Top Ten Soundtracks in the Quest for Glory Series

A few days ago Mage's Initiation: Reign of the Elements was released on Steam and I surely am excited to try this game out. As a huge fan of the Quest For Glory series I surely was looking forwad to this. I will now be looking at the best soundtracks found in the game series overall. Here's the list!
The Top Ten
1 En Route to Ad Avis

Yay, the best song ever! This might not only be the best soundtrack found in the entire series, but may be one of my favourite video game soundtracks of all time! It's up there with masterpieces like Erana's Peace, Mountaintop Secrets, Buoy Base Galaxy, Dreamy Somnon Labyrinth, etc. This might be one of the most epic songs I have ever heard in my life. It has such an adventurous theme and heroic feel, you just can't help but live in another world while listening to it. It's one of the most inspiring, adventurous, epic and somewhat emotional soundtracks I've ever heard in my entire life! The fact that this is played near the end of the game where you must save the world emphasizes the epincess even more honestly. It's above perfect for a soundtrack

2 Erana's Peace

Hands down one of the calmest songs in the series! It's hands down one of the calmest and most emotional video game soundtracks I've ever heard it could be compared to Mountaintop Secrets and Dreamy Somnon Labyrinth! It's that good! Just google it up and listen to it now! It will be one of your best experiences ever! One of the all-time calmest video game tunes and best I've ever heard! Ok, sorry if I sound a bit too excited but this song just is that good. How ironic this is the only song from the first game in the series on the list, and the fact that it's so high up

3 World Gate

This surely is quite an epic theme in my opinion and may be the only excellent soundtrack found in the third game. As this is the soundtrack played during the end where you must save the world (once agian). I won't say fro mwho because it will be major spoilers then. I my opinion it's the best endgame soundtrack in the series (excluding the thief endgame of the second one which is En Route to Ad Avis and is one of my favourite songs of all time). Ironically the game itself has the weakest soundtrack of the four. Compared to the rest though, the first one didn't really have one, the second one (the fighter and wizard one, AKA the standard one) had great but no where near as good as the thief one, the fourth one had quite an unmemorable one. This one is quite epic though and gives you an epic feel of saving the world

4 Battle With Ad Avis

The final "boss" battle of the game surely knows how to have a good soundtrack! It's not nearly as epic as en route to ad avis but surely quite an awesome song as well. Ad Avis is my favourite video game character of all time and this song just shows his greed and how he is close to succed in world domination. This song deserves to be high up on the list

5 Necrotaur Battle

The necrotaur as an enemy is quite good, but lacks interesting aspects, as it mostly just is a bull zombie. If it weren't for the amazing music played during the battle this monster wouldn't be in the top three of my ranking of favourite monsters in this particular game. Good gods is this soundtrack amazing! Hands down the best music in the game! It's very epic and awesome to listen to and just impossible to hate. You can't deny how epic the song is!

6 Hotel Mordavia

Truly an awesome theme! It definitely deserves to be in the top three! This song truly makes you feel like you're in a hotel far away in a slavic country, possibly in Romania or Moldova, I mean Mordavia is clearly taken from Moldova and the spooky setting feels like Transylvania. I love this song

7 Battle Theme I

Who would've thought that the first battle theme would've been the best one in this game? Not only that but it's in the top two! It's played during the weakest enemies in the game (of each area, I mean Crocs are way easier than Apemen) but gives quite a cool and adventurous theme of fighting inside of you. This song surely deserves top two

8 Dr. Cranium Hallway

Such a nice and calm song that really makes you think and try to solve puzzles. That fits because in the room this plays you must solve some puzzles to get to the next room. The puzzles are very fun to complete and that's part thanks to the great soundtrack you listen to while solving them

9 Badder Battle

Second worst monster in the game, second best monster soundtrack in the game. Na nana. Nana nanA. Sorry if this is cringe but I felt like imitating the soundtrack. It's such a catchy piece of music that will get stuck in your head

10 Final Showdown

While this isn't as good as Battle With Ad Avis / En Route to Ad Avis or Demon Wizard/World Gate, it's still an awesome song I must say. It might be one of the catchier "final boss" soundtracks and surely quite cool. However it doesn't really give an epic feeling like the other three songs but rather a funny and more childishly epic feeling but it's very appreciated as well. Just going to imitate a bit. Na na na naaa. Na na na naaa. Sorry if it's cringe but I just felt like so

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