Top 10 Best Assassin's Creed Characters

Best characters from all of the Assassin's Creed games.
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1 Ezio Auditore da Firenze

Ezio was the most powerful in terms of combat. His weapons were powerful and he could take down several armored guards in seconds. He was simply unstoppable on the battlefield. He was also one of the best at parkour. In addition, he was the wealthiest assassin, and even owned the colosseum for a short time. His achievments are also the most impressive. He saved the roman assassins brotherhood, destroyed the Templar order TWICE in two differant countries, trained the legendary assassin shao jun, and discovered altair's codex. He was also quite wise in his older years.

Ezio downright, is the best assassin of all time. He is deadliest, most stealthy, and quietest assassin ever. Unlike connor, ezio actually gets his work done in right way. He does everything simple, not like connor who wastes time doing stuff his way which is fighting out in the open rather than being discrete and blending with the crowd. Ezio without doubt is far better than any other assassin including connor.

2 Edward Kenway

Edward Kenway was a very interesting character. He started with having no regard for anyone, he just wanted to make money, which is a very interesting take on an individual in assassin's creed, but later on in the game, you see change in Edward as he shows remorse and sympathy and becomes a loving father. Furthermore, he is confident and daring and is quite the bad-ass since he has no fears. Also, he has a huge variety of skills; he has the coolest looking counters, when two guards attack edward at once, Edward finishes them off in style, he also is a captain of one of the most feared ships in the Caribbean seas, he also carries 4 guns, 2 swords, 2 hidden blades, sleeping darts, bezerk darts, etc. He can also swim away from sharks, dive, defeat many powerful people, which includes a sage. Also, not to mention the fact that he wasn't ever racist to his buddy on the Jackdaw and that he developed his skills with no mentoring, which is remarkable since his moves are most impressive. He is quite the daring and intellectual individual and provokes a nice sensation when playing as Edward. All in all, a great assassin/pirate.

3 Altaïr Ibn-LaʼAhad

Altair is clearly the best assassin of all time. Just look at what he has done. He achieved the master assassin rank 25, which is the youngest age that an assassin has ever gained that title. He brought the order out of corruption, not once, not twice, but three times. He is the reason that the assassins went around the world starting bureaus, so that they are not vulnerable to attack and so that they could spread the ways of their order. He created the codex, came up with new technology, and is the only person to understand the apple of eden as well as he did. He is the renowned father of the order and is a total badass assassin. I am not dissing on Ezio here, but you just can't go up against Altair's skill, wisdom, and legacy. He has clearly affected the order the most in a good way. Altair is the model for all assassins everywhere. Altair was active during the crusades! Thousands of years later, he is still looked upon by everyone as the greatest assassin there ever was. Don't forget he has the sickest costume as well!

4 Haytham Kenway

The best character in the series intelligent, charismatic, wise, multidimensional, mysterious, sassy, and ultimate badass. He survived, and experienced more, than any character in the series. He was a Templar, but as a conflicted character he often questionated their ways, believed Assassins and Templars aren't much different, and his ultimate goal was peace, world in which no people would have experienced what he had. He also was one of few, which decided to drop searching for pieces of eden, because he knew they were dangerous, unlike Achilles and his retarded crew. Also for all people talking, that Haytham was bad, because he tried to kill his own son, you should know, that was the one, which saved Connor for execution, and let his son kill him. He could easily eliminate Connor easily, but at the end he knew, that he can't do this to a child of woman, he only ever loved, and that he can't loose the last person he cares about. He tried to convince himself that he doesn't care, but deep down knew his true feelings otherwise he wouldn't have cut a rope. He might have been cruel sometimes, but only because he always looked far into future, and knew that sometimes you need sacrifice an unit, to save many people, unlike like Connor which was short visioned. For example when he killed hostages, he knew that otherwise, that they would have alarmed Benjamin, and the whole mission would have been compromised, and people would have been in danger. Many Assassins, especially Connor, were type of guys that would have been wasting time bringing fishes everyday to feed a poor person, when Haytham would just give them a fishing rod, and teach them how to use it, that person could get fishes himself. That's why I love him he always thinks differently than Assassins and Templars. That's what he is a man with unique perspectives, which saw world as it is, not as it should be . Furthermore he was an absolute swordmaster, and one of the best overall fighters in the series. True... more

5 Connor (Ratonhnhaké:ton)

I thought connor was an incredible character. Really different than the kinds of characters you see today who are usually just all flash and looks and with really bad attitudes, a want for revenge and real short tempers. He stood up for what he believed in, never gave up, never backed regardless of how many people put him down. He was humble, brave, strong, had a generally calm, stoic personality, and while he did have his flaws and make his mistakes, that just made him human. And, just as an added bonus, he was also attractive physically. Please remember, you are entitled to your opinion and I to mine. Please leave out any negative feedback. Thank you.

Connor had the deepest skill set and toolbox to get the job done. I think the only other assassin in the series, to date, who could hang with Connor toe-to-toe would be Altair but that is based purely off the combat systems and how many different offensive and defensive maneuvers are available to each assassin. Connor combined agility, blazing speed, and slick take downs with the likes of his rope hook and tomahawk... This dude was a warrior that stood out amongst war heroes from the colonies, the British empire, and even the hessians...known bad asses. He also had the most noble set of characters and lacked the vices found teeming in Ezio and Edward. Assassin's Creed 3 is not well-liked for a reason I cannot understand. I think most video game nerds live vicariously through Ezio as how he is portrayed as some kind of charming womanizer. I really loved Assassin's Creed Revelations though, it's my third favorite after the original, and then 3. 4 Is awesome too...after Unity--I disowned Ubisoft. But this is really about how Connor was a noble bad @$$, a warrior's warrior--if you will!

6 Shay Cormac

Just love the guy so much...He was a good man with good intentions. Leaving the brotherhood may not seem right but was actually the right thing to do. Simply loved how he nearly wiped out the brotherhood. Being able to use his skills to hunt down those who taught him in the first place, simply epic...Plus Assassin's creed Rogue was my first game I played out of the franchise so I seriously like Shay Patrick Cormac.

I believe that Shay Cormac is one of the strongest assassin because he gain the skills of an assassin and templar. The man is an 'assassin hunter' he takes out those who stands in his or the order's way. The assassins are invincible but Shay has no problem of taking them down. I'm telling you people, I'll bet millions of dollars that Shay Cormac can defeat Edward Kenway, Adewale, Arno, Desmond, Jacob Frye, Evie Frye, Edward Thatch, Mary Read and so on but except the ones like Ezio, Conner, Altäir and other strongest assassins.

7 Desmond Miles

I miss him in the series so much. He was a great guy. I understand why he abandoned the creed when he was younger. Dude, he doesn't wanted to fight oé hurt everyone, he was always forced to make part of something he never wanted for. He just wished a normal life nothing less or more. The guy doesn't had even a decent childhood or perhaps a life. For me, he is a very strong guy may not the best character, but I don't agree that Ezio is the best. Dude, I mean, think. Desmond was a animus subject, so, he had all his ancestors skills also, Altair+Ezio+Connor= Desmond's assassin skills. And now I ask two things for you: 1- HOW in the earth Ezio could defeat someone with his same abilities and the double because of Altair and Connor? / 2- if you voted in ezio, did you make this because he is the more badass according to other opinions, OR because AC2 and ACB are considered the best games in the series also both with him protagonizing?

8 Arno Dorian

Arno should be higher! Well, Arno is like Ezio+Altair in one, and this is like Assassin's Creed 2, Remember when Ezio started to become an Assassin when he was at his young adult years? Well Arno might even surpass those two. Arno is clever, superiority in stealth and parkour makes him even more deadlier. Its not all about the kills, its about on "How to Kill efficiently"

He loved a Templar like Altair and joined the brotherhood for revenge like Ezio. He is determined to do what is right like Connor and he is determined to achieve something great like Edward. He betrayed the brotherhood for the sake of others like Shay and and is willing to sacrifice for the greater good like Desmond.

Deeply flawed and far from what most would consider to be an "ideal" assassin, Arno is one of the most relatable protagonists in the franchise. He is capable of choosing for himself instead of blindly following authority, and the most fiercely loyal to those he loves.

9 Bayek

You can tell the list is old by the fact that Bayek is down at 19.
Best written character since Ezio. They crafted such a great character with him. He is capable of relentless fury but also heartwarming affection for those he loves and helps. He also cracks the odd joke here and there. His tragedy cuts deep into his Ka (I had to) and drives him for the main game. Then, he understands he has to let go of what he knew, which includes his wife, and devotes his life to an ideal. He is an amazing craft of humanity and emotion but also of perseverance and devotion to the people of his land
Also, war elephants. And a gladiator.

Not only was he the founder of the creed, he's clearly one of the most determined. Yes he was blinded by his need for revenge, but its what pushed him to make the creed. It made him see the corruption in the world around him

Bayek is brutal, ruthless, fair, humble, kind to good people, persistent, powerful, aggressive at times, focused and a true survivor. Just the best

10 Leonardo da Vinci
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11 Jacob Frye

Jacob Frye is one of the most underrated and misunderstood characters in the franchise. He is actually one of the deadliest combatants and most efficient killers of all the assassins. He's very relatable as a character due to his many flaws and he also has an incredibly fun personality, making him a real pleasure to play the game with. He's one of the coolest looking assassins in the franchise, with an amazing sense of style. He gets things done and doesn't hesitate to get rid of templars just like his assassin predecessors have been doing for centuries and should still be doing during his time, but aren't. Unfortunately, he is put in a story that suffers greatly from bad plot and overall poor writing, combined with a second protagonist "perfect" sister with no character flaws, making Jacob come across as an incompetent idiot when he absolutely isn't. He's just young, immature, reckless and brash like Edward Kenway or even a young Ezio Auditore, that eventually, like them, matures and grows as a character and becomes a better person and assassin.

12 Evie Frye

Not the best but she is clearly an amazing assassin who thinks clearly, analyzes situations and acts the best way possible in order to achieve her goal while not endangering the life of others and she even fixes the screw-ups of her twin brother Jacob who recklessly makes decisions and doesn't completely care about the effects of his actions. Evie is great when it comes to stealth and is smart, following in the footsteps of her late father(who Evie described to be the ideal assassin.) Overrall Evie Frye is a great assassin when it comes to stealth, strategy, and combat.

Evie Frye is my third favourite because she's the serious one but she's also stealthy like her brother Jacob and all-around awesome like Jacob and is a good assassin.

I loved playing as Evie. She was way more assassin-y than Jacob. I rank her 3rd behind Ezio and Arno. Edward Kenway was badass but he was a pirate.

13 Mary Read

Definitely one of the best AC 4 characters. I really liked that mysterious air around her, plus she is also based of historicial character of that same name. *Spoiler* I wonder what happened to her child...

She's my all time fave next to Edward. I wish there would be a story about her daughter discovering who her mother was. Could be a really good story.

Oh my gosh she is one of my favorite characters and I really hoped that she would get with Edward! Gosh darn it making me mad.

14 Rodrigo Borgia
15 Al Mualim
16 Adewale

Adwale gets so little credit. Most of the missions in freedom cry were saving people. And I think he looks the coolest.

This guy can beat the hell out of Shay which is a huge bonus.

Sad when you have to KILL him in rouge!

17 Edward Thatch (Blackbeard)

Only one who doesn't literally try to slice your throat open when you tell him to not do something.

He's a legend in real life! Come on people!?

One of the awful moments of AC4 is when he died.

18 Caroline Scott-Kenway

Caroline is awesome she is stealthy but not as stealthy and she's also fun to watch.

19 Aveline de Grandpré

Why is she not far more up, she was an amazing assassin and A WOMAN.

Her game was the first ac game I played and is still my second favorite, my first being black flag

Aveline is awesome!

20 Lucy Stillman
21 Caterina Sforza
22 Stede Bonnet

He is some jolly guy. I like him. Although I am saying this doesn't he become a pirate?!?!

In the first mission, Steve looks like he wants to kill Edward. Proof? Look when Edward rescued Steve

Yes, he says so in a cut scene in ac4, he got his own schooner and all. However later down the track a raid of his went wrong and he was sent to Charlestown to be hanged. He did on the end of a rope :'(

23 Cesare Borgia
24 Amunet (Aya of Alexandria)
25 Mario Auditore

"You don't recognize me? It's a me, Mario! "Best line in the entire series (if you don't count the more philosophical ones)

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