Top 10 Worst Things About Pokemon DS Games

There are some things in Pokemon DS games that makes you want to throw your DS.
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1 Some Pokemon require trading to evolve

Most of these make sense, but this is just annoying, it's so hard to use Pokemon like Abra or Onix because of this, you NEED a friend who also plays the same game.

I think gamefreak does this so we will buy the game for our friends. I guess I can't get mad that they are trying to make money but it is annoying

I always wanted a Gengar. To bad you must trade Haunter to evolve it.

2 Event Pokemon

I have been playing Pokemon for 16 years and I STILL don't have a mew... enough said

3 You can't go anywhere until you beat the Elite Four

You can venture out at ten years old to capture and enslave wild animals that breathe fire and can literally destroy the universe, you can never stop to sleep or change your clothing, and you have virtually no freedom at all in your life until you defeat the dang 'Champion' as his team of six dragons that could probably kill a normal animal. All this while forcing animals to beat the poop out of each other just for the purpose of you becoming the very best. And yet, mom is proud.

It's so annoying its like there is no choice even if it looks like a free roaming game! And why are the legendaries always after the elite four? I don't know! I can't play for thousands of hours just to get the Pokemon on the cover! Why don't they appear in caves or something a specific place which is hard to get! I won't hack it and get em cause inside I know its fake even if I cover all the tracks so please Pokémon! Let legendaries be in hard to get places not behind the elite four!

4 You have to get a DS

I agree with the below poster. Nintendo is trying to make money, and I'm fine with that. I don't think they need any more money, though. Even if they lost 250,000,000$ each year, Nintendo would still have enough money to keep producing new products until the year 2052.

Well, the technology keeps improving, and Nintendo uses this to their advantage, as in order to play the game, you need to buy one of their consoles as well as the actual game.

I agree. I had to spend a clean $200 to get it. what couldn't they just made it a ds game? Gamefreak gets plenty of money for selling the games alone, why do they feel the need to charge us to get a 3ds as well?

5 Legendary Pokemon

I love legendary pokemon but there so ANNOYING! First some reqires something for them to appear. Most legendarys will apear after you beat the game. Well at least some appear before that. But its ANNOYING! Second you have to go through a maze to find the legendary pokemon. And finally when you encounter it you are stuck trying to catch it for HOURS! And you made it faint on accident. Yes that's how annoying legendarys can be.

I am not willing to spend hours of gameplay just to get the pokemon on the cover of the game; put it in the tall grass!

Legendaries love me, for some reason. Once I caught Mewtwo with about 3-4 Ultra Balls.

6 Rare Pokemon

The people that can't find 'rare' Pokemon are NOOBS and they shouldn't even play if they can't figure out how to hack. I play pirated copies of Pokemon games and BAM, shinies and rare Pokemon everywhere.

I found a shiny Jigglypuff in my first time shiny hunting with a Poke Radar. Not that hard, actually.

I finally get a rare pokemon with its wort nature!

7 Trainers who stand still

There are ones who turns around, and those who walk around, and the most annoying are those who STAND STIL! You have to battle with them. It's SO ANNOYING!

My Pokemon are all dead except for one
Oh man there's another trainer

8 Hm moves can't be forgotten

This is SO annoying. My Gyarados was about to learn hyper beam when I forgot that it had surf, dive, waterfall, and strength.

9 You keep encountering the same Pokemon on any grass

Two words for you: Max Repels.

10 Fighting a trainer's Ditto with your Ditto
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11 Catching a useless Pokemon

Well, then don't catch the Metapod or whatever. Simple.

Say if you caught metapod and it only use harden WEAK!

12 Battling an annoying Pokemon

Example for all you people who battle whintey in pokemon heart gold and soul silver she has an annoying miltank which keeps healing itsself and rolls you over like a steam roller. That's ANNOYING!

I agree that Miltank is very annoying, but please don't use profanity.

Seel and Dewgong are so ANNOYING!
They use rest and restores HP. Then they wake up at half HP and use rest again!

13 You can't catch starters in the wild

All I need to complete the pokedex in white 2 are Tepig and Emboar. No one uses them in-game, gts is full of retards so its impossible to trade, I just want the damn shiny Haxorus!

Maybe they found their eggs and wait to hatch it and gave them to new trainer?

Sometimes, Ash has ALL of the starters and it's unfair!

14 Status effects

Say your in a battle with a Pokemon and BAM paralyzed! Sleep! Poison! Burn! Confuse Ray! Sure you could reach in your bag and pull out a status healer... But no. The moment you do this happens. You're turn is wasted and what happens next? Slowpoke used confusion. YOUR CONFUSED AGAIN! It's like a never-ending cycle of frustration!

15 Unable to run away from a wild encounter

Couldn't get away! Uses Slash! Gets you to 2/3 of your HP. Couldn't get away! Uses another attack! Gets you into the red zone. RUN! Couldn't get away! Knocks out your lead Pokemon. Use Next Pokemon? RUN! Couldn't get away! Send in a Pokemon of the same level. Got away safely! >:O
I know it has to do with your Pokemon's speed, but I keep ending up wasting Revives because of being locked in an encounter with a Bug type! >:(

This was literally the reason I put my game down and never touched it again. Running away should be completely voluntary. The game is tedious enough.

I feel your pain bro!

16 Victory Road

Why is there a victory road anyways? It's stupid!

17 Move spamming
18 The Elite Four and Champion

I just don't like the fact that nobody ever remembers that you beat the champion. So your left battling in circles.

Nobody even knows you're the champion, so they just call you to tell you how much they love shorts.

19 Swarms

Swarms are good, I don't know what's wrong with them.

20 To know how and when a Pokemon evolve in Pokedex!?

When you catch a Pokemon shouldn't it have a "This Pokemon evoves at (27 or by a water stone) so you don't have to go on the internent! And so your not stuck leveling up your Pokemon to find out all you needed was a stone.. *grumble*

21 More Eeveelutions

We have Jolteon, Flareon, Vaporeon, Umbreon, Espeon, Glaceon, Leafeon, and Sylveon. Why does there have to be new Eeveeloutions after one or two generations? I swear to dear heaven, if there is another one named Steameon, I AM GOING TO KILL Nintendo.

Three words: Eevee is overrated.

22 Youngster Joey and his Rattata
23 Running out of money after you beat the game (and collected every item)
24 Trainers battle while you're trying to save the world in Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire
25 Waiting for summer to catch Victini

I hate this event. I was playing Black at the time that the Victini event happened, and I went to the island without the pass (some kind of glitch, keep in mind I don't hack)
And I walked into the room where Victini is supposed to be... Lo and behold, no Victini for me.

I hate that event so much.

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