Best Yoshi Colors

What is the best color of Yoshi? Let's get your votes and find out!
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1 Green Yoshi

Green Yoshi leads my Yoshi plush clan! I love him so much; he is sitting next to me now! Actually, I have two Green Yoshis with me. Here's some information about his personality. He loves cheese. Did you do that, Nabbit? "Nabbit likes cheese! Do you like cheese?" Okay, so Nabbit did that. Green Yoshi also likes cherries. If you thought those thing-a-majigs were apples, YOU'RE WRONG! Tart cherries look exactly like them! There isn't much information about Green Yoshi, so yeah.

Green yoshi is the best! Even though he not my favourite colour he's marios 2nd sidekick and I'm ubsesed with him! He's playful and happy. I like red and blue yoshi, but green number 1!

Yoshi is easily the best Nintendo character, even though people don't usually notice him as much as other characters.

2 Black Yoshi

A yoshi with more eclectic tastes than the others, he enjoys peppers.

Why did you remove this guy Nintendo?
That was my Yoshi alt of choice!

BOI. I love him. He is a dawg and the evil assassinator kind of guy.

3 Blue Yoshi

He is as blue as the nigh sky and can eat bombs no doubt the best yoshi to ever been.

He is easly the best! He can fly in Super Mario World and he looks the best too! Love him!

Blue Yoshi is my favorite Mario character!

4 Red Yoshi

Red is my favorite color! If I had to pick a second, it'd be Orange Yoshi.

My favorite Yoshi color.

Red yoshi is awesome

5 Yellow Yoshi

My favorite color and my favorite yoshi! this SHOULD really be 1 because this yoshi is ready for anything even to defeat bowser himself!

This is BY FAR my favorite Yoshi... AND I don't even like yellow. Just the combination of the colors + the Yoshi skin is just AMAZING

Do you want to see Mrs. Pac-Man ride a Yellow Yoshi?

6 Orange Yoshi

I win Mario kart races with him every time!

Orange is my favorite color, so of course I would want an Orange Yoshi, would seem very vibrant against green grass

So rare it passes green just barely.

7 Light Blue Yoshi

Light blue, or cyan Yoshi, as I call him, is the best because I say so!

I play as this color Yoshi in Smash, so it's gonna be my favorite. Any problems?

I have a plush of Light Blue Yoshi! We want Light Blue Yoshi!

Our favorite Yoshi which is so underrated.

8 White Yoshi

Looks a bit weird

This was my favorite Yoshi color growing up when I played Yoshi's Story for the Nintendo 64

9 Purple Yoshi

Such an underrated yoshi!

Also, Purple Yoshi, Blaze the Cat, Spyro the Dragon & Pinky the pink ghost would make a perfect love score.

Also, screw Sonic & Mega Man characters uniting! They shouldn't unite anyways. The Eggman & Wily duo sucks & is overrated! We hate Sonic & Mega Man so much! We strongly prefer "Sonic & Pac-Man/Mario & Mega Man: Worlds Collide" on Archie Comics! Also, there should not be Sonic & Mega Man crossovers in the first place! No! Please don't make us like that combination! Pac-Man should be on Archie Comics.

I love purple. He I said not a sidekick

10 Pink Yoshi

They are really cool

The Contenders
11 Brown Yoshi

You might be like "This gotta be fake! " But before Yoshi Touch and Go, Orange Was Taken place of Brown. But Orange was in the Japanese Version of SMW2:YI However, It was keeped brown in the Nintendo Power issue. And It's only (Somewhat) minor role in Paper Mario. As the chief Yoshi's possible friend, He has gold bracelets. He also apperared in Game and Watch Gallery 2 in the Modern version of Vermin. This obscure yoshi makes him the 9th color of yoshi's. Making a total of 11 different Colors of the Race of Yoshi. (13 if you count Boshi's Indigo-Like and The Baby Yoshi in New Super Mario Bros.U. )

I honestly find Brown Yoshi really Underrated. Come on Nintendo, give us back Brown Yoshi.

I actually want both brown and orange Yoshis to co-exist, because they're both quite common.

12 Rainbow Yoshi

I wish this was a real Yoshi color. Would be awesome.

Yoshi is all covered in rainbow!

Is this even a real Yoshi?

13 Lime Green Yoshi

Lime is my favorite color, it is so vibrant and colorful, too bad Nintendo did not make this yoshi color, if they did, that would be SICK

14 Gold Yoshi

Gold is precious

15 Teal Yoshi

The yoshi I would ride

16 Magenta Yoshi
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