Best Team Fortress 2 Classes

Team Fortress 2 is a popular class-based FPS. Which class do you like the most?
The Top Ten
1 Scout

A smug, annoying kid from Boston, he is the fastest class in TF2 and the only one capable of double jumping. He is equipped with a scattergun that does more damage up close than far away and is very fast at both firing and reloading, an overpowered pistol, and a baseball bat because who doesn't love bashing your enemy's brains out with a piece of sports equipment? To top it all off, the Scout has the funniest taunts in the game. No class comes close to how hilarious this guy is.

However, he does possess some disadvantages: his low health and that he is useless at taking down sentries but can run past.

2 Pyro

An insane, mute pyromaniac from parts unknown, little is known about this fire-loving individual. All we know is that he loves to burn enemies to a crisp. His flamethrower makes him the deadliest class at close range, and even if you get set on fire but manage to escape, don't be glad. You can still die from the afterburn.

You might think you're safe from a distance, but don't be, because with his flare gun, he can set you on fire from far away. This monster's only minor weakness is his lack of ranged weapons, only possessing a shotgun, flare gun, and scorch shot. Plus, the ones that can set you on fire (flare gun and scorch shot) require some accuracy to use, so bad luck if you're terrible at aiming.

3 Soldier

Most classes in Team Fortress 2 have a significant downside. The Scout cannot effectively deal with sentries and suffers from a lack of range. The Pyro has the second-lowest primary Damage Per Second (DPS) and is generally weaker in direct combat.

The Demoman struggles in close combat and at long range, while the Demoknight can be easily stopped or picked off. The Heavy is slow and often becomes a primary target. The Engineer's sentry can be circumvented, allowing any projectile weapon to destroy it from around a corner. In direct combat, the Engineer is mostly an inferior Scout.

The Medic has limited options for combat when facing power classes. The Sniper is usually easily defeated by a decent player up close. The Spy's greatest enemy is a constantly aware team, and even without that, he is not difficult to eliminate upon discovery. The Soldier, however, has no real crippling flaws and is never truly deadweight in any situation.

He is the dominant combat class through and through. For proficient rocket jumpers, the Soldier is potentially the quickest class in the game and can efficiently take out sentries. The cold truth is that the Soldier is not necessarily the best in every situation, but he is never the worst, and sometimes, he is the best.

4 Demoman

A black, Scottish cyclops with a drinking problem, the Demoman is one of the most strategic and tactical classes in the game. His grenades can go into places where other teammates cannot reach. Sticky bombs can stick to any surface and can be detonated with a simple right-click of your mouse.

And to top it all off, the Demoman has the best melee weapons in the game for frontal combat. He possesses huge swords like the Eyelander or Persian Persuader that have a large melee range and are capable of beheading enemies with a couple of swings. The game even keeps track of how many heads you've chopped off. With every head you chop off, your health and speed increase.

5 Spy

Hailing from France, the Spy is hard to master, but once you have mastered him, you can take out the whole enemy team. The Spy can turn invisible, destroy Engineer buildings with his sapper, wield the most powerful revolver in the TF2 universe, and disguise as any class on the enemy team. Nothing beats backstabbing an unsuspecting enemy who thinks you're a teammate with your trusty knife.

However, the Spy does have his disadvantages. He has low health, is bad at frontal combat, Pyros are the bane of his existence, and once you have been spotted by any enemy, you are basically dead.

6 Engineer

A gentle Texan, the Engineer can build four types of buildings: a dispenser that provides health and ammo, teleporters (one for the entrance and one for the exit), and sentries, the most powerful weapon in the game - even more powerful than the Heavy's minigun. You can upgrade your buildings to the maximum level of three with your wrench until they are fully complete. The wrench can also be used as an offensive weapon. He is also equipped with a shotgun and a pistol.

However, he does have disadvantages. He has low health, it takes him a long time to put up his buildings, and once your buildings are gone, you are left with only your shotgun, pistol, and wrench - not very impressive compared to other classes.

7 Medic

Medic is overpowered. If you have a brain, or at least have played the game, you should know that this is a bad list. The Medic is the best for healing, and the Ubercharge is really overpowered, letting you destroy anything and everything.

If your team doesn't have a Medic, and your opponents do, you will have a big chance of losing. Why is Scout number one? He should be between two and four. Pyro, statistically speaking, is trash, and the competitive community/Valve knows this.

Valve is going to buff him a lot. Soldier and Demoman should be higher, as they are good for pushing with their explosives and jumping. Sniper can be second if you are landing those headshots, but if not, then he is almost impossible to use effectively.

Engineer and Spy are good, but not as good as the others above. Never mind, the Engineer is really good in some cases, like the dispenser, sentries (against Scout), teleporters, and even some of his weapons are overpowered, but that doesn't make him the best. Also, Heavy needs significant buffs too. I bet the experienced to pro players can back me up when I say if you have no Medic and the other team has one, you will lose.

8 Sniper

He is one of the easiest-to-master classes. You can choose from a wide variety of sniper rifles - from a sniper from an Arabian bazaar, to an illegal bolt-action rifle for the military, and of course, the good old Hitman's Heatmaker. Up close, you are also one of the team's keys, with your Jarate and your Bushwacka, one-hitting most classes and two-hitting others.

Or you could assault with your Cleaner's Carbine, killing one man then massacring the others with critical hits. Or you could be one of those braver and bolder Snipers, hacking away at enemies with your Shahanshah or Kukri, wiping out the entire team at one time.

9 Heavy

A big, buff Russian man, the Heavy is the strongest class in Team Fortress 2. His massive minigun is the most powerful weapon in the game (excluding sentries), and he has the highest health out of any class (300). He also has a choice between a shotgun and the almighty SANDVICH, which is basically a portable health kit.

For melee, he uses just his bare fists, meaning you can literally punch an enemy to death. Also, his stupid-sounding Russian accent and the fact he calls his fellow teammates BABIES makes him hilarious. However, he does have his downsides. He is very slow, the slowest class, so often gets targeted by snipers. You can unlock items like the Gloves of Running Urgently that increase your speed by 30%.