Worst Things That Could Happen to You In Minecraft

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1 Mining a lot of diamonds then dying in lava

I had a good diamond pick then boom a found redstone I mined some of it then things went very wrong... I don't know why but I pressed walk and boom next thing I know I'm in the lava pit! I died with 55 points. I had gold ore. I regret that day... Stupid karma.. -. -

Imagine... Diamonds, gold, iron, redstone and all those other stuff in your inventory. Then you're dancing around not noticing that lava pit, and BAM! No valuables. Rage Quit in 3... 2... 1...

I hate it when this happens, I find like lots of diamonds and mine them with fortune pickaxe and I go the wrong way and boom I drop into lava and slowly watch my items burn.

2 Getting lost

I Made A HUGE house no lie it was so big and I spent so many weeks on it and all my effort and one day I accidently fell off the house (it was high up) and then boom, I died and guess what? It said my bed was destroyed (so my whole house was long lost and gone)! SO UNFAIR! STUPID Minecraft so I didn't save it so I switched Minecraft off (without saving and going to menu) so my house would still be there when I go back on it but that didn't work! I was so disappointed!

I make a huge castle-house thing... and I get lost in a ravine. Then, I died (with all my valuable stuff), and I didn't have a bed down, since on that world I was playing on Peaceful. I was so mad! Luckily, after three Kleenex tissue boxes, and one pillow, I found my house.

3 A creeper destroying your house

This happened when I was playing with a friend. I logged off after having spent hours building the house, and multiple creepers blew up the entire first floor. My friend rebuilt it. I came back on and a creeper had followed her to the middle floor, she turned round to see it, ran upstairs to the top floor to get her bow and arrow, when it blew up behind her on the stairs of the third floor, blowing up the 2nd and 3rd. We both quit.

The only way a creeper can really destroy your house is if it's small (I usually build big houses), but it's still an awful experience if you had something important in that area (such as a chest containing valuables).

4 Your pet cat/dog dying because you accidentally left clicked

My sister and I play Minecraft on our Xbox together. In the best world we had EVER created, there were many wolf packs, so one day we decided to get one dog each. They were nice dogs that my sis and I adored! One day, we were cutting trees that were next to each other, and guess what, I accidentally hit her. Then her dog attacked me and my dog attacked her dog and there was a big dog fight. We exited the game right then and there and vowed to never go back on that world. EVEN WORSE, THIS isn't THE FIRST TIME THIS HAS HAPPENED! I wish I knew how to prevent these things from happening!

5 Accidentally pressing Q instead of W and throwing thing in lava

This hasn't happened to me yet, and has to do with the default "drop" key being right next to the default "forward" key on a standard keyboard.

This happened to me once, but luckily I didn't lose anything important (it was just a piece of cobblestone).

Never happened to me, but if it really bothers you, alter your controls in the controls menu in settings.

6 Being shoved off a cliff by a cow

A cow never pushed me off, but I was doing good in the nether, walk in, and a creeper accidently got in to the nether portal and blew me off the nether cliff and into the lava. :(

Usually wither skeletons do that to me in the nether...cheeky faces!

I always get shoved off by passive-aggressive chickens.

7 Dying/getting lost in the Nether with valuable items

Just died today, spent like 2 hours to find a nether fortress got some blaze rods, and then I realized I was like tons and tons of miles lost from my Portal, started to think fast because I was running out of food then I started following North, then I dropped to the lava and lost a full set of diamond enchanted armor with diamond enchanted sword plus the blaze rods... :"(

Lost everything because a ghast blew me off a platform and I splat on the ground under me, which was like 50 blocks. Full enchanted diamond armor and sword. Screw you Nether.

8 Your only pickaxe breaks right as you find diamonds

Ok, this has happened when my friend was playing. He had to mine countless layers of Ore (But he didn't need it, because what he wanted to craft required diamonds). It was frustrating but it's what can easily happen.

Uug! I HATE this! Once found whole wall of diamond ore... NOT kidding. Pickax was the right kind, iron, and I mined one diamond, BOOM! Pick axe gone. It was enchanted!

That is the worst luck in history! Why is it not number one?

9 Building an awesome thing and then respawning and losing it

Oh my gosh, yes! I built a massive sea village by making a huge enclosed wall in the ocean and using sponges to dry the water out. I made awesome houses in it, and even a dungeon for the quest I planned to do with my sister (I set up adventures for us to play). Funny story really, I made a dark hall in one part, and a Guardian in in, to jumpscare us. I went in to add some finishing touches to it, and got trapped in the 'horror map'. The guardian popped out of nowhere, flopping around wildly, scaring the derp out of me. I ran into a room, and shut the door behind me, terrified. Later, I went home, and thought I had mapped out where to find it. Sadly, I haven't rediscovered in to this day.

10 Not having food

It was nighttime and my house was right over the hill, no food, and it was hardcore. I suck.

I love playing on survival servers and I always run into the same problem... Low hunger bar with no food and a plain filled with horses -_-

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11 Dying in "Hardcore" mode

When that happens I kill my friends. Period.

12 Trolled on a server

I was dead by a mine cart trick that going into a one block tall space and ending up with cactus. I suffocated when the cactus destroyed
my mine cart.

13 Going to the Nether and spawn right beneath lava, not noticing you're right beneath lava and dying

They have a whopping 100 hp
And they deal MAJOR damage to you unless you have enchanted stuff or
Diamond armor.
Good luck with these in a mob arena.

14 Getting buried by a happy face made of sand
15 Going to the Nether and getting surprised by 5 ghasts shooting you

And to make things worse, they ruin your portal and you're stuck with them!

This thing happens to me a lot
DUDE I go there with my best stuff T_T

16 15 zombies attacking you at the same time

I made a nice house in creative and switched to survival. There were bosses everywhere in my house. They killed me.

And your on hard mode.
Your so dead.

Yes! This happened to me before!

17 Getting killed in Berserk mode
18 Getting trolled from someone as Herobrine
19 Getting lava'd
20 Herobrine is after you

To the person who saw the house with the chest: it was most likely that what you saw was a Witch's Hut, which is a hut where witches spawn and live. You find them occasionally in Swamp Biomes, but Herobrine isn't real. Notch and Jeb have said that themselves.

One time I made a beautiful house right? So I went to mine to a cave near and when I got back, guess what happened? IT WAS ON FIRE. There was no way in order for it to be in flames. I deleted the world after I saw Herobrine.

I left my house once after having a dog I always loved. When I came back, it was gone. Same house, there was an armor stand in my house. It was gone when I came back but a week later, looking to ifnd it missing day after day, it came BACK! I never updated it either. Also I see the cross. A neat circle of sand IN THE MIDDLE OF A FOREST with a watered cross right in the middle.

21 Finding Diamond, gets killed, spawns In the middle of nowhere

Happened to me once. So mad that time.

22 Needing one more piece of sugar can to make a map
23 Your berserk sword breaks
24 Your world gets corrupted

Dude! That happened on my BEST world. I had 12 elytras no joke, end crystals, obsidian, and an end-themed house, enchanted diamond everything, on a NO CHEATS world!

That would suck, I would be upset if it was one of my favorite worlds, but once I had my world become unplayable when I accidentally put kill the username I had on repeat with a command block then I kept dying over and over again, I had to delete the world

Imagine spending years on a Minecraft world just to find out that it gets corrupted.

25 Being one block away from finishing something

For example, being one stair away from finsishing a staircase aand having to make another 6.

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