Top 10 Scariest Resident Evil Monsters

Resident Evil is a long-standing titan in the video game industry. Launched by Capcom back in 1996, this franchise has been relentlessly terrifying us for decades, challenging players to survive against a seemingly endless tide of bioweaponry-gone-wrong, all while uncovering deeper and darker conspiracies. Every creak of a door, every dimly lit corridor, and every unexplored room is a potential source of spine-chilling horror.

Now, it's time to turn the tables on these monstrosities. Instead of fearing them, it's time to judge them. But on what basis, you might wonder? Well, we're talking about pure, unadulterated, goosebump-inducing fear here. The kind of fear that makes your heart pound and your palms sweat. The kind that makes you hesitate before turning a corner or opening a door.

Think about the monsters that haunt your dreams long after you've switched off your console. Those grotesque, horrifying creatures that loom in the darkest corners of your imagination. Whether it's a classic boss, a regular enemy, or one of those unexpected jump-scare creatures, which one truly gets under your skin?
The Top Ten
1 U3
2 Nyx
3 Globster
4 Nemesis

The most infamous monster in the series, bar none. He's notorious for becoming a childhood nightmare since his release. I played RE3 when I was only nine. The moment he ambushed me in the police station, forcing me into a dead end, I panicked and turned off my PlayStation. I was too scared to play the game again. It took me a decade before I had the courage to tackle it, and he STILL startles the hell out of me.

Almost all creatures are scary, but the fact that this mofo's sole purpose for being created was to murder you is a bit more twisted. "STARS"... What's worse is I never beat the game. I have high anxiety, and being stalked throughout the entire game kind of made me unable to breathe or something. That's my excuse, and I'm sticking to it.

5 Iron Maiden

For those who don't know, Iron Maidens are from RE4. They are a breed of Regeneradors with spikes across their bodies. These things can grab you from a distance and impale you on their bodies (yes, I'm being serious here). I just wanted to clarify, as there's often confusion between these and the Crimson Heads.

These zombies are seriously disturbing because of their appearance. They are five times scarier than common zombies, but the worst part is they are hard to hit, so they are more likely to catch you.

6 Zombie Elephant
7 Duvalia
8 Scagdead
9 Lurker
10 Ogroman
The Contenders
11 Zombie
12 Reaper

This thing is terrifying. This thing is the definition of Resident Evil.

The Reapers should be number one. They're not only monsters. They're bugs as well.

If you're scared of bugs, this is number one by far. Nothing comes close.

13 Regenerator
14 Hunter
15 Licker
16 Lisa Trevor

She may be scary in appearance, but the scariest thing is her backstory. She was a 14-year-old girl abducted by Umbrella and experimented on with many viruses. Her body is so disease-ridden that all the other viruses Umbrella injected into her just died off because of her contaminated blood. Umbrella decided to get rid of her and leave her to die.

I hate how that freaky thing shows up in the cabin in the REmake.

17 Tyrant

Behold the ultimate Bioweapon: Tyrant. These things have been appearing in the series since the first game, hunting you down in the labs under Spencer Mansion, the halls of the RPD, and even in the air over Rockfort Island. They also make for some of the best boss fights in the series.

18 Cerberus

I swear, I can't go into that one zombie dog room in the Resident Evil remake where the zombie dogs pop out of the windows. I hate those things!

When I first encountered these things in the game, I literally screamed the whole time I had to fight them.

19 Yawn

It's a giant snake. How's that not scary?

20 Crimson Head

These are like super-fast mega zombies!

21 William Birkin

How the hell is he in 19th? His first form wasn't scary. His second and third forms creeped me out. The fourth form freaked me out a bit. And the secret ending nearly made me pee myself! He at least deserved top 10.

22 El Gigante
23 Neptune

I think this is the scariest because does anyone know its weakness?

24 Giant Chainsaw Man
25 Leech Zombie
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