Top 10 Coolest Need for Speed Bosses

This is a list of the top 10 bosses in the history of Need For Speed history. Not just their cars, but the way they dress and look too.
The Top Ten
1 Razor - Most Wanted

Razor rocks Rockport! His villainous behavior makes him a standout boss!

2 Kenji - Carbon

His unobtainable Evo that he drives for Stacked Deck looks amazing and turns so elegantly. It's amazing and damn hard to beat.

The most amazing thing about Kenji is his style. He looks awesome standing next to his car.

Cool guy. Good looking. He is definitely the drift king. His RX-7 is totally out of this world. He is the king of the tuners.

3 Jack Rourke - The Run

A boss and the protagonist, Jack's look is awesome in The Run. His style matches every car he drives. His personality is a humorous one too.

4 Nikki Blake - The Run

No need to say it, she is as sexy as Mila herself, with a totally sexy car.

5 Darius - Carbon

Darius is the biggest villain in Need for Speed. From Underground to Most Wanted and back to Carbon, he planned everything a step ahead and is a way better driver than all the other bosses. He doesn't need to act tough to appear that way, and he is the smartest of all the bosses.

Man, this guy should model for a street racing fashion magazine. Red jacket, military pants, and a hat - this guy looks exactly the same way as his car.

6 Ryo Watanabe - ProSreet
7 Hector Maio - Undercover

Amazingly cool guy with a totally cool car. This guy is a real ladies' man.

8 Marcus Blackwell - The Run

This guy's personality is like his car - silent and swift. He may dress normally, but he carries it off perfectly.

9 Mila Belova - The Run

This here is one sexy babe. She and her car are both the epitome of fashion. With looks that kill, no one will notice her overtaking them.

10 Sergeant Cross - Most Wanted

Most Wanted introduced Cross in the first ten minutes as a downright ass who you're going to hate. A lot. Then Carbon. The very first thing he does is wreck you faster than you can say: "Holy mongoose in a broken toaster!" All in all, he's a character who annoys you throughout the game(s) and causes problems for you. And that's what we want from a villain.

The Contenders
11 Caleb Reece - Underground 2

This man should sign up for fashion magazines. He's so cool.

12 Wolf - Carbon
13 Eddie - Underground

This car is just the definition of what the NFS series is nowadays. Since NFS Underground, car customization came in almost all the following games. I know the top of the top NFS cars stays the BMW M3 GTR, but who's never wanted to have a ride in Eddie's Skyline in 2003? This awesome beast should be in the second position in my opinion because it's a big part of NFS history.

14 Bull - Most Wanted

He's Razor's man who drives a very cool McLaren!

15 Zephyr - Need for Speed Rivals
16 F-8 - Rivals
17 Marcus King - No Limits
18 Blacklist 1- Most Wanted 2
19 Brad “Nickel” Rogers - Undercover
20 Ming - Most Wanted
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