Top 10 Best Sims 3 Worlds

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1 Bridgeport

I really love Bridgeport. It offers a wide range of activities to do with your sim. Not only is it a city (which I think is so cool), but also you can take the underground route to get to a place quicker! Also, the little hills next to the city are an amazing idea to have where all the celebrities live. It really does separate the average sims and the famous sims!

I used to not really like Bridgeport as it used to be too busy for me, and I overlooked all the aspects it had to offer. But I've recently gotten really into it! I've played it quite frequently recently, and it has a lot to do in town. This just made me realize how unique it really is! This town is one of my favorites now!

2 Sunset Valley

Now Sunset Valley is at least in my top 3. I have played this town forever (I mean obviously since it's the base game town). The town is beautiful, and until I made a Sims 3 account and got Riverview, this was the only town I played even when I got new expansion packs with their own towns.

I have played so many families in this town to a very far and vast point in their family tree and know every single pre-made townie by heart. This one is amazing!

I love Sunset Valley! I almost use this town in every family. I think they have one of the best houses there, and I recommend you to try Sunset Valley. But, once in a while, you can't really do anything, so maybe try the others too if you use this town too much.

3 Riverview

I love the feel this town has to offer! It's very nostalgic and looks beautiful! Love the river running through it and the whole sleepy town aspect of it.

This is my favorite. It's beautiful, suburban, and it has a lot of Sims. So, if you go to any community lot, there will always be a Sim there.

I really enjoyed this neighborhood. It was more beautiful than Sunset Valley in my opinion.

4 Moonlight Falls

My favorite part of Moonlight Falls is the supernatural feel it has. It feels like a fantasy world, and I love starting human sims there and seeing what supernatural they marry or even marrying a fellow human and seeing what supernatural their kids develop into. I have played this town quite a few times and love it!

It is exactly what I'm looking for in a town. Apart from beautiful scenery and a mystic feel, it runs really smooth (unlike Glitchport). And it has a ton of empty space to place all the lots you want. Superb town.

5 Twinbrook

This was the first town I played in. It's not only really nostalgic for me, but it provides a different feeling than the other towns. While Riverview, Sunset Valley and the like are all lush, green, and beautiful, Twinbrook is sort of a sickly green color. It's definitely different and definitely welcome. Love it!

I only recently got my hands on this pack. It's a great world with tons of opportunities. The only thing I would change is the amount of starter homes. I'm sure there's only 1 starter home on normal grassland, but you can only get it unfurnished. Other than that, it's a beautiful world, especially with shaders.

6 Lucky Palms

Ever since I played The Sims 2 with that Strangeville neighborhood, I've loved the idea of a desert-style neighborhood in TS3. Lucky Palms provides just that. Adding also that it's fully compatible with all of the expansions, it's a total jackpot for me (no pun intended).

I don't have it, but I watch YouTubers playing in it.

It's great for raising a family, and all the Sims are so interesting.

7 Isla Paradiso

For the last 5 expansions (Showtime, Supernatural, Seasons, University Life, Island Paradise, Into The Future), Island Paradise is my favorite. Only bugs to be expected. I suggest you DON'T play if you have, for example, adults and kids because switching takes a lot of time, as well as you can experience bugs.

I love Isla Paradiso, but it has horrible routing issues if you want to play as an architect! If a client's house is on an island, the game makes you go back to the mainland for almost every client interaction. It wastes hours each renovation.

8 Lunar Lakes

Easily one of the most original and hauntingly beautiful settings, with the most unique take on the classic characters. Aesthetically stunning, from the flora to the architecture and interior decor.

Easily the most imaginative of the worlds, with the aesthetic seeming to draw inspiration from the cult sci-fi classic Fantastic Planet. Gorgeous, haunting, and endlessly fun to play in.

I'm not into sci-fi stuff, but dear lord, I love the aesthetic of the little mountain houses. This is my all-time favorite world.

9 Appaloosa Plains

I've had Appaloosa Plains for a while, and it isn't my number-one pick, but it is still pretty good. I like the never-ending fall aspect of it and all the things around town for pets to do. It feels just right for a sim who wants to train their horse and compete in competitions or for someone who just wants to live a laid-back life and keep lots of pets.

I love the whole western and country style. It's nice to get a big plot of land on the outskirts of town and turn it into a farm. But there's always the possibility of getting a smaller plot of land in a cute neighborhood, and have a regular house. It's a cute neighborhood, it looks cozy, warm, and friendly.

10 Dragon Valley

I actually like certain towns depending on the career path for my Sims, but Dragon Valley...I love this town. It is big, beautiful, and so unique. There are a lot of empty lots, and a lot of large ones.

My favorite used to be Isla Paradiso, but there are lag issues. Not so much after reading some articles and learning what to fix. I also love Monte Vista. But for play, Dragon Valley. For resort mogul, Isla Paradiso. For the culinary arts, Monte Vista or Bridgeport. Nectary owner, Riverview.

Different towns cater better to different careers. But if you love to build (as I do), I tend to go to the towns that have either a lot of empty lots or have enough space and decent land to place lots. Lucky Palms is great for building, as are Sunset Valley or Appaloosa Plains.

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11 Midnight Hollow

Amazing spooky ambiance in this world. The Victorian houses are just incredible and perfect for my games. There's just so much to say about this world and SO much included with it. The trees, the roof accents, the awesome re-done rabbit holes. I didn't realize that they could/would put out a world with this much content.

Everything there looks like a vintage Victorian oil painting.

It's a very dangerous city, my friend!

12 Hidden Springs

Hidden Springs is actually really cute. I've played it for so long and loved every bit of it. There's something magical about the place for your sims. If you aim on having a gardening sim or fishing etc., I suggest living there in the rural part, it's much more fantasy-like.

The Fountain is actually not placed in the city, but I love the fairy-tale feeling the rural parts have, as well as the strikingly beautiful spa and the smaller number of inhabitants that works well with older computers.

One of the newer towns that I have, and I have played in it quite a lot. The beautiful mountains and the dark grass do it for me! I also love the lots like the spa, the pool, or the central park!

13 Roaring Heights

Wonderful town. I think it's better than Bridgeport. It has a lot to do, interesting Sims, and an amazing vibe.

I just downloaded that town, and it's really, really cool!

I love to make millionaires in this town.

14 Sunlit Tides

This is literal paradise, next to Isla Paradiso.

15 Monte Vista

Just got this world, and I absolutely love it so much. It has lovely scenery and landscaping. Also, I just moved the Capp family from Roaring Heights into Monte Vista, right next door to the Monty family. Things are going to get real!

16 Starlight Shores

This is my absolute favorite town because it has so much to offer, like the fact that half the houses have that Spanish villa feel to them, and then there are all the modern mansions!

The thing I love about Starlight Shores is that you can get gigs there if you want your Sim to become famous. It's the perfect place for houses by the ocean.

I think Starlight Shores has the best houses and has a very glamorous feeling to it.

17 Aurora Skies

A gorgeous Iceland-inspired town with nature completely different from other towns.

This looks like a modern and new city. I like it!

I am Swedish, so this town felt like home, especially the buildings.

18 Sims University

I love playing in University. The town has beautiful hills, and it's a really nice-looking town. It has a lot to do.

I love the university feel to it. Although, I do wish it were a bigger university.

19 Barnacle Bay

The not-so-tiny island might have to be my favorite. You can walk around being a pirate without any Sim judging you.

20 Oasis Landing

I love the skyline. I always imagined it to be a futuristic Bridgeport.

21 Champs Les Sims

Possibly my favorite. I wish Sims could live in the World Adventures towns, and we could play the premade families there. Oh well. France (Champs Les Sims) is massive and so detailed. I love the ambiance it has.

We love living here. It has the best scenery, and we are so happy here.

22 Al Simhara
23 Shang Simla
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