every character is good, I might even play as Amy once or twice.

Agree with this! One of the things I love most about the Sonic series is that the characters carry the story better and have better dialogue. Sonic is enjoyable for all ages due to this whereas Mario (fun though the games may be) can often feel very "kiddy" for lack of a better term, too family friendly and vanilla. Sonic brings more depth, humour and insight to each game plot, it's far more versatile. Also sonic music over mario music anyday!

Some Mario characters are fine but no one will play as peach, toad, or Bowser... maybe luigi in the main Mario games.

On the other side sonic is fast, tails can build cool planes even he was young, knuckles is strong and shadow is sonic but has more power and chaos energy which is ALSO cool.

Sonic, Silver, and Shadow even Tails & Cream have better powers Then those Mario Characters! Mario has a stupid jumping ability while having other powers but one hit no more power, and Sonic is more adventurous.

3 Sonic girls seem to dress more modernly

The women in Sonic aren't stereotypical and lazy. They actually stand up for themselves. Princess Peach is a literal stereotype who without a doubt it's so boring to save. Peach is not the best bit of Mario and even I want to see Peach torn into pieces and fed to Bowser's minions. Heck she doesn't even love Mario! Even I would rather see Sonic and Elise make out than Mario and that princess.

If you think about it, seeing the girls dress more modern makes them less appealing. In today's society, we've had lots of movies (for example) with hashtags and stupid crap. Am I right? I certainly know that lots of people can agree with me (like the Emoji Movie). So seeing the girls dress more modern scares me because it makes me think that they'll be stupid hashtag preteens. This is just my opinion, so yea. And besides, seeing the girls dress more like back than (like the old style) makes them more appealing because of the classical feel Mario gives.

Every main character girl: princess
Every sonic girl characters: things that make them not a princess that gets stolen by a turtle 15 times a second.

What I meant is that the princess dresses are old fashioned, but dresses like Amy's and Cream's are more modern looking.

4 Sonic has better music

I love Sonic and Mario almost equally, but as a fan of both I must say Sonic's OST in 1,2, and 3 including knuckles in sonic games and CD honestly have the best soundtracks for the single levels that I've ever heard! If you don't believe me listen to Ice Cap Zone, Lava Reef Zone, Green Hill Zone, Flying Battery Zone and more the OST's are ridiculous and for 16-bit era games on the Genesis they still hold addictive and people still love the OST.

I don't count the 3D Sonic games as the best, the game play just worked better in 2D. That being said, Sonic 2 on The SEGA Genesis had the best video-game sounding music on any game. Casino Night Zone is the best level for music and gameplay.

Open your heart, live and learn, shadows game theme, heroes, knight of the wind, 7 rings in hand, his world, all unleashed music, all rush music, silver's theme, free riders, reach for stars, and super sonic racing are all great.

His world, unawakening float, dreams of an absolution, let the speed to mend it, even ALL HAIL SHADOW is better then that stupid whatever music now Sonic has real Music! While Mario is blah blah blah! Who would like Mario music?!

5 Sonic has more siblings

While Underground wasn't canon, I think its important to note that Sonic treats Tails like his little brother and treats him well. Mario has Luigi and treats him like trash.

You can see Sonic's siblings in the show, Sonic Underground. I don't know if Luigi jumps higher than Sonic.

Mario's siblings: Luigi. That's all. Sonic's siblings: Manic and Sonia.

Well he's got you there

6 Mario is a copycat and idea thief

Super Mario Sunshine ripped off Sonic Adventure 2. Super Mario Odyssey ripped off Sonic Unleashed. I'd say that's enough evidence right there.

Then again, Sonic Lost World was a Super Mario Galaxy clone, so I think both franchises copied off each other at different points (at least Sonic has more gameplay variety though - like come on, Mario NEVER turned into a werewolf or wielded a sword).

But unlike the coins, you keep the ring total over 100. And they can protect you from losing a life. Plus, your ring total at the end of each zone can be added to your score. And don't forget the lighting ring dash, which 1st appeared in SONIC ADVENTURE (1998-99).

Yoshi's island a draco tales rip off dinosaur version. Luigi's mansion is basically ghostbusters. Bros is Disney's plot. Kart is adventure landing with terrible characters! Sunshine is trash.

Super Mario Sunshine stole from Sonic Adventure 2, and everyone bypasses it. Sonic is better, and so is Sonic Adventure 2 (even though the first one is the superior one)

7 Sonic has a variety in plot, while Mario lacks that variety

Sonic has better diversity than Mario. Why? Let me explain.

Sonic saved animals (Sonic the Hedgehog). He has to save the world from the Space Colony (Sonic Adventure 2). He has to team up with his younger self to restore the timeline (Sonic Generations).

Mario, on the other hand, is just him saving the princess who never defends herself. THAT'S IT.

Sonic has himself go through a candy amusement park (Sonic Colors), a city (Sonic Adventure 2), and a PRISON?!

Mario has himself going through grass, desert, tropical island, jungle, snow, mountains, sky, and castle. He has to go through this for multiple games. Doesn't it get repetitive, boring, and uncreative after a while? Yeah, I thought so.

Sonic always changes his plot and it's always awesome like Sonic himself. Mario is always, and I mean ALWAYS you Mario fans, just saving the princess. BORING. Sonic has variety and while it's not the main reason I buy Sonic games (That's to play as Sonic himself and to make Sonic go through levels fast), I appreciate that.

Mario is just "SAVE THE PRINCESS! " in almost every single game. Can you be more creative, Nintendo?

Sonic, however, has had MANY MANY plots. From saving animals from an evil genius, to being stuck in time with his younger self! There's a lot of plots, but I'm too lazy to list them.

AT least Star Wars did a better job at the saving the princess part because look at Leia. She has managed to not be the sterio typical annoying princess that gets captured. Also, a lot of stories that have similar things to Mario have done a better job at them that could never be said by anyone ever.

8 Sonic racing games are better than Mario racing games

Even if Mario racing games were never made, Sega would have still made some too. Mario Kart 64 wasn't the first racing game you know...

If you all love Mario racing games be thankful the racing games before Mario kart.

Y'all all know good and well that Sonic is better. Their racing games look more realistic than Mario.

Sonic racing games are awesome. I never played one but there cool. In Mario kart you get attacks and throw them at youf opponent, wi is just cheating.

9 Sonic has a personality

I think an excerpt from one Sonic issue explains it all...
" Even though he tries to maintain a certain level of 'cool'... At heart he's a lovable goof who loves his family and friends dearly. You can always count on him to come through in a tough spot... He's all for speaking his mind for what he believes in... And, well, he really cares."
That's Sonic's personality in a nutshell.

Mario does slightly have a personality. He's brave and cheerful... Right? But when you put him next to Sonic, he's just has more of a colorful personality at the end of the day. Being outgoing, cocky, brave, caring, and optimistic, he basically takes the cake from the red plumber.

We know that Sonic is fast, cocky, and awesome, and the best Sonic character. We know that Mario is the best Mario character. There's a big difference, and it's a big reason why Sonic the character is better than Mario

This is actually a great reason since Mario is bland and tasteless when Sonic actually has a personality.

10 Sonic saves the world. Mario saves a princess who hasn't learned to save herself

Various Mario games just say blah and blah let's Save the princess! God even I know Princess Elise was better than you! I saved her more times in one game than you do in your whole franchise Mario. Peach is a literal stereotype and without a doubt is getting on my nerves. Just get the kid some dumb 50's telephone and an ice cream than make him get that dumb princess.

That is true. I know Mario saved the galaxy two times but Sonic saved time itself three times and he always fights more villains not just Eggman. I mean can Sonic have just one break I mean he deserves to have one.

Whatever Mario is doing he's like I don't know trying to find a nice tux for his date with Peach and stupid stuff like that.

Who almost was about to make Sonic destroy the World Eggman and Sonic fixed the world In one peace unleashed, who went through time and save the world Three Times Sonic!
Who would only save a princess and be Lazy for the rest of the day Mario Stupid!
Oh and all Mario eats is Spaghetti from the Same 10 year old. Mario Stupidity, and Sonic fun impersonating and intriging

Sonic saves not just the planet, not even the galaxy, but time itself in some instances! And in doing so ( this is in Sonic 06, now), he (SPOILER ALERT) gets an energy beam through his chest, gets kissed against his will, and defeats an all powerful god.

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11 Sonic has better spin-offs

Look I'm a Sonic fan,but the only Sonic spin offs I like are Sonic Spinball and Sonic Chronicles The Dark Brotherhood. And that's good, because Sonic is known more for his main series than his garbage spin offs. Mario on the other hand is now known more for Mario Kart than Super Mario. So that's another reason Sonic is better in it's own

Sonic has Sonic Spinball, Sonic Chronicles The Dark Brotherhood, Sonic R, and Sonic Rivials 1 and 2 (Play as Sonic in the last 3 for the maximum fun experience). Those are the best Sonic spin offs and they make Mario's look like a joke

Shadowthe hedghog is awesome. Mario spinoffs are terrible usually for example Mario kart ds. Worst racing game on ds. This list is completely right.

Look, I'm a Sonic fan here, but Sonic Spinball is the only good non main series Sonic game I can think of.

12 Sonic fights more villains than Mario

I agree. Mario fights Bowser as a final boss in almost EVERY game.

how many times has mario defeated bowser already? the only cool fight I can remember is when mario took down a dragon in the lost kingdom, but sonic been there and done that in Black knight.

Now it's right! He defeat Dark Gaia,Deadly 6,Time eater and many more. P.S:To Nintendo:
Be more creative guys! don,t stuck in one villain.

Mephiles is overrated move on and stop whining about it. Sonics villans are mediocre because they all have the same intenshions mario fights one villan with the same goal not 1000 villans trying to do the same thing.

13 Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog is way better than The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3

I gotta admit, this is kinda true, Sonic did have a better cartoon trilogy than Mario's (even though they are both good), but still, we should like both games.

Now this is just ridiculous, find some REAL reasons guys not opinions

It's good for kids!

14 Sonic is for older audiences

Modern Sonic has some moments where it gets kind of dark and realistic at the same time. Mario, however has so many games based around this Princess that is a liar that it's no wonder why people say it's for kids. You know, while we have a mutant fox, and other weird animals, I think that it's more likely that we would live with animals in harmony rather than teach kids to kill some plant life just because they are depicted to be evil.

Sure but Mario is for ALL AGES. And even if little kids still play Sonic, it still doesn't change this fact if Sonic is really made for older audiences. So wouldn't this limit Sonic's popularity and use? I think so

It actually doesn't limit it's popularity
OR use because it teaches kids that bad things happen in the world and you have to learn to deal with them. Like death, grief and bullying.

I think Sonic is more suitable for girls, because Sonic fangirls are more than Sonic fanboys.

15 Sonic has cool villains

Alright... I will admit that Bowser is pretty bad-butt. He ruined a festival that happened once every 100 years. He kidnaps the love of Mario's life like a zillion times. Probably a bunch of other things, but I can't remember them right now. Anyways, Dr. Eggman is also pretty bad. He roboticized Sonic's entire family, he destroyed Knothole, and enslaved a bunch of adorable animals. Mephiles (according to other sites) is arguably the best villain in the entire Sonic series. He almost destroys everything that ever was, he betrays Silver, and... SPOILER ALERT... Kills Sonic. He is the only villain to do so. Metal Sonic... Don't even get me started with him. He is just bad, bad, and bad.
Oh well, I've said my peice... What do you think?

Honestly, Metal Sonic is the best villan in sonic games. 1: he can go as fast, sometimes faster, than sonic, he is better than shadow, and he turns into a dragon.

There all the same exept for eggman and metal sonic, all the other others only want to destroy the universe or part of it, but there are some with cool desighns and powers like infinite.

The Deadly Six? Pretty decent. Especially that joke about Zazz needing to take a bath.

16 Mario's live action movie sucks

I hate the fact that it's actually true...
Nintendo shouldn't sue people for using emulators/making fan games. If they want to make those people feel pain, Nintendo should just make them watch the SMB Movie.

Top 3 reasons why the Mario movie sucks 1. It was nothing like the game 2. Goombas made no sense 3. Luigi was pretty much the main character and Mario was just like another sidekick. This movie felt like sonic 06 ( no offense sonic ).

The animated movie of Sonic made in 1996 has him going against Metal Sonic, and it's plot was awesome. The acting was too.

The Super Mario Bros. Super Show or the Super Mario Bros. movie where Princess Daisy is kidnapped by President Koopa?

Because I would give The Super Mario Bros. Super Show a 9.1 score and the Super Mario Bros. movie a 1.7 score.

17 Eggman is better than Bowser

Bowser is a terrible excuse for a villain. What does he do with Peach when he kidnaps her? Play Checkers until Mario comes? You'd think after 34 years he'd come up with something new...

Eggman has an IQ of 300, and builds robots, and heck, would even control a creature of darkness that can control time! He uses animals as a power source for his robots. He's a great villain.

Actually Bowser is better. At least he doesn't make plans for attacks with Mario like Eggman in Sonic Boom with Sonic, so stupid of Eggman to do that first off. And all that Eggman does is build a bunch of stupid robots when Bowser has a variety of minions to help him.

I agree how Eggman is better than Bowser but I am a Mario Player but less Sonic Player because I only got a few of them. Eggman's voice and comedy beats up Bowser so as his fatness. I am still tasting Eggman's voice and and how tall his legs

Eggman stole a sacred Jewel that keeps a part of the world in harmony leaving it in total chaos just to fuel his own robot AND he drained hundreds of wisps' life source to also fuel his own robot.

18 Sonic has a more interesting cast

Yes. His friends are actually fun to play as in the games. Plus Luigi's the best Mario character, but nobody treats him any good. Mario abuses him, abandon him and even the toads whose more useless than peach abandon luigi.

Sonic is a speedy hedgehog who broke a speed record for fastest thing alive, tails is an engineering fox with 2 tails, and knuckles is an enchinda( Mario fans keep note of that word) who is the last of his kind, living on a island in the sky guarding the ultimate power, I could go on.

Sonic cares about all his friends. Mario hits and sacrifices his dino friend in Super Mario World, Grabs his helpers and throws them in a pit of death, and he treats his brother Luigi like dog crap.

Mario Characters have a heart about thinking there selves and the King and Queen also Luigi cares about is bro the toad and princess peach Luigi is the only only one not souless other then Yoshi, but all Sonic Characters care about eachother and that's why only Luigi and Yoshi are good Characters in Mario only.

19 Sonic's speed makes his games so much fun

I LOVE how fast you go in Sonic games. Making Sonic speed through all of those levels is better than Mario saying "Go slowly through this world, than at the castle, waste your power-ups destroying a fake version of the 1 villain to listen to a mushroom person say your girlfriend is in another castle". That makes me sick. Sonic would clear all of Mario's levels in 3 seconds.

this is tied with playing as Sonic when it comes to what I like most about Sonic games. Making Sonic run around all the awesome stages is just so much fun. When I play Mario, it's just so slow and tedious.

20 Sonic's had plenty of good TV shows

I remember being completely disappointed by The Super Mario Bros. Super Show when I watched it for the first time in 2002. When I saw Sonic SATAM in 2008 for the first time, I was officially addicted. Not even coming close to SATAM, The Super Mario Bros. Super Show lost to SATAM in my opinion. The Mario anime wasn't bad (even though they were basically taking the story lines from fairy tales), but Sonic X (which is an anime) stole the show, despite the jacked-up "canon" it had. Frankly, all of Sonic's T.V. shows were much better than Mario's.

Try comparing Sonic SatAM to The Super Mario Bros. Super Show. Come on, Nintendo. The Legend of Zelda T.V. show (in my opinion) was actually pretty good. You nuked the fridge with Mario.

Hm, well let's see. First off, this is an opinion not a REAL reason. Second, let's look at Sonic's shows:
The Adventures of Sonic The Hedgehog - has bad voice acting and BORING
Sonic X - Is not even about Sonic, Sonic sits around for majority of the series, and everyone became even more annoying than usual (especially Amy, I mean dear lord!)
Sonic SATAM - Okay, but still boring. Sally is not that good of a character, even though she's way better than Amy. She fights better and doesn't complain and whine
Sonic Underground - BORING. I even heard that they never found their mother, so what was the point of this series?
Sonic Boom - Most annoying and stupid of all the Sonic series. Everyone lost a ton of IQ points, Sticks was a pointless character to add in this series, and the fighting sucks and feels rushed. Eggman even made plans with Sonic to fight him in one of the episodes. What the heck?!

Mario, however... that's like trying to compare Uncle Grandpa to Dragon Ball Z.

21 Sonic lives in a more interesting world

Sonic stays in the exact same world for majority of his games. Mario goes through the Mushroom Kingdom, galaxies, dimensions, and goes to a different universe of being turned into paper form! Now that's cool! Sonic is lame and super cliche

Mobius? Big enough to explore. Traveling to different places? All right! Mario, he's too lazy to explore outside the mushroom kingdom, or rather the kingdom of Morons! He he he.

But Mario travels through the universe in Super Mario Galaxy 1&2, and he travels through many dimensions in Super Paper Mario.

Agreed. Sonic lives in lovely peaceful world.

22 Sonic has fun stages

Sonic stages feels different every time in the best way possible. Mario's stages, besides Galaxy, feels almost boring when you think about it.

The Christmas I got my GameCube I had sadx and sa2b I boots up sa2b first and city escape. Rollin' around at the speed of sound. The iconic stage the nostalgia is over 9,000. Also I boot up sadx then I get to emerald coast nostalgia is also over 9,000! Mario has never had stages like this!

Yes, City escape rocks.

What? Super Mario Galaxy has the best stages ever in a platformer!

23 Classic Sonic is better than Classic Mario

Classic Sonic is also better than 'modern' Sonic. Classic Sonic looked cool, and endearing without being some sickening cuteness attempt (Sonic Generations' Classic Sonic doesn't count; they made him a wide-eyed, muted 'cute' moron and couldn't even get his colour right - also, suddenly Tails had a voice back then, but Sonic didn't? - original Sonic, whenever depicted, was focused and confident; the opposite of Generations).
The 'modern' Sonic, however, looks like a cat that's just been pulled out of the washing machine, having, before that, spent several years on a stretching rack.
And every five years or so, what to sega do?
Ruin him further by putting him in for another wash cycle. Before long, he'll be (an extremely anorexic) Godzilla the HedgeCat. As for the oother characters, I shudder to think...
But to the point, whenever I see Mario, I want to slap him. And whoever started urinating about with Sonic's characters' designs; they're starting to look as stupid as ...more

Enough with the opinion based reasoning guys it doesn't help!

Yes. Classic Sonic is more epic.

Classic sonic is cute

24 Sonic's first games are better than Mario's.

Yes. The first game, Sonic the Hedgehog (1991) was the first Sonic games.
It was simple, fun, and it made sense.

Not to spoil anything, but Mario's first games are more than 5 years older than Sonic's.

What are you saying? Both games are good

My game crashed when I played the 1st sonic game we had to throw out the T.V. and get a new one oh did I say that tvs are like 700$

25 Sonic's power-ups are far superior to Mario's

In Mario there is a awesome huge amount of power ups but Sonic has cooler ones, the shields are great, you can turn in a fire ball in mid air, bounce and breathe underwater and make rings come to you and perform a double jump, with the speed shoes you can reach incredible speeds. Not to mention SUPER FORMS where your speed multiplies, you are literally imortal and can jump very very high and invurnerable. If forms and super forms count then Sonic wins but if we don't then I got to say Mario.

Okay, eating mushroom and getting big or flying short distances by becoming a Tanooki in Mario is fun, but being engulfed in stars as you gain super sonic speeds or invincibility and precede to plough through enemies, spin around in a loop, or break a wall is just a little more exciting.

In Mario, you get a mushroom that makes you grow bigger, and a star that makes you invincible for 10 seconds.

In Sonic, you have boxes with the power-ups. There's shields (Defensive, Flame, Water, and Electric), Invincibility, and Speed Shoes. 'enough said.

List of sonic power-ups: Excalibur Sonic, Super Sonic, Hyper Sonic, Dark-spine Sonic, Dark Sonic, Werehog Sonic, Hyper Shadic (from Nazo unleashed), Then you have all of the shield powers from the retro games.

List of Mario power-ups:Weird Squirrel, Fire Flower, Ice Flower, Star power, Boomerang, Cat, Small, Big, Massive Mushroom, Gliding Squirrel, Spring, Cloud, Bee, Rock, Drill? I may be missing some.

my point is Yes Mario has Way More power-ups but Sonic has Better power-ups by Far!

( I'm a Sonic fan :-) )

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