Top Ten Saddest Video Games

Ever played a game that made you cry all the way through? Then you might find it here.
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1 Life is Strange Life is Strange Product Image

Down to earth, realistic problems and struggles are basically what Life is Strange is all about. To avoid spoiling the plot (and the many twist and turns you will encounter along the way), Life is Strange aims to emotionally captivate the player. It is easy to become emotionally invested, given how relatable the characters are. You are given many major choices -some of which are utterly cruel and difficult - and you take personal responsibility for those actions. You quickly find that you have little to no control over what happens, despite your ability rewind time. In a sense, you feel responsibility for the decisions you make that will have an impact on the future, except the future can't be controlled. You are stuck in an invisible cell, watching everything that happens, knowing that you were responsible.

LiS is one of the most immersive games I've ever played (20+ years of gaming here). Max's journal, the "sit spots" (places where you can just sit and listen to her thoughts), her relatable, delicate personality really make you establish a deep connection with her.

Whatever she feels becomes what you feel: the weight of making certain decisions (the game deals with very serious topics, never seen before in a game), joy, pain, suffering, everything. And the excellent soundtrack multiplies the effect.

I never cried in my life for a movie, a book, a T.V. series, or a game. LiS did it. It just shattered my defenses and left a mark on my soul.

After months, thinking about what Max went through or listening to the soundtrack still makes me tear up. LiS really changed me. I didn't think it was possible. My heart is still broken.

Personally my favourite game of all time. I can't even describe how much I cried when the ending inevitably came. I played this game first in January of 2017 I enjoyed the game but it didn't hit me. I was too immature for it. Over the eight month long break before I decided to play the game I grew so much as a person and I decides to finally play it, and it did pay of. The game even with it's sci-fi elements still felt so real, every action has realistic outcomes. This game at moments hit too close to home, if you ever had a really close friend then the bond between Max and Chloe will impact you like it impacted me. I cannot recommend this game more for anyone it's a solid 10/10 for me.

Never before have I played a game that made me weep. I had to set my controller down and actually break. It spends 3/5 of the game setting up how deeply you care, to have the next 2 episodes test just how much you do. All until the ending, shattering your heart into pieces as you have to choose which characters are important enough to you, and which ones you can let go. It's bound together by a perfect soundtrack and atmosphere that upon hearing again, will break you. It's been over half a year and I still can't hear the soundtrack without tearing up.

2 Mother 3 Mother 3 Product Image

Mother 3 invokes an incredible emotional response, especially considering the limitations of the platform.

By the time you finish it, you are feeling that bittersweet sadness of childhood innocence lost followed by an overwhelming mourning of the wasted relationship of two very close brothers. They manage to reunite at the end, but can't bridge the gap between them and, essentially, wave goodbye to each other from across a chasm they can't cross, each wishing they hadn't separated, but unable to change it.

And it's sprinkled with other bits like friends leaving friends, your mother dying early on, and the grief of your way of life being lost to the archives of history.

There is nothing sadder than the unnecessary loss this game portrays.

The Masked Man removed his mask. His face looked just like Lucas'. It was Claus.
Claus fired an intense bolt of lightning! Lucas' Franklin Badge reflected the lightning back! Claus took mortal damage! Claus staggered toward Lucas. Claus embraced Lucas. Lucas remembered Claus' smell.
"I'm sorry it turned out like this. I'm really happy you could be with me just before the end... Thanks. Dad, I'm sorry I didn't listen to you. I'm going to where Mom is now. Lucas. I hope we meet again someday. Bye. Thank you. I'm sorry. I'm sure we'll meet again."
Claus gave his final breath.

That is not the definition of sadness. That is the definition of beauty.

The Mother trilogy is not your average garden variety RPG series. They go beyond what you think of when you play a video game. There's more to it than just replacing potions with burgers and magic with PSI, though. These are games based on the real world and real human experiences. That's why all the characters, their personalities, they way they interact with others and with the world around them, the story, the struggles, the feelings and emotions feel so real and relatable. Because of this, when something happens to someone, we feel what they feel. Their pain is our pain, their joy is our joy, their sorrow is our sorrow, their anger is our anger, their love is our love. Characters like Ness and Lucas aren't just adventuring to save the world, they're growing up and maturing. They're living life as they fight to protect the world and the people they love. These games pull no punches when making you realize that saving the world isn't done fantasy quest, it's a long, hard road full ...more

This game makes you feel everything. Funny characters, amazing storytelling, emotional music, you feel all of it. It's more than a game, it's a work of art.

Every time something bad happens, you have to live with it. You can't turn back time to try and find a way around it. There's no easy way out. Flint can't decide to go with his family to Alec's house, Lucas can't stop Claus from running away, and no one can prevent Fassad from corrupting Tazmily Village.

There's a constant theme of failure throughout the game. No matter what you do, Hinawa dies, Claus goes missing, and the Nowhere Islands fall into ruin and corruption. At first, it's frustrating, but as it goes on, it just becomes depressing and demoralizing. The game forces you to empathize with the characters by making you feel what they feel.

Shigesato Itoi pulled no punches when crafting a very real experience. This game is a masterpiece, and one I recommend to anyone who isn't opposed to emulation.

3 The Walking Dead The Walking Dead Product Image

This is the best Game I have and ever will play, because I've played it with out any expectations and it was just the best experience I've ever had in any medium. The Story is so thrilling and emotional, the characters have their own unique personality, especially the relationship between Lee and Clementine is just as heartwarming as it is sad and the even though I knew about the ending, it was the most heartbreaking thing, I have ever seen, I even got tears in my eyes, which never happen before.. just the saddest and best Game of All-Time!

What to say about The Walking Dead. Amazing concept, amazing writing, and a masterpiece of a plot. A game I've spent hours playing, but even more discussing the ethics behind certain choices and the motives behind certain characters. Has a couple of issues but still worth playing for anyone who can appreciate a game that takes story, interactive film gameplay, and choices to new levels. With a finale that puts most other games to shame, Walking Dead sends you in, and out, with a bang.

This game... This game... The only game to ever make me cry.

Lee's death was tragic and sad... I cried for so long... But I do understand it's pretty much what made the game. It was just horrible and depressing. Nearly every single character I got attached to died... Lee, Carley, Katjaa, Duck, etc.
I was just shocked that the protagonist died, it rarely happens. Even though I knew it was the inevitable, it still really affected me.

The most emotional game I have ever played. It had its downfall after season 2, and never really was the same after that but I will always have a soft spot for this masterpiece, as much as it tortured my emotions with the deaths of my favorite characters, as well as the ending of the series now.

4 To the Moon To the Moon Product Image

Wow... just wow. I actually never really thought that such powerful and emotional stories would or could come from a game. I shouldn't really call it a game because there is very little "playing", but that doesn't detract from it's story. This game is like an atom bomb of emotions; it's like a wave of sadness with an after taste of happiness.The feeling isn't exactly melancholy but more like an overwhelming desire to see the characters happy yet knowing that there isn't anything you can do. It's beautiful simply put. I won't lie; I finished late night, and when I finished, I put my PC to sleep and crawled into bed and just held my wife. This will make sense when you complete the game. You will cry, and don't be ashamed or embarrassed when you do.

By far, the saddest game ever. But the beautiful kind of sadness. It's impossible not to cry when you understand the reason behind it all. And the music? Well, the music has a character for itself. If you don't like the game, you will love the soundtrack. But honestly? I played the game twice and even today I still think about it, and how it changed me for a little bit. And I like to feel the nostalgia so I listen to the soundtrack in my car.

Please, play To the Moon. You'll live a beautiful journey.

While other games may have the psychological trauma or intense plot line, To the Moon is by far the saddest game. Unlike other games the tragedy of the love of his life happens early in the game (due to its backward storytelling) but it's not painful, just sobering. The main character's life isn't perfect, but still relatively happy. It's only when you compile every glimpse of his life into a coherent plot does the emotion hit you all at once.

It is physically impossible to play through this game and not cry. The soundtrack is impeccable and the story is insanely unique. I can play through this game any day and still get the feels that I got playing through it the first time. The fact that this game goes on sale for $1 on Steam every couple months gives you absolutely no excuse to not go out and buy this game. Do it. Buy this game right now.

5 The Last of Us The Last of Us Product Image

This is easily the best game I have ever played in my whole life. With the immediate tear-up opening mission. The beautiful instrumental music produced for this game. The emotional bond you watch grow between Joel and Ellie. The game builds you up to the idea that everything will be okay. Then they hit you with an curveball. You learn to love all characters and they are taken away when you just start loving them the most. The sacrifices in this game help you believe that even in this post apocalyptic world, there is still good. I have never been personally attached to a video game until I played The Last Of Us. I watched as a man tried to fill his heart, that had lost so much, with solitude. That was until one girl enters his life and he feels what its like to care again. Joel risks everything for Ellie, and cares so much for her. I don't cry often, nor do I let people see me cry. Ever. But this game had me in tears multiple times, and I'm not ashamed to admit it. Everything about ...more

Before this I never had an emotional connection to a video game. I had never cried because of a video game. I had never really been too attached to video game characters. I went into the Last of Us expecting a pretty good game, but what I got was totally unexpected. I connected to Joel and Ellie and the whole story more than I ever have to something like this before. I cried within the first ten minutes, and numerous times after that. Let me tell you, I very rarely cry in real life or from movies, and never from games.
Halfway through, I realized something. This was a very dark game, and not just because of blood or violence. See, at that point I still had high hopes for a happy ending though. If you like stories with a convenient storyline and happy endings, you will not like this game. It's really a beautiful story, but it's very difficult. It's dark, cold, paints humanity in a cruel light, doesn't really have any heroes, and will leave you feeling very empty. So, if "sad" is ...more

No words, play it and you'll see how hesrt wrenching it can be when people have to rely on primitive terms. You don't realize how hard it is to love someone and live in peace when the world is chaos 24/7. The Last of Us shows us this in the most exemplary way possible. The ending is unlike any seen in a game and can force separate opinions overall. This is the kind of game that makes you think about the amount of heartbreak that happened in an eventime this. Unlike most zombie games that make it some fantasy to live, this one shows you the story of a father like figure and a daughter like figure just surviving. It doesn't just hurt hearing there story, it hurts even more when you realize millions more have a story like this in that world. Most ended in tragedy, its those thoughts that make this game standout like none other.

One of the strongest elements in The Last of Us is its ability to convey incredibly heavy themes in beautifully understated ways. Whereas other games on this list go straight for the jugular with their tear-jerking, The Last of Us allows the player's emotions to build gradually, eventually erupting when you least expect it. From the heart-breaking opening to a perfectly-acted argument in an abandoned ranch house, this title stands above the rest in its ability to really get under your skin.

6 Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots Product Image

He finds out he's aging rapidly and that he will die many years before all the people he's met and fought beside, and that he has one more mission. He's fought in war all his life and he accepts that he will never have the normal life he wishes he had. He almost dies twice, to the point where I just had to put my controller down and think about how much he's been through on the microwave part. When he's fighting Ocelot at the end, on the last portion you just realize that it's two old men fighting because that's all they know how to do. And in the climax of the entire series, Snake pulls out a gun, puts it in his mouth, and pulls the trigger. Not gonna spoil the ending for you, but it is a 70 minute cutscene and is the best ending in video game history to me. How is this not the most downright depressing game ever.

One of the saddest, most depressing video games ever created. But also one of the greatest.

Solid Snake, the hero we've known from Metal Gear Solid 1 and 2, has a disease where he rapidly ages and only has a year at best to live.

Man! The ending sends a chill up ma spine. The best stealthfighter puts a pistol in his mouth and pull the trigger. A real dad story ending.

7 Shadow of the Colossus Shadow of the Colossus Product Image

Music. The music... Those who remain... The sunlit light... And if this was a true story it would be so a sad and beautiful end. There is also a real philosophy you can pose on wander, at the end he lost everything and it's the way he will see it end.

Though I thought the very ending a let-down, the rest of the game was grand. The first game I have played that makes me question the motives of my character without stating his greed outright.

*SPOILER* I agree with this being a sad game. The fact you slay theses giants, who are severely Endangered, for your own gain is crippling.

You expect a giant boss battle game. Which it delivers perfectly and it goes beyond that. You get attached to the character and your horse. AAAGGGRRROOO! I love that horse to death.

8 Red Dead Redemption Red Dead Redemption Product Image

A beautiful tragedy that fits in with the golden aisle of video games. A forever masterpiece, the game will send you on an emotional rollercoaster as you take control as John Marston, an ex-outlaw who has been tasked to hunt down his old gang family by government officials in hopes of getting his family and old life back. From beginning to end, you will feel emotionally connected to each other the characters - especially the final scenes which brought tears to millions of players across the world - and still do today.

Stunningly gorgeous and evocative, I personally consider this title to be the "Huckleberry Finn" of videogames. Without making him the "perfect action hero," Rockstar has brilliantly crafted a protagonist that we can both question and care for. Red Dead Redemption has everything; intelligent writing, memorable characters, and an absolutely unforgettable crescendo. This may be written all over this webpage, but I truly believe it when I ask "why is this not higher on the list? "

John Marstons really hit me. I felt dead inside. I knew it was coming but I didn't think it was this upsetting. I still miss him.

Saddest game I ever played. John's death was sad and a masterpiece.

9 Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Darkness Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Darkness Product Image

The whole game itself is designed to make you feel emotion, but sadness is the most prevalent one. Don't be fooled by this games cute charm. At first it appears like just another children's game, but it has a real heart wrenching story. The fact it had the name Pokemon and Nintendo branded on it made me cry even harder. I came into this game expecting it to be dull and lifeless. It came as the biggest surprise when It was filled with beauty, passion, love and emotion. I feel that out of all the games I have played this game has touched me the most. If you play this game from start to finish I promise you will cry at least once.

"Saving the world when you are forced to makes you a saviour, but not a hero. Saving the world when you know the consequences should you succeed, yet still doing so anyway, is what makes you a hero."

That's this game in a nutshell. The gameplay, whilst still pretty fun, isn't what makes this game so great. The story is just leaking with emotion if you understand the morals and lessons behind it. If you're willing to give it a go, then you're in for a story full of twists and turns, love and laughter, as well as sadness and heartbreak. Oh, and did I mention that it has music to die for?

Just don't let the word "Pokémon" put you off. Because trust me, this thing can be a real tearjerker when it wants to be.

Shoot, I was in high school when I first played Explorers of Time. When I tell everyone what I thought the saddest game was, I always say "Surprisingly, it's a Pokemon game! " I remember when I made it to the end, my sister saw me silently shedding tears and came over to see what was up, and then she started crying too. But you have to actually experience everything before that moment to make it the sweetest, most tragic ending ever. I haven't played every game on this list, but I think it deserves at least the top 5.

As a child, one may not appreciate just how emotional the story of this game is. The gameplay makes you feel like an awesome adventurer, travelling with your best friends and a part of your favorite Pokemon. Do not let this confuse you. This is one of the most heart tugging games ever. It has the same ending as "Explorers of Time" (the version I played) and "Explorers of Sky" (An updated version that combines the best of both versions.), but it will make cry nonetheless. This story is about perseverance. You know what you are doing will tear you away from those closest to you, but you do it anyway because this is to save them all. You work together to save the world, without letting them know saving the world requires many sacrifices. Out of all the games I have played, even as an adult now, I cry when I see the ending. It is emotional, well written and one of the greatest rollercoasters of emotions I have ever ridden on. Not to mention that there is still plenty of story to get ...more

10 Heavy Rain Heavy Rain Product Image

One of my best games I have ever played. The story and the music as well as the protagonists suit perfect to the game.
Moreover the bunch of endings force you play the game again and again until you have seen all beautiful endings.
The whole game take part in a sad world where a father must test himself how far he goes to rescue his son from beeing drowned - riskful games, mayhem, kill people and then self-sacrifice.
But the most suprising end is the moment where you see who the origami killer is - and why the origami killer does all this, because of the tragic and maybe saddest moment a child can be involved.

Best game ever, saddest game as well. I have beaten it 3 times and I always get different endings. 50/10

I just cry every single time... no matter if I play a good or bad ending I just cry

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11 Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons Product Image

This game was beautiful, and hit me right in the feels. The game has a tragic atmosphere throughout, beginning with the death of your mother and the illness of your father. Two brothers must set out to find the Tree of Life and save their father, helping each other grow along the way. Throughout the epic and beautiful adventure, the two brothers strengthen each other and help each other grow. Then there are the subtle side stories, such as whether or not you save a man from hanging himself, or the death of a griffin right after it carries you to safety. The game progressively gets more powerful, all the way up until the horribly sad ending. After going through so much, the older brother dies due to a fatal stab wound... Right at the roots of the tree of life. With his dead brother's spirit helping him, the younger brother finishes the quest and saves his father. The game concludes with the broken family mourning at the graves of the mother and older brother. Definitely the saddest ...more

This is an absolutely beautiful game that plays well, but more than that, makes you feel a sense of how hard it can be for children trying to be responsible for huge tasks. The dying parent in need of medicine is a common story, but the emotions involved in the gameplay makes it special. Even in solving the puzzles, each brother feels like half of a whole, which makes the ending that much more sad

I cried and cried and cried...

Heard this was good

12 Mass Effect 3 Mass Effect 3 Product Image

I really love this game. The story is beautiful and more powerfully moves you around and full of breathtaking places that makes me feel more realized. Because of many touching characters due to sacrifices, intense war and full of destruction, tragedy, and this game is a masterpiece. It has sad and touching gay romance scene including male Shepard and Cortez. It has amazing soundtrack and full of depression. It breaks my heart that Shepard sacrifice his life to stop the Reaper in end of ME3 game. I really miss Shepard. Bioware did very amazing job to make fans fall in love with Mass Effect trilogy and make someone feel like they won't forget them. This game is full of emotional, funny, coming-of-age tragedy, and gripping moments.

This is the first game ever, that made me cry. I enjoyed the trip from the very beginning to the very end. Never dropped a tear during the trilogy (I even managed to not cry during "Leaving Earth" scene)...until ME3 Ending. Last goodbye with Shepard, who sacrifices himself for the whole god damn galaxy. Knowing, he will never see his Love Interest (in my case Tali) ever again. When I watched the Reapers falling and Mass Relays being destroyed while "An End Once And For All" was playing, my eyes went wet, knowing, that Shepard will never reunite with his friends (I actually got the "Shepard survives" ending, but still...). For me, this is the best game ever because of the story.

Mass Effect 3 and the entire Mass Effect series was an emotional roller coaster. The character death of Mordrin Solas had me crying for a whole 20 minutes. And also the ending which is extremely emotional. 3 games and unless you decide to destroy the Reapers and all synthetic life, end up dying. A tear jerker game to be sure.

This game killed me in the end because I wanted to give the geth a chance at life and you kill all sythetics and I just died watching the ones who wanted to live in peace die.

13 Fallout 3 Fallout 3 Product Image

I had to download the broken steel dlc for this game to have a different ending, the first ending made me sad and was unexpected, the closing narration made me cry. This game is the best!

The depression factor of this game is just too much for me. I'm impressed that PBG is able to have such a good mood while playing the game.

14 NieR Replicant NieR Replicant Product Image

#15? Seriously? Although the start may seem light hearted, the game becomes really tragic midway, with kidnaps, close bonds being destroyed, learning about secrets so on. This game is a tragic story for everyone. The gestalts, the replicants, the humans, the androids, everyone.

One of the most depressing games with a beautiful atmosphere. The true ending of the game will make you cry and question everything that you have done throughout the story.

I've never cried more playing a game. This game is absolutely beautiful and will destroy you emotionally. Emil and Kainé's tragic stories, the music and just everything combined makes this game so amazing and depressing.

All others games in this list is just a joke compared to this one. Only Lost Odyssey's stories can compete. 1st place, there is can't be second opinion.

15 Bubsy 3D Bubsy 3D Product Image

Someone made this. Someone said, "hey, this looks like a good idea" and made it. That's what's sad.

It's so sad because of how bad the plot and graphics are.
Collecting atoms to build a rocket sounds like fun, right?

The existence of this video game is what made me cry myself to hell.

Yay! Cardboard box with psycho art land!

16 Halo Reach Halo Reach Product Image

It's a fight you cannot win. You know how it ends from the beginning, but you never understand until you stand looking over what is left

Everyone on Noble Team died BUT Jun-A266. I know a lot about all the games, but I,m NOT a Halo Follower.

Everyone dies... Then it's your turn.
It was an emotional roller-coaster the first time around.

You start with six people and end with one. Dead ass depressing.

17 Spec Ops: The Line Spec Ops: The Line Product Image

I can safely say I have only cried in a few games. Two or three. This is one of them. This game is one of them. There are tough moral choices which you think you made the correct one and then boom. A sad moment. The problem is that the reason it is sad was because you did it. You made the wrong choice, and it resulted in bad or sad things happening.

This game kinda messed me up, not only seeing the sheer brutality of war, but also having the player be an active participant in it. You don't get to be the good guy in this one.

Spec Ops: The line -The road to hell is paved with good intentions, and the charred corpses of civillians you dropped bombs on to get there. Things can always get worse

18 The Last of Us: Left Behind The Last of Us: Left Behind Product Image

This was an excellent DLC. It really gave us the dark past of Ellie. I am extremely grateful they created this, it gave us players a little closer on the dark past we hear about throughout the actual game. The music Gustavo Santaolalla was phenomenal as always.

I was actually disappointed in this game, it wasn't as fun or as emotional as the 1st one.

The DLC did give us some closure to Ellie's tragic story.

So many tears.

19 Breath of Fire II Breath of Fire II Product Image
20 Final Fantasy X Final Fantasy X Product Image

Auron was dead the whole time, leaves. Tidas never really existed, leaves. The "I love you" between him and Yuna at the end. Spira was saved, but with many sacrifices along the way.

21 Silent Hill 2 Silent Hill 2 Product Image

One of the most devastating and visceral stories ever told in a video game. You are not the same person after visiting that town. This game will never leave your soul after playing it.

This game is about depression itself. The scars of sexual abuse that completely destroyed a person by years of abuse and torment living in a real hell. the insanity and desperation of seen the person you love the most suffering for months till he dies, a complete life of hate, rejection and no love.
This game is about a man that travels to his own fears and horrors to find his deceased wife and the answers to her dead. In this journey he finds other tormented people who are looking for answers and way out of hell.
The game gives us a horrible feeling of loneliness and helplessness in a dark atmosphere full of depression and horrific monsters. The most depressive game ever made.

I went searching for this game once, having read in a magazine or something on how it was fantastic. With high expectations, I went and bought it, and was not even remotely disappointed. The connections you make while playing, although not apparent, are there. The characters are perfectly crafted, the music is beautifully haunting, and gave me an experience I will never forget.

I remember when I first finally got around to playing and beating silent hill 2, I actually didn't take it seriously at all. That's because my friends wouldn't shut up about me playing it so when I finally got around to doing it, I read all of the lines in a stupid voice and when I went into places like the hospital I would scream lines like 'VISITING HOURS ARE OVER! ' and then beat up the zombie nurses. So...yeah that kind of ruined all tension for me.

22 The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask Product Image

Knowing that this came from the Zelda series, is actually quite surprising. These games are known for their amazing stories, game play, and characters. However, this game was known for the emotions. Just thinking that there is no hope sometimes gets overwhelming. A fantastic game to play

This game always made me sad, from seeing kafei and anju reunite, to saving the scientist for his daughter. Every time I played the song of healing I died a little inside and that end made me so happy that I had finally saved everyone from their inevitable deaths after continuous cycles. This game is my saddest game, but that makes it my favourite.

Depression and death are everywhere in this game. Nomatter how fast you are, you can't help everyone's problems. Somewhat out there is going to die. Not to mention every time you look at the moon, it's staring at you back.

So I just finished Ocarina of Time and I was all like "Oh there's a sequel? I need to get it! " So...I played it...and I think I have a common case of Majora Depression.

23 Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga 2 Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga 2 Product Image
24 That Dragon, Cancer

The game is based on the creator and his son, in other words real events and I can't imagine what the creator of this game would have gone through emotionally during the development of this game. I have never experienced anything like this before, and it fills me with nostalgia and grief I didn't know existed.

Should DEFINITELY be number 1! The ENTIRE theme of the game is sad! Unlike a huge majority of the games on this list, which are basically counting ONE or a few sad parts in it. This game...


The game depicts a child's 4 year battle with cancer. From the start, you might know that the child already has cancer. A bit confusing, but the storyline gets more understandable as you go on. From the moment you know Joel's cancer is uncurable and now fatal, a certain theme of desperation is used inbetween the gameplay. But the end is where the tears should start rolling. You are seen to be in a part of heaven, and you see Joel in a picnic with a pug next to him, eating some pancakes. It is plausible that your character is in the point of view of the father, so it means that the father either committed suicide, or you aren't in the point of view of the father. Either way, the game is sad, and deserves a high spot on the list.

The entire game is sad. You read the description on Steam and it says that it's about the creators expierience with cancer. And then it reveals that it was actually the creators son who had cancer and the game is about real people. Saddest thing ever

Why is this game not any higher?

25 Xenogears Xenogears Product Image
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