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1 Dimentio Dimentio is an evil harlequin magician and the main antagonist of the 2007 Nintendo Wii video game known as "Super Paper Mario". One of his notable features is that he has created his own Dimension, known as Dimension D.

Dimentio is manipulative and psychotic. He definitely deserves to be number one. He tricked Count Bleck, who is WAY more powerful, and Dimentio became stronger by stealing the Chaos Heart. Even after Mario and his friends defeat him, he leaves behind a shadow of his power to control the Chaos Heart, Dimentio is invincible.

This is the most powerful villain in the whole Mario series. He was able to trick Count Bleck, who was way more powerful. He stole the Chaos Heart. He's the smartest Mario villain so far.

Dimentio is a genius. He is the smartest villain of all Mario, by far. He lured Mario, Luigi, Peach and Bowser into defeating Count Black just so he could steal the Chaos Heart and turn himself and Luigi into a godlike being. Yet I never expected this guy to usurp literally everything right at the climax, so he definitely gets my vote!

Totally THE BEST villain. There were little hints sprinkled within the game about his true purpose, but nobody saw this coming. Unlike count bleck who, spoilers, decides nothing matters anymore without tippy, the love of his life, Dimentio actually wants to destroy all worlds, making better ones, becoming a god. He's a genius in that he pretends to serve count bleck but in reality, wants all the power to himself. He probably was the one Mario villain that got the closest to his goal. Plus, he's an absolute nihilist, not caring for the other people in the worlds, only caring about becoming omnipotent. He's a sociopath who made a master plan from the very beginning. On top of all that, he's an enjoyable villain. Dimentio is by far the best villain, no question about it, and I'm really sad that he didn't get the attention he deserved as one.

2 Bowser Bowser is the main antagonist of the Mario Bros. Franchise. From kidnapping Princess Peach to simply destroying a fun game between Mario and Friends in the Mario Party spinoff series, this king of the Koopas has set up a certain hatred towards himself amongst the large cast of Mario Characters. He first more.

Bowser is my favorite villain. He isn't always the smartest; yet, in M&LDT he actually outsmarts the main villain Antasma to become the main villain in Dreamy Bowser, the most powerful incarnation of Bowser (besides Black Paint Bowser, Dark Bowser, Star Rod Bowser, Crown Sticker Bowser, Paper Bowser and Real Bowser giant mech...Bowser has a lot of powerful forms doesn't he? ) and nearly succeeds in winning unless you beat his face in. It is a strong testament to his badassitrey that of the top ten spots only four are from main Mario games with the rest being from RPGS, one of which is Wario, who's more of an anti-hero and Bowser Jr., who is his son.

Bowser is barely even a villain when compared to baddies like Fawful or Dimentio, but he’s still very iconic to say the least.

While not the most powerful, smartest, most complicated, or, really, any, Villain in Mario, there's simply no denying how iconic Bowser is. He's the Cruela De Vil of the Mario Universe. He's that one annoying neighbor that keeps on appearing everyday, until you get used to him and even like him. He's the first, the original, the one that made Mario famous (besides his power ups). Let's be honest. When you think of Mario Villains, who do you immediately think of?

I will admit that he is not the smartest or most evil villain but come on! He's a big bad fire-breathing turtle monster who is never gonna give up until he has accomplished his goals. I like how in Mario & Luigi Dream Team Bowser actually outwits another villain, Antasma in being the better villain in that game. Because its usually another villain who outwits Bowser and sometimes he even has to team up with Mario.

3 Fawful Fawful, known in Japan as Gerakobits, is a fictional character appearing in the Mario & Luigi series of role-playing video games developed by AlphaDream.

Fawful is just the best. He starts out as the hilarious sidekick of Cackletta in Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga and practically does EVERYTHING to make her plans succeed. He sees through all of Mario and Luigi's tricks, destroys the Koopa Cruiser, and even retrieves Cackletta's soul at the moment of her death. He tries to betray Cackletta later but is defeated by the bros. He plots his return in Partners in Time and actually makes an enormous comeback in Bowser's Inside Story, thinking each step through, carefully and ingeniously imprisoning the bros. inside Bowser and leaving Bowser almost powerless against him via brainwashing minions. He even takes over the entire Mushroom Kingdom and turns Peach's Castle into a GIANT FIGHTING ROBOT! He seizes control of the all-powerful Dark Star and all the way is a funny, quirky villain who has a very unique character. Plus he has fury.

Fawful, the loyal minion who does anything for Cackletta using a flying mouth! And he is her most best pupil, making peach robots which is awesome. But when she doesn't show the same respect for him, works on his own and brainwashes all of Bowser's army, turn Peach's castle into a ROBOT, and absorbs the dark star. Even after Mario and co. defeat him, he gets absorbed by Dark Bowser and when Bowser inhales him, Fawful still fight Mario and Luigi as a powerful boss. He's not even always a villain, actually. In partners in time he's a shop guy and he plays that role well too.

From a lowly sidekick, to a superstar, to a lowly salesman, to the one who'd turn the whole Mushroom Kingdom upside down, by himself! He's received a huge power-boost and is the second final villain Bowser faces. Imagine a ten-foot monster who shatters giant boulders with a single punch, who could breathe gigantic amounts of fire effortlessly, who can even absorb smaller foes and eat them, who can transform into a giant fighting machine the size of his own castle… that's what you'll need to battle Fawful. What does Fawful have in his arsenal? Like 99% of Bowser's army plus his own Fawfulized army, Bowser's castle, a castle that is able to turn into a giant, mechanized fighting robot that was able to launch giant unavoidable beams and large gravity-sucking holes, the Dark Star, the entire Mushroom Kingdom in his hands, and himself (intelligence, half of Dark Star's power already in him, yup). Heck, even Bowser couldn't believe someone this evil existed, nobody believed such a villain ...more

Unlike other Mario villains this one is not a one shot character. At first he is the quirky but smart minion of Cackletta in Mario & Luigi:Superstar Saga, then the still hilarious Badge Salesman in Mario & Luigi:Partners in Time, but then he becomes the main villain in Mario & Luigi:Bowser's Inside Story. But sadly it seems he was defeated for good and we can only we hope he will return one day with more chortles then ever.

4 Bowser Jr. Bowser Jr., or sometimes simply Jr., is a video game character who appears in Nintendo's Mario franchise as the secondary antagonist. He is the youngest son of the series' primary antagonist, Bowser.

He is shadow Mario, he can reincarnate things, and his theme from smg is my favorite Mario song. Him and diddy kong should've been in Mario kart 8 instead of baby rosalina and pink gold peach.

He may be cute, but the koopa prince is also smart. Bowser Jr will build a robot and smash the opposition flat. Making Bowser proud.

Bowser Jr. Seems like the better villain when compared to his dad.

I have a plush of him, a goomba and Bowser, he's THAT good!

5 Count Bleck Count Bleck, true name Lord Blumiere, is the central antagonist turned anti-hero of the 2007 Nintendo Wii videogame Super Paper Mario.

Now Dimentio IS definitely a good villain, and he is funny and Count Bleck doesn't get much laughs, but the thing about him is that he has a reason for his wrongdoings, and a pretty tragic one at that, that will give you a reason you shouldn't laugh at him, but rather feel SYMPATHY towards him (his dad got rid of Tippi, the only person who showed him kindness and then told him that everyone could afford happiness except for him), whereas Dimentio's only presumed motive for his scheme is because he can do it. Now lower your pitchforks, because, once again, I have NOTHING against Dimentio. All I'm saying is: What thematic purpose will be fulfilled from Dimentio doing this?! Straight forward, we're never given that. But Count Bleck has a motive for his scheme. That's why I like Bleck slightly more.

Without a doubt the most complicated villain in the Mario series, and dare I say, one of the most complicatwd villains ever. He tries to destroy every world because he lost his loved one, and now everything lost meaning to his eyes. He lies to his underlings, saying that he wants to create a perfect world, while in reality he doesn't want to recreate anything, he just wants everything to die, and the only one who understood his true plan was Dimentio (which is my second favorite. ) Also, the loved one he lost is your partner Tippi. So, when you go face him, he does a somewhat regretful speech about how it doesn't matter anymore, because he's gone too far. Truly a fantastic character, especially considering that this's a Mario game.

Count Bleck is the best mario villain of all time. He should be way higher than Dimentio. He’s way more powerful. Dimentio had to completely fuse himself with Luigi and the Chaos Heart just to become a boss that was easier to defeat then Count Bleck was. And most of Count Bleck’s powers didn’t even come from the Chaos Heart!

I don't think I've ever felt as genuinely sorry for a video game villain as the Count. He decided to destroy literally everything just because his love was banned into another dimension and he couldn't find her. Easily one of my favorite video game villains PERIOD.

6 King Boo King Boo is the leader of all the Boos, and the main antagonist in both Luigi's Mansion and Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon.

King boo has lots of powers including pyrokinesis, making clones as seen in Luigi’s Mansion 3, and making it rain bombs with help of 2 clones. He also destroys E. Gadd’s lab and destroying a moon in one blast of psychic energy. Therefore, King boo should be number 1 on this list

King boo is amazing one if you've played paper Mario you know how Bowser dies right? I mean I know how he can swim through lava and stuff but come on he was in a explosion thousands of feet in the sky besides if your at the end you should notice that it says Bowser was beaten badly with and that there was no way he could return And if you've played the luigis manison series you should know that king boo revived Bowser so king boo may not be the strongest villain but I put him at smartest

While Bowser just wants to conquer the land and capture Peach, King Boo enslaves all ghosts and tries to destroy reality just so he could get his revenge on Luigi, even threatening to imprison everyone he loves in paintings for all eternity. He's simply cold, cruel and sadistic, crazy on revenge, and that makes him one of the most evil villains of the franchise.

The reason that he is good because he is the first villain and only villain to ever capture Mario. He is everything like Bowser but better. Also he is a ghost so obvoiusly he can't be defeated for good. He is the only villain to hate luigi and not Mario. He controlls an army of ghost. He is the most smartest villain for sure. You should look up the Bowser and king boo theory. It is confusing but true.

7 Cackletta

Can create portals, fire, lightning, however never really exposed her full powers. Mysterious, full of potential and even fawful saw her as more superior than himself

I think Cackletta is slightly better the nFawful, she had a more intimidating design and after all she was Fawful's master. She also possesed Bowser and made him look super scary!

By far my favorite Mario villain of all time. She scared the Hell out of me as a child, but she really grew on me.

Cackletta looks like the devils wife

8 Antasma

I like Antasma the way he speaks and how he do things. Antadma is a basically a smoke which had a purple dye which I thought looked silly. But later when he was revealed as a bat he is cool.

I am not sure if he had any intensions to kill Antasma, but he got betrayed in the end by the ultimate loser King Bowser.(no idea why he is no.2). It was also told Antasma had a tragic past, being trapped in a dimension for 100 years just because of some nightmare which made him become evil.

He is also very smart and ittelegient, having ideas which not evil dumb Bowser could have thought of. He was smart enough to Peirce through the dimension he was trapped into and Bowser couldn't even think about breaking the bridge to let Mario fall into Lava himself in Mario Bros.

The best part is his final form. The coolest form of all, he became all powerful. Although he could only demostrate it in the dream vorld, it is still very cool.He is quite smart to think of make dream portals on ...more

He was a very unique villain. The way how he spoke, the way how he looked, the whole nightmarish concept around him, not to mention the intense battle and amazing music he had. He was overall one of the best M&L villains and arguably one of the best Mario villains, period.

Antasma became one of my favorite villains the moment I first saw him. His design just looks so badass and his theme sounds so epic. I think Antasma is better than Fawful, who I don't really like. (Yeah I said it, FIGHT IT! )

Antasma had a pretty neat design, an intense boss fight, and a awesome music track to go with it. He deserves much more character development and screentime than what he actually got.

9 Bowletta

A fusion of Cackletta and Bowser, disturbing look but creepy as well

Basically Cackletta but creepier and more powerful.

Basically a possessed version of bowser

Bowletta looks like Bowser's sister

10 Dry Bowser Dry Bowser is the fossilized version of the main antagonist of the Mario Bros. Franchise, Bowser. He first appeared in New Super Mario Bros. on the Nintendo DS after Bowser had been dumped into the lava and was left with his skeleton. Since then, Dry Bowser has appeared as a villain in games like Super more.

I mean, this might not be helpful, but he's one of my worst enemies in MARIOKART 8. Yes, that's the unhelpful part. In fact, all of it is a unhelpful part.

I think Dry Bowser looks awesome, but I feel like his existence is a bit of a scam. He's a clone character and was loved by game designers so they stuffed him in over and over again.

He used to be my favourite mario character during 2014, he just has such an amazing design

Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus made him even cooler than he was. And he was already a more awesome Bowser to begin with.

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11 Wario Wario is a character in Nintendo's Mario series who was originally designed as an antagonist to Mario. His motives are driven by greed and he will take the side of whoever will give him the most pay. Although he may seem like just a mean man with no heart, he does have a very tragic past.

Well, he's more like a greedy man then a villain, and as the descriptions says, he was ORIGINALLY planned to be a villain. He's more like... a rival to Mario, just like Waluigi's sole purpose in life was to have a rival for Luigi.

I hate just about every villain on this list, so I had to go with Wario. Wario's only a villain in one true Mario game though...

Wario is the fattest villain and character in the game

How is Wario below Waluigi?

12 Waluigi Waluigi is a lanky self-centered, brusque young lad as he is considered evil and the main rival of Luigi. Waluigi is shown causing local havoc in most games he appears in alongside his partner Wario. Waluigi is not instinctively evil or the antagonist (not counting DDR), as a matter of fact, he shows more.

Yeah, wish he had his own game. He needs to be at least a more important villain.
By FAR my favorite Mario character. Not because of the memes.

Waluigi is one of the most creative characters Nintendo has ever created. I love this guy!

He's not a good or developed character like some of the characters in the contenders area.

I literally pretty much picked him because he is my favorite mario character ever.

13 Kamek Kamek is a common enemy in the Mario Bros. Franchise. He usually appears in New Super Mario Bros. Games, Super Mario Bros. Games, or other similar games. He also appears in spinoff titles, like Mario Party, in which he is not a playable character but creates an obstacle for the players on their way more.

Kamek is a reccuring villain in the mario series and yoshi series. He's been there to get Mario since he was a baby. He raised Bowser. He's definitely one of the best villains.

"Why is Dimentio higher then Kamek? " Well, because Kamek has literally a little to no chance of lore while Dimentio has to be one of the most well-written Mario series characters, possibly in the entire series. Kamek is more like a helper to Bowser.

How is Dimentio higher than Kamek? Dimentio was in 1 game, and Kamek has been in lots! He is the main antagonist of the awesome Yoshi series, and he has aided my other favorite character, Bowser, many times!

I'm sick of everyone forgetting he is the main enemy to Yoshi. For the love of god! Also he is a great character, he and his enemy Yoshi are freat.

14 Donkey Kong Donkey Kong is an arcade game released by Nintendo in 1981. It is an early example of the platform game genre, as the gameplay focuses on maneuvering the main character across a series of platforms while dodging and jumping over obstacles.

The first Mario villain.

Not a villain really

He looks strong

He can throw and steels like a boss:
Vote DK

15 Birdo Birdo is a dinosaur that is well known for her (or his) confused Gender. It was originally stated that Birdo was a male who believed he was a female, but this was changed in later games. Birdo is commonly referred to as a girl, however, they are in a relationship with Yoshi. Birdo first appeared in more.

I am so confused, how is she a antagonist of Mario's she's barely in any game.

Not really a villain. BUT she is my favourite mario character of all time

She used to be an enemy back then, so this counts.

The earth is flat.

16 Gooper Blooper

His boss battle I Super Mario Sunshine is really disturbing because you have to rip out his tentacles countless of times. Otherwise he is cool

17 Nastasia

Nastasia is a great villain. She leaves an impression, even though we don’t fight her. Also, she can mind control people, and is responsible for single handedly converting almost all of Bowser’s army to Count Bleck’s cause.

18 Shy Guy

Overrated in my family

19 Ludwig Von Koopa Ludwig Von Koopa is a villain in the Super Mario Franchise. He is the self-proclaimed leader of the Koopalings and has a pompous and arrogant personality. He is said to have all the powers of the other six Koopalings. He can clone himself, cause earthquakes, teleport, and shoot lightning bolts from more.

A giant jar of fail. Ludwig sucks.

Best villain in the game

Ludwig is my favourite koopaling

Third best Koopaling

20 Dark Bowser

The best dark version of any character ever. Shadow Mario, Mr. L, the Shadow Queen, none of them even come close to being more bad ass that Dark Bowser. He is eviller Bowser, hellbent on destroying the entire planet in his ever growing greed for power. He is also the only dark version character I think is just as good as the original.

I know Dark Bowser just seems like a darker clone of Bowser, but he's much more than that. Dark Bowser is living embodiment of darkness that wants to cover the entire Mushroom into eternal darkness.

Are you kidding me?! Dark Bowser should be number one tied with a favorite villain of mine I also think dark Bowser should replace Bowser all in favor?

Definitely should be higher on this list, a very underrated character in my opinion from a game like Inside Story.

21 King Bob-omb King Bob-omb became a recurring boss in later games, specifically spin off games such as Mario Party 9 and Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam.

I hate all bob-ombs and it doesn't seem like this one is worse on the evil scale.

22 Lemmy Koopa The youngest of the seven original children of the Koopa King. Lemmy has always been fascinated by the circus and acrobatic acts and so he's made it his life's calling. Lemmy dreams of showing the world his incredible physical feats and never passes up a chance to gain a captive audience. Though he more.

One of the lesser great Koopalings but still cool

the best koopaling

Not just the best koopaling, but also the cutest :D

23 Petey Piranha

This is my favorite type of Piranha Plant. Petey's so powerful, that he was a boss in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

Hands down my favourite mario character of all time

I hate all piranhas.

He is my favorite Mario charcter ever

24 Tatanga Tatanga is a villain from the Mario Bros. Franchise. He is known as Princess Daisy's arch nemesis as he has targeted her on kidnapping missions. His only appearance was in the 1989 game, Super Mario Land, in which he kidnapped Princess Daisy and was the main villain of the game against Mario.

I agree over 100%. He should be known as the arch-rival of Princess Daisy (whom he kidnapped) & Puff-Puff Humbert (from RWJ's Your Favorite Martian). Also, Tatanga should kidnap Princess Peach & appear in 3D.

Not that interesting

He is so underrated, he needs to make another appearance, SUPER Mario LAND ANYBODY!?

25 Popple

Ok. I have to admit that Popple isn't as good as I like him. Even then, Popple should be higher on the list! Especially since, Cackletta and Bowletta are both in the top 10 even though they are both the same character! I'm happy Dimensio is number 1 though.

Popple is a really fun and uderrated mario villain. I really like how he calls himself "the shadow thief" It really shows his interesting personality and how dedicated he is to his life as a thief.

He managed to trick Bowser into thinking he was Popple's minion, that is cool

Why is Birdo above him?

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