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1 Shaundi

In Saints Row 2, Shaundi was introduced as a key role, playing second only to the Boss. In Saints Row 3, she retained this prominent position alongside Pierce, and in Saints Row 4, there were three Shaundis. While Johnny Gat is famous for his badass style, and I am a big fan of both Johnny and Shaundi, the key character spotlight determines the top five characters:

1. Boss
2. Shaundi
3. Johnny Gat
4. Pierce
5. Kinzie

In every game, the most popular character is usually the protagonist. Having played hundreds of games, I believe the Saints Row protagonist is the best of all. However, Johnny Gat and Shaundi are equally popular.

2 Johnny Gat

Having played all four main Saints Row games, there is no doubt that Johnny Gat is the only character in the game's history who is as popular as the protagonist.

Badass! Saints Row would not be Saints Row without him.

If Saints Row were made into a movie, then Johnny Gat would be the most famous movie character of all time, more than James Bond and Rambo.

3 The Boss

The best ever. It's like you're the one doing all the work, and why can't you be revived instead of just loading your health and then dying?

The biggest badass protagonist I have ever seen in games. My number one favorite game protagonist.

If Saints Row were made into a movie featuring the main stars as the Boss, Johnny Gat, and Shaundi, and including other characters like Pierce, Kinzie, Viola, etc., I bet it would gross over one billion dollars worldwide.

4 Pierce

I love hanging out with Pierce. Whenever we do, hilarity always ensues. Plus, I really enjoy those singing sessions with him whenever I drive.

I vote for Pierce because he deserves a position after Boss, Shaundi, and Johnny.

The last time a big naked dude said he could help me, it did not end well.

5 Kinzie Kensington

What the hell? Why is Kinzie so low on this list? Here is what the list of main Saints Row characters should look like:

1. Boss
2. Shaundi
3. Johnny Gat
4. Pierce
5. Kinzie

Kinzie deserves to be in the top five. She is a very main character of Saints Row, like Boss, Shaundi, Johnny, and Pierce.

She is amazing and a great hacker. I think she's even warming up to Matt as well.

6 Viola DeWynter

Viola was one of the main characters of Saints Row 3, along with Boss, Shaundi, and Pierce.

If Viola had been included in Saints Row 4, she would have been the most popular character like Boss, Johnny Gat, Shaundi, Kinzie, and Pierce.

In my opinion, she could be a little bossy, but she was a great character.

7 Lin
8 Julius Little
9 Troy Bradshaw

Troy was my favorite because even though he was an undercover cop, he became friends with the Saints and didn't want to arrest them.

10 Carlos Mendoza

He was just too young to die. I mean, come on, they had to kill him!

Carlos is boss. Why did he have to be skinned to death by the Brotherhood?

He is the best, and why didn't the character shoot the chain but instead shot Carlos?

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11 Benjamin King

He is both badass and professional at the same time.

12 Donnie
13 Joseph Price
14 William Sharp
15 Mr. Sunshine

"They call me Mr. Sunshine." Damn, this guy was awesome, the best Saints Row villain ever. He reminded me of an awesome Bond henchman.

16 Victor Rodriguez
17 Dex
18 Josh Birk

How can you not love this idiot?

19 Matt Miller
20 Asha Odekar
21 Oleg Kirrlov
22 Veteran Child

He is voiced by Neil Patrick Harris, and that is badass as hell. Plus, his quotes in Saints Row 4 are boss-tier. "Who lives? Who dies?"

23 Killbane
24 Professor Genki
25 Hector Lopez
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