Top 10 Reasons Why Consoles are Better Than PCs

There's already a list on why PC gaming is superior, but let's look at the other end of the spectrum on why some people still prefer to play games on consoles.

Note, I am not a console fanboy, I was actually a PC gamer before I saw what advantages consoles could offer gamers. If you prefer PC gaming more power to you. But it's not for everyone, as these reasons will show why.
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1 Reliability

Really, if one *tiny* thing is wrong on the PC (which it usually is, for people who don't care enough to dedicate an entire day to research), it's useless. With consoles, they are made by professionals, who lose EVERYTHING if they don't do it right. Even if they do, you can still have it fixed or replaced with only a few hours maximum wait.

Consoles also don't require memorizing the entire specs of it just to play Morrowind, for example. To play Morrowind on a PC nowadays, you have to physically alter the computer and game. With consoles, it works fine the second you pop it into the tray.

PCs just aren't reliable enough to be worth the extra time and money.

Most people's reasons for saying PCs are better than Consoles are purely superficial (such as better graphics or modding games). The most important factor when it comes to gaming is actually being able to play the game. And the fact of the matter is consoles have a better track record for reliability than PCs ever will. My PS2 has lasted a good 10+ years whereas PCs don't live as long due to viruses or hardware getting outdated.

Plug and play my game straight away on consol. on pc ill be spending a week playing with settings and trying to figure out why I have lag and freezes on hardware that should be able to play the game on ultra settings.

Consoles are usually a lot more reliable. They can last longer without maintenance and when was the last time you could get a Trojan horse on a console? Exactly.

2 Cheaper

Going back to the technical requirements to keep your PC up to date to play games you need to be prepared to splash out money to get these necessary components for the games to even be playable. Consoles keep required add-ons to a bare minimum and most games can be played with just a console.

Here's a $448 PC that will easily run games at double the graphical fidelity any console will. I gave myself a $60 margin of error due to the fact that that's the cost of playing online for you. Not even to speak of the amount of money you'll save on things like steam sales. Consoles are cheap? What a joke.

Games with online servers (like World of Warcraft for example) charge monthly fees for just that game. For PS3 the online is free and for Xbox Live you pay a charge and have access to all online games.

False. There's builds that provide the exact same speed as the PS4/Xbox One, except you pay 100 DOLLARS LESS for the privilege. On top of that, consoles are WAYYY more expensive in the long run because you have to pay for membership to play online.

3 Controllers are more comfortable then keyboards

Personally, the keyboard feels clunky, with too many buttons, and was designed for typing with two hands. I am personally fine with a mouse, but the keyboard is clunky and awful

All the keys feel the same so you will end up pressing the wrong key and you have to stretch your fingers across the keyboard.

This is a subjective preference but console controllers were just made for things like gaming.

That is a personal preference, but you can use them on PC.

4 Consoles lag less than PCs

The ps4 uses hardware from 2010. I was recently playing Rainbow Six Seige on my ps4 and was shocked to see that it could run at 29 fps max. Also, this completely cancels out the statment you made earlier about how 30fps is better than 60fps. Loser.

I believe this is 100% true. PC'S just can't stop lagging. Consoles definitely don't lag.

I play on a laptop and it's terrible, so I play Xbox 1. Isn't a laptop supposed to be stronger than a PC? 9

Fanboys on here again!

5 You just put the game in and play

This is true, to the point where if you deny it, you're being a fanboy. It's true that now, on consoles, it's no longer "put the disc in and play", since most games require 5 - 10 mins of installation + the download of a day-one patch (that is not always necessary to actually start and play the game, but is always advisable to download and install). However, what remains from those glory days, is the fact that when you get to start the game, you have nothing else to do to start having good times. On PC that's not the case, at least, on most cases. It doesn't mater if your PC is a beast, you will still want to enter the graphics configuration and tweak every and each item to match your ideal. You can either go crazy and max out everything like a boss, or start playing (it's trial and error) with each setting to know exactly how it impacts on the game and what can you do to improve the performance if you have constant frame drops. And that's without considering you don't have any ...more

The reality with PCs is very different. You need a list on technical requirements like a more advanced graphics card or a higher power processor. This takes time and money and likely a fair share of error messages during installation. For consoles though you just put the game in and play it. Much easier.

Pc gamers say, "OH, I just clicked a button and I got my game, while you were in real life buying it"
Well, console gamers can download to, and honestly, who dosnt want a game cover with an awesome picture on it.

6 Playing on a big TV is more fun than playing on a small computer screen

The statement is correct and while it's more common to see that scenario on a console than on a PC. BUT that doesn't necessarily mean you can't do that with a PC. However, I will say that for that specific setup, unless you're willing to have a PC purely and exclusively dedicated for gaming, a console would be way more convenient. And maybe that should be the title: "consoles are more convenient for bigger TVs".

Frankly there's no competition on which I'd rather play on. Especially if you have a HDTV with a good sound system.

This is correct

7 Console exclusive games

This is true. I often read how PC gamers, when for example a PS4 vs PC discussion is brought to the table, tend to mention how PC can play more games than a PS4 since they can play older games. And I always found that pretty unfair for the general debate. I like to compare apples with apples to be honest. And if the PS4 was released back in 2013 and we are comparing with the PC's library, we should compare it with the library of PC games released after 2013. When PC gamers debate these subjects with me, I usually tend to "win" the argument since well, I practically own all consoles released from the 90s to now and have access to almost all those games PC could play and I couldn't if I would only own a PS4, and that scenario is practically shared by a lot of console people. That argument is only valid, to be perfectly honest with you, when you're talking with a guy who right now, doesn't own neither a console nor a PC and wants to get to gaming. And probably these guy (which certainly ...more

Most of the new games are becoming exclusive to the console. But seriously the only reason of not playing on a computer is the new dualshock 4 with those 2 new r2 buttons.Computers are gonna copy it but till then ps4 is the gaming device for me. Plus I really hate pc because of their fans who are constantly writing down pcmasterface and always ready for a fight with people who prefer to play on consoles.

The fact of the matter is we all like what genre of games we like. So if there are certain console games you enjoy that you can't get on the PC then game on.

I'm a avid "PC > Console" person, but this right here is a valid reason to like consoles more, I myself usually have a Nintendo console (Since a lot of PS and Xbox games get PC releases).

8 Consoles are better for multi-player games

Isn't it more fun to get people playing all around the T.V. than having them huddle up to a small computer screen? Sure the PC has online multi-player, but what about playing with your buddies? Local multi-player should not be forgotten here.

If you have a PC, you can only play online with other people. On the other hand, you can play with a friend that is right next to you which is also called playing locally.

More of my friends tend to use PC. Besides, with crossplay, can't you basically just play games with anyone despite the console? If I wanted to, I can pop in Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition and join people on Switch, Xbox or mobile.

Consoles are the best way to play multi-player games with large community and free of cheaters or hackers.

9 Console gamers aren't as big elitists

That's true and it's why I think the console community is healthier. I mean, between integrates of the same community you won't suffer this problems, but when someone oblivious to everything stares to see both communities, then the PC community tends to stay a bit more insufferable, with stuff like "masterrace" or how they feel superior for having access to all previous console games (backwards compatibility maybe? ), better graphics, mods, customisation, etc, making you how consoles gamers are peasants, inferior consoles. It's ridiculous and it just make them look really stupid for thinking playing a video game on a specific platform makes them better. It's true there are a lot of console people who, on the other hand, brag about the exclusives and stuff, but in most cases, believe me, PC gamers tend to start the fight of provoke.

PC gamers who say 'PC Master Race' make PC gaming look bad. And it's even worse when it's the majority of gamers who game on pc. Yes there are those who do the same on Consoles but not as much or as bad as those on PC.

Everywhere I go, I see PC gamers putting people down just because they don't give two cents about slightly better framerates, and/or can't afford to buy a pre-built one.

I mean, when's the last time you've seen a console player do that?

PC gamers are always like " CONSOLEZ sucks PC IS the BEST! 1111! ". Well, many people have opinions. You can just say "Well, that's your opinion" and not need to start a damn flame war when somebody says console are better. Downvote, but trust me, PC Master Race? More like PC Stupid Idiots Race.

10 Microsoft stopped giving a crap after Windows XP

For Windows Vista and Windows 7 I could barely get any of my games to install correctly without additional charges. I couldn't even play any of my old games that worked perfectly well on Windows XP. At that point I just found cheaper console alternatives.

Microsoft, please go back to a time when you actually cared about your computers and don't dish out this crap like Windows Vista and expect us to like it.

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11 PCs are really slow

They take as long as Gabe Newell does to get from one side of a room to another while loading

No they do not

12 Consoles are better at more gaming genres

Sure PC's are better for shooters and sim games, but platformers, racing games, music games, beat-em ups amongst others are done better on consoles.

13 Popular games neglect PC

This depends on the developer. Developers such as Valve and CD Projekt work to optimise their games for the PC, so that PC gamers can see the potential and vision of the game, and then release a downgraded version suited for console. Other developers such as Rocksteady optimise their games for console. If they do release on PC, it will only be a slight upgrade. This is a developer problem, not a PC problem. Mods will come to fix or upgrade the PC experience.

14 PC has tons of shovelware games

True, but you don't have to install it.

15 Less freezing
16 Easier to setup
17 Consoles are made for gaming

Consoles are made for gaming pc is not.

18 Console gamers don't care about which one is better, they only want to have fun

Depends on the person

19 PC has an older community

If you ask someone at a primary school, they'll probably say xbox, year 7-8 xbox, 9-10 ps, and finally anyone over is probably a pc gamer, the stastics don't lie.

20 Consoles have cooler names
21 PC games can be modified

That's a good thing...

22 Convenience

Just turn it on, go to the game and play. PC has its convenience too, but its not same "plug-and-play" feel that consoles have.

23 It is harder to type and spread misinformation on the Internet
24 Consoles are more competitive
25 You don't have to do all this research for the same experience at the same cost

Sure you may not have to research for the console, but at the same time, you don't get to choose how that console runs, nor do you get to customize it. Also, all that research? You are kidding right? I can google search one phrase right now, and find all of the information I need to buy/build a PC. This argument is unfounded, and invalid.

You should. You can get a budget build, that's cheaper and more powerful. Better bang for your buck. Not doing research is lazy, and a quick way to get screwed over. It's like saying you bought the latest iPhone without even comparing it to the competition because "Apple is good."

Your so damn wrong

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