Top Ten Worst Enemies in the Quest for Glory Series

Mage's Initiation: Reign of the Elements has just been released, a video game based on the classic Quest For Glory series and man have I been hyped. It's one of my most anticipated video games of the year because I love the Quest for Glory series and this looks like a ton of fun as well. So I will be doing some epic finale lists about the Quest For Glory, basically the best enemies in the entire series. I have done the list about the best monsters in the game but now it's time for the worst ones. Here's the list!
The Top Ten
1 Vorpal Bunnies

Oh why! They are easly, and I mean easly the WOAT of the Quest For Glory series. These are the easiest enemies in the game and the worst ones as well that didn't need to be in the game! Remember Snowball from The Secret Life of Pets? Well that's basically a vorpal bunny: a bloody murderer. There's nothing that stands out about this enemy other than appearing way too often, not having any loot and overall has a boring design. Might as well be the worst enemy in the series (I have not played the fifth one though)

2 Flying Cobras

Alright now these are annoying! Pure annoyance! The WOAT of the third installment. They always show up when you're travelling in the western part of the jungle and are way too easy and lack loot. On top of that there's a 99.9% chance that you will be poisoned by it so you gotta bring poison cure pills. These are my least favourit

3 Badders

Overall quite uninteresting The first enemy you'll most likely fight in the game, as they are only found either during the night or in the dark one's cave that you start in. They're nothing too special, I mean they're just bats that can poison you but they have some pretty good soundtrack while fighting them. They are below decent but alright

4 Giant Ants

These ants are kinda underwhelming. They are the easiest monsters in the game and the first one II actually encountered as well in the game and they don't have any loot. I will give them credit for having pretty cool designs. They look very cool in my opinion

5 Dinosaurs

One of the most basic monsters in the series. The dinosaur feels plain and boring honestly. It's really just a golden dinosaur that's quite easy and your only loot is a horn that only serves a purpose if you're playing as a fighter/paladin. Otherwise horns don't serve a purpose. Not to mention how generic they are! Just a dinosaur! It would've been much better if they had maybe brought back the saurus from the first Quest For Glory instead, heck, even Terrorsauruses are better

6 Terrorsauruses

Well this dinosaur is quite a pain. I mean really heard. So these are found both during the day and night, and yet are the hardest enemy to defeat, harder than the ghoul for some reason, and very slow to beat. They have tons of attacks take forever to defeat, and even someone who has maxed out their weapon use, parry, dodge and strength skill will find tons of difficulty in this monster. They look pink for whatever reason and it really does not fit them, thankfully the remake recoloured them green. However the worst part is that they don't even drop any loot, despite being the hardest enemies in the game. The fact that they can be found during the day tells that this monster is my least favourite of the game

7 Brigands (Quest For Glory II: Trial By Fire)

Out of the two brigands in the series (in the first and second game) the second one is the much easier one and less interesting as well as they have no origin story at all, although I find them quite decent overall still. They aren't really that interesting although they're good for getting money and are overall quite decent. They're very easy, but if you're a beginner they can be slightly hard. At least they have loot

8 Revenants

It's basically zombies that dig their way to the surface and then chase you. Nothing too special and very easy. I'm not the biggest fan of these. They are quite rare though and have some decent soundtrack that give a sense of creepines. They're hands down the creepiest of the normal enemies in the game in my opinion, I mean they're zombies! I'm not a fan of them although their loot is alright

9 Mantrays

I've talked about how saurus rex don't have any loot and can outrun the player easly. The same thing applies here except they're not hard at all and barely raise your stats so fighting these are completely pointless and annoying. They can outrun you if you run horizontally as well. Now sure they're easier to avoid than saurus rex, as you can run vertically and you can outrun it, but overall it's my least favourite monster in the game. I really like the design though

10 Saurus Rexes

One of the more annoying ones in the series. These will only show up once you hit one thousand experience points and will appear both during day and night (although more often during night I guess). On top of that they are quite difficult and don't have any loot at all despite their difficulty, I mean the only harder one is the troll and they can easly outrun the player in a matter of micro-seconds. It's good for practising your skills and raising stats, and I like the design a lot, it's actually the saurus you can see on the cover of the game (EGA cover). Overall decent but I like it somewhat honestly

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