Top 10 Best RPG Horror Games

When it comes to horror games one of the most popular is the RPG Horror Games. But whether it's Dark, Disturbing, Depressing or just gives you the daily dose of horrifying, as long as they're in the RPG style anything goes!
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1 Ib

This game is simply beautiful. On my first playthrough, my heartstrings were being tugged every five minutes practically, and when they weren't it was because my heart was in my throat while running from Ladies in Red, dolls, and mannequin heads. There are many things that can get me emotional, but none compare to Ib. Also, there are many more endings than Mad Father or The Witch's House has, so I spent more time playing it and getting engaged with the characters. It took me hours to get the true ending, and I kept having to go back because I doomed Garry by accident for one reason or another. I definitely recommend this game. If you're having doubts about getting it, don't. I bet you'll love it if you give it a chance.

2 Mad Father

Mad Father... It was really I ending how the ending went... Usually it would be the other way around because the character had learned the moral of everything that happened, but instead, she follows in her *spoilers* footstep. You may not know what I'm talking about until you've played the game.

The game has a lot of easy puzzle and the cute little couples were simply amazing.

Mad Father has an amazing plot and amazing scares! Definitely my favorite!

My first horror game. Nice vibe

3 The Witch's House

The puzzles are fun, the deaths are interesting, it ended up being quite scary for an RPG maker game! Also, the true end is really cool. Doesn't force the story on you a lot but when it ties in it ties in really well. Good twist. I'd recommend for sure! Really I'd recommend it even to people who don't usually go for RPG Maker games if you're not adverse to creepy stuff.

Oh and for a pixelated game it's gory but again, a pixelated game. I've seen far worse for sure and most horror game fans likely have as well.

The Witch's House gets better as it progresses. At first I did not think this game was serious because of the teddy bear part. I didn't find that as scary as I did hilarious.

The plot, art, details, and puzzles are all good. There are also multiple endings. No complaints. Very good for a free game.

4 The Crooked Man

This is a good story with great (believable) characters and many subtleties those who play horror games for jump scares and good graphics may miss out on.

*spoiler* what makes this game scary to me is the possibility that the Crooked Man is not actually some supernatural being, but a part of the character and by extension, a part of all of us. Someone any one of us could have to face at some point. If you enjoyed psychological horror films like the Babadook and Paper House, this game is a MUST for you.

5 Yume Nikki

Yume Nikki is one of, if not the best horror game I have ever played. It delivers in its dark, disturbing, and scary aspects. The game's levels and concepts are warped beyond belief, but what it succeeds at most is its depressing factor.

Spoilers ahead!

Once you have obtained all 24 effects and placed them as eggs in the nexus, you wake up with Madotsuki's head. You then head to the balcony and find a step stool or something to climb on. Madotsuki tries to do the unthinkable by jumping off the balcony. Normally, in video games, suicide does not go through or it does not kill the character, but in this game, Madotsuki does die. It only takes that moment to make one realize that this game is nothing but pure art. Yume Nikki's ending theme is my favorite video game song of all time. Its designs have the ability to confuse and horrify anyone. Yume Nikki is an experience you have to play for yourself, but only if you are prepared for how warped and sorrowful it is. Well, that was depressing.

6 Pocket Mirror

I love this game! I never post to these sites, and I am a bit lazy in my writing, but I loved this game so much that I just had to put my thoughts here!

This game has a wonderful art style, plot, and mystery to it. You solve puzzles to find the key to both your past and the identity of the place you find yourself stuck in, and meet a variety of characters along the way that you will struggle to either love or hate! And there seems there is no one who can be trusted...

This game has horror aspects in it that I have enjoyed, but it overall produces its suspense from it's mystery and the struggle to put together little clues you find along the way.

There are lots of puzzles; they were really clever, but some are quite hard. I found it worth it for the story.

There are many different endings (many creepily perfect), and each depend on the actions you make or things you find along the way.


7 Mogeko Castle

What can I say? This game is pure genius. It better get more popular soon, maybe if Markiplier or Jacksepticeye played it. Oh yeah, Mogeko Castle also made me try and worship prosciutto for the first time. Mogegege!

This is a confusing game mid way but is still a fun horror if you don't mind cute desings and a lot running, and murder don't forget murder.
I really recommend it if you enjoy games where you have little control of what you can do to them that are after you.

AaH! Why isn't this higher? This my absolute favorite game of all time! The characters are nice, we get a well though out plot, and some laughs along the way! Go MOGEKO CASTLE!

8 Paranoiac

I always go back and play this once in a while. It's like a movie. If anyone wants to play just for the story, I suggest using walkthroughs, because it gets annoying sometimes.

9 Angels of Death

Angels of Death truly is a beautiful rpg. From the story, to the characters, the setting, the soundtrack, and the backgrounds. All of it is amazing. The ending left me crying naturally *sniff*...probably won't get over this game, but I am going to play this game over and over and over for the rest of my life! This is honestly this best rpg game I have ever played other than IB and Mad Father

I like how the characters act. Long story short, they all were "dirty, blind, but beautiful." This game shows a human's true self, or something more than that.

10 Off

This was one of the most strange, weird, disturbing games I have ever played. And I loved it. This may not be very much in the horror section of games, but it is still surreal enough to give you a few chills. Playing as the Batter throughout the game made you feel a sense of accomplishment in defeating the spectres. But as you go along in the game, a new sense of dread appears as you begin to think, "Whos the bad guy? " The battles could be a bit frustrating, though the auto fight option makes it slightly easier. The scenery is strange, as each place is either green, purple, red, and other colors. The whole backstory on where you even are is a mystery. Is it supposed to be in the future? The past? In a whole different universe? Maybe that question was already answered, but I'm not good at figuring things out. Which is why I used a walkthrough for most of the game. The puzzles could be hard if you're not a puzzle person. Although some of them could be fun. The battles are annoying if you're trying not to die and if you're low on health. The ending was a bit depressing and confusing, but that's what makes a good ending. When the credits played, I just sat in my chair, staring at the screen. What did turning off the switch do? Perhaps we won't know until another time.

The Contenders
11 End Roll

This game should be featured waay higher. Excellent storytelling and plot twists! I absolutely adore the characters, especially Russell and the Informant. I like how its more of a physiological horror rather than the bland, overused, jump scare horror genres. The characters in my opinion all all likable, except for the implied antagonists of the story (for spoiler's sake). The character development is one that will want you knowing even more about them, and character relationships are very intriguing as well. I find the ending (both the regular and true endings) to be very very sad, although they fit the motives and internal struggles of the main character respectively. I would definitely recommend this game to people who don't mind super negativity, and game wise, RPG battle sequences.

12 Corpse Party

My first horror rpg and my fave. The plot is incredible for a horror rpg and you get so emotionally attached to the characters. The voice acting and soundtrack are also very good (not to mention the opening)! I absolutely love this game more than the others because of how developed it is and how detailed everything is put together. by the way, I mean the remake (the one people play). You get LOTS of gore and a lot of different rooms. Some scenes grasp at your heart from how touching and sad it is. There are so many different endings at the end and I recommend it for anyone!

P.S. I'm talking about the remake since that is the one most people play.

13 Misao

This game is really interesting- although... You die A LOT. The story line is really interesting. It's basically about a girl, Misao, who just disappeared 3 (I think) months ago. Everyone in the class spreads rumors that she's long dead but no one really knows. You play as a normal girl that wanted to be friends with Misao. You little by little learned why Misao died.

It was interesting how the believed culprit isn't the real culprit. (The one who killed Misao). Each character had their own back stories to their actions taken in the story which makes the story interesting because not very many rpg game have a back story to the characters.

14 Ao Oni

I'll be honest, out of all the RPG horror games I've played, this is actually the one I enjoyed most. What about it? I don't know. It might be because unlike most of these other games, it barely has backstory AT ALL. It's a simple idea: four kids stuck in a mansion they were exploring. It's so simple that it's fun. While the puzzles may seem somewhat unclear, that seems to be part of the theme of a lot of RPG horror games... for some reason.

A classic chasing monster RPG game. What makes it unique is its straight storyline, just a group of teenagers being trapped in a haunted mansion and trying to escape, that's all, no drama, romantic or any other things. The puzzles are pretty difficult too.

15 Schuld

I'm so happy Schuld is here, the story is fantastic and I was pretty engrossed in it.

16 (Mario) the Music Box

The reason people don't like this game sometimes is because they think that the Nintendo Characters are used as a gimmick, but this isn't necessarily true. With the newest Mario game, Odyssey, real humans are known to exist. So do ghosts on multiple occasions in other mario games. The story may seem like just save the princess, but it's a complex story that even decides to continue itself with what seems like the worst ending in a semi-new DLC that continues off the Missing Ending.

17 Blank Dream

Blank Dream really is an amazing game, and I'm surprised it's not higher then 14th place. It has an amazing story in which everything is connected. It deals with dark themes but at the same time, does it beautifully. I enjoyed the music and the little quirks this game has to offer. Although, the family tree can be a bit confusing at times and not everything said in the mirrors is crystal clear, it does live up to its horror game status with good and cheap jump scares as well as its disturbing feel at some parts. It's fun to play and explore and if you work for the "true ending", I guarantee you'll be satisfied. Truly an absolutely amazing game and I insist you play it, or at the very least look at it.

18 Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea

Adorable. Pretty messed up, but adorable nonetheless. The "horror" aspect of this game won't be 'til later in the game, so have a little patience if you're looking for horror. Also, just a tip if you will play this game, don't grind because it becomes too easy when you're like leagues (lol, ocean pun) above your enemies, but then again, it IS the story we're after, are we knot? Lastly, I believe that the music is one of the best parts of this game

I really really loved this game I cried a bit and had a ton of fun playing it (tip: do some point farming it helps a lot! ) (tip:if you get the first normal ending don't end with it there try again)

19 Alice Mare

I hope that even tough it's here at the list, you will look at this awesome game! I loved everything about Alice Mare: the art, the characters, the story and the endings are all amazing. The story is in the centre of the game, instead of the horror, and personally, it's one of my favourite RPG games. If you are in the mood to cry (well, I think even the people with the heart of a stone will be touched; to be honest it gave me a little bit of crippling depression, but I'm really sensitive) I recommend this game to all of you!

20 A Hidden in the Shadows 2
21 Forest of Drizzling Rain

Why is this not already on here? It is such an amazing game!

22 Mermaid Swamp

Should be higher, so atmospheric and most of all, creepy. I found myself paranoid and affected days after playing it, I still love it.

This is probably my favorite Uri game. I really like the plot and how it build up to the very end.

Very good storyline, character development etc. So underrated..

24 Undertale

It's not a really horror game tho, but I think rather emotional. Letting you decide the path you go, either pacifist or genocide or none at all, it't all about your decision and of course- deal with the following consequences. The more you dive into, the more personalities you will see in these so called "monsters". I'm sure whoever played this game
will not only excited of the "one of the kind" soundtrack but also the plot and the character themselves too. (seriously, go and play this game now, what are you waiting for?)

25 Aria's Story

Beautiful! The 2.0 version is even better! It's not really horror but it's a very good adventure game. If you liked this I reccomend playing "The Midnight Train" by the same creator, Lydia

The universe is interesting, which world is very well made and it is just scary enough to keep you stressed all long. Big plus the story is beautifull really I did all the ending and there are all perfect even if you must have a bad or a good ending if you really wanna understood all the scenario

It's a really good game, I loved it! by the way, the creator Lydia has a deviantart account. Go check it out!

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