Top 10 Space Marines Characters from Warhammer 40k

Some of the best characters of the iconic army,from the tabletop game. They can be good for the lore or on the tabletop. Also to keep things simple only Space marines on the tabletop,so space marines like Gabriel Angelos and Uriel Ventris are unfortunately out. (Although they might appear in a future list similar to this one)
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1 Logan Grimnar (Space Wolves)

The current chapter master of the space wolves, Logan is considered in the fluff to be the greatest living warrior in the Imperium and was able to rival even his primarch.

Everyone either completely respects Logan Grimnar, or is afraid of him, Beheaded Grand Master Joros' for firing on his fleet, then beheaded Ghesmei Kysnaros. The whole inquisition is afraid of him

Has literally fueled Chaos Demon Lords and slain them.

2 Commander Dante (Blood Angels)

Dante is the current chapter master of the Blood Angels and the oldest living space marine (that isn't a dreadnought or a Chaos marine) still living in the Imperium, not many people know how old Dante actually is. In the lore it's said their was a prophecy that a golden warrior would protect the Emperor on his thrown, Dante believes he is the warrior and the determination he has will make sure the prophecy comes ture.

3 Mephiston (Blood Angels)

Mephiston is the cheif librarian of the Blood Angels chapter and is one of the most powerful psykers in the Imperium. Mephiston is mostly well known for being the first Blood Angel to overcome the red thirst )which has plagued the chapter since it's creation) but not only that he came back stronger than ever and was reborn in the Lord of Death we known today.

Awesome. Totally not being prejudiced as a blood angels player.

This man is literally so angry, he is actually serene.

4 Grimaldus (Black Templars)

I've dug my grave in this place and I will either triumph or I will die. Stopped a Princeps from dying, kills an ork boss with one strike, threatens a warlord titen priceps in her own warlord titan (imperator class) - etc. etc.

5 Bjorn the Fell Handed (Space Wolves)

Bjorn is a dreadnought of the Space wolves and the single oldest loyalist Space marine still alive. He has served since before the Horus Heresy, and after the disappearance of Leman Russ he became the first Great wolf (A equivalent of a chapter master) until he was greatly injured in battle. Nowadays he is often awaken to tell the stories of the past, mostly about Leman Russ.

Oldest living Legionnaire, who fought by the side of Russ and helped shape the history of the Imperium

6 Vulkan He'stan (Salamanders)

Vulkan He'stan is the forefather of the Salamanders chapter. Part of his duty is to seek the artifacts his primarch Vulkan left behind. He still seeks four of the nine objects that were left and is determined to find them. On the tabletop he is a good choice to lead Space Marine armies.

One of the noble Salamanders, how can you not choose him?

7 Abbadon the Despoiler
8 Ezekiel (Dark Angels)

The grand master of librarians of the Dark Angels chapter, he holds the titles of holder of the keys and Keeper of the Book of salvation.

9 Inquisitor Gregor Eisenhorn
10 Gabriel Seth (Flesh Tearers)

The current and possibly last chapter master of the infamous Flesh Tearers chapter. Since the Flesh Tearers numbers are dwindling since they get affected by the black rage more than other Blood Angels successors, Gabriel decided of instead of finding a cure for the flaw they will fight on with their savage brutality in hopes of the chapter being remembered not as monster but as the honorable heroes they once were. So far this tatic has been working.

He just looks so cool. To be honest that sounds like a weak reason to vote for him

The Contenders
11 Gabriel Angelos (Blood Ravens)
12 Captain Titus
13 Kor'Sarno Khan (White Scars)

Kor'Sarno is the captain of the White Scars 3rd company and master of the hunt. He is what you would get is Genghis Khan rode a motorcycle into battle.

14 Supreme Grand Master Azrael (Dark Angels)
15 Ortan Cassius (Ultramarines/Deathwatch)

Cassius is the Master of Sancity and head Chaplin of the Ultramarines and currently serving in the Deathwatch. He made his name in the first Tyrannic war when he attempted to save the northern polar fortress after the 1st company were utterly annialted by the Tyranids. This didn't go well as he nearly crushed to death by a rampaging Carnifex, but he was rebuilt by Apothecaries and had grown a deep hatred for Tyranids. He had become so good a killing the xenos he was inducted to the Deathwatch for his skills. Cassius is also notable for being one of the few Ultramarine characters who isn't written as a Mary Sue.

16 Kharn the Betrayer (World Eaters)
17 Fabius Bile (Emperor's Children / The Consortium)
18 Ragnar Blackmane (Space Wolves)

The Young Wolf King, greatest Space Wolf since Russ himself.

19 Imperial Knight Warden
20 Castellan Crowe (Grey Knights)
21 Lord High Admiral Spire
22 Lieutenant Tolmeron (Blood Angels)
23 Astorath the Grim
24 Primus Eidolon (Emperor's Children)

Got head cut off by Fulgrim - survived
Got acid bombed, even his power armour started to melt - survived
Fell from Imperial Palace walls - survived
Best cynical prick in a Galaxy
Able to scream like a little girl and force flesh of his enemies to rip off
Uses Big Hammer

25 Lucius the Eternal (Emperor's Children)
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