Top Ten Enemies in the Quest For Glory Series

Mage's Initiation: Reign of the Elements has just been released, a video game based on the classic Quest For Glory series and man have I been hyped. It's one of my most anticipated video games of the year because I love the Quest for Glory series and this looks like a ton of fun as well. So I will be doing some epic finale lists about the Quest For Glory, basically the best enemies in the entire series. I have done about the best boss battles yesterday so now it's time for the best enemies in the series. Here's the list!
The Top Ten
1 Trolls

Not only the best enemy in the first game, but the best in the entire series as well! While not only having badass designs, they offer some good difficulty and excellent loot. First off, the design, it looks incredible if you ask me! I love that grey colour mixed with pink eyes and bright-green teeth and blue torn off shirt. It looks excellent! They're the strongest enemies to be found in the game as well, so strong that even a maxed out player will have somewhat of a tough fight. And the loot? Well the loot is excellent! Not only will you earn anywhere from 20 to 49 silvers, you can also get his beard, which you can sell for tons of silvers! They're a night monster and only come out at night, and after you achieve one thousand experience points (which isn't that hard actually)

2 Cheetaurs

Arguably one of the coolest looking enemies in the game, the cheetaur is a centaur with the look of a panther, but yet isn't as fast as the name suggests (you can actually outrun it and the saurus rex is a lot faster), the cheetaur surely is an awesome monster! It's quite a difficult one although not that hard once you master the stats and while you don't get any money from it, you can sell the claws to get tons of silvers. The cheetaur is a night monster, but once you hit one thousand experience points, he'll appear during the days as well

3 Wyverns

Quest for Glory: Shadows of Darkness' GOAT monster is certainly the Wyvern. While they don't drop any loot at all and can poison you so that you will need poison cure pills, their design is what makes them stand out from the others. It has a beautiful golden color, and the enemy is difficult but fun. This may be seen as hypocritical as in my list about the enemies in the third entry of the series, I placed the flying cobra last despite being the same as the Wyvern technically since they are both flying monsters and can poison you, but the design is what makes this one the superior one. Not only that, but unlike Flying Cobra who would always poison you, it's much easier to dodge the poison in this game. The soundtrack played during this fight is pretty good, although there are better songs in my opinion. But the design is the best of all enemies, soundtrack is cool, and it offers some difficulty and challenge!

4 Crocs

Pherhaps some of the most underdeveloped monsters (that could work out with origins) but yet one of the best. That has to do with the fact that they still are interesting. They drop some pretty good loot as well, not olny that they're design is quite cool in my opinion. The only way to improve them is maybe by giving them a bit of bckground because honest speaking they feel a bit filler despite actually looking like they could have some background

5 Leopardmen

They are difficult but they're design and loot is excellent. These are the only one of the normal enemies that will actually use magic to attack you and not a standard weapon. I like it. That makes the leopardmen stand out from the other enemies. While they look at bit generic I really like their colours. The loot is excellent because you get tons of coins from it when you defeat it!

6 Goblins

Such a simple enemy makes it the top ten, well it certainly deserves to as well. I really like their design overall as their spooky bright-green colour offer some spookiness as it looks kinda like you can see through their bodies. However they have colourful clothes for that. They have have decent loot although it's usually only around ten silvers and it unlucky you you won't recieve any treasure at all. However they have a camp in the forest in which you can fight groupls of goblins and earn tons of silvers and that is excellent

7 Chernovys

These are pretty cool monsters! Or should I say wizards that have been mutated into "abominations". These are very awesome enemies with great loot and awesome soundtrack! I gotta talk about the soundtrack. It's quite epic and sounds a bit like heavy metal and I love that electric guitar! The chernovys are basically the leopardmen of this game as they both use magic to attack

8 Jackalmen

One of the more unique enemies from the series, but while being the best one from my favourite video game of all time, it's only an eight spot ironically. They are very unique and have cool designs, and they're the only monsters in the game that are actually fought in groups, although sometimes you can fight just one. I really like this feature as it at least offers some sort of difficulty. While only one fights you at a time, the others will attack you from behind, and you can sidekick by pressing five on the numpad and it's such an awesome feature! So while not maybe being as excellent as say trolls or wyverns, they are awesome I must say

9 Apemen

While ridicoulusly easy for being the guards of "The Lost City", apemen are decent enemies in my opinion. They may look kinda weird, I'll admit but they surely have decent loot luckily. It's especially good when you are in "The Lost City", while you can't go back there, you will be confronted by an apeman every time so you will be making some good money (even thoguh at the end of the game coins don't serve much of a purpose anymore)

10 Saurus
The Contenders
11 Scorpion
12 Demon Worms

These demon worms surely look quite awesome if you ask me. While unfortuanely they don't have any loot as they are underground monsters and when you defeat one they will go back to the ground, they're design is what makes them quite excellent. They have a beautiful red coulor that shines and they're quite difficult, may be the most difficult of the standard seven monsters

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