Top 10 Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Units

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator (TABS) is a game that combines humor, strategy, and bizarre physics to create a battle experience like no other. As you dive into this world, you'll be met with an array of unique and fascinating units that are more than just virtual soldiers. Each unit in TABS brings its own set of skills, weapons, and quirks to the battlefield, and it's up to you to figure out how to use them effectively.

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator units are the heart and soul of the game, ranging from historical warriors like knights and samurai to fantastical creatures like giant mammoths and even dark peasants. But don't let their odd appearances fool you! Understanding the nuances of each unit is key to victory, and mastering their abilities can turn the tide of any battle.

In TABS, the quality of a unit isn't solely based on how strong or fast it is. Instead, a unit's effectiveness is determined by how well it fits into your overall strategy and counters the enemy's units. For example, archers might be ideal for taking out slow-moving targets from a distance, while melee units with shields might be the perfect counter for those pesky archers. Understanding the synergy between different units, recognizing when to use a particular type, and adapting to the ever-changing battlefield are vital skills for any successful TABS commander.

Vote for the units you think deserve to be at the top of this list. It's a collaborative effort that helps shed light on the favorites among players, reflecting a shared understanding of what makes a unit truly great.

But remember, in the end, it's not just about the individual units themselves. It's about how you, as the player, learn to combine them, balance their strengths and weaknesses, and creatively adapt to each new challenge. That's what makes Totally Accurate Battle Simulator such a unique and engaging game.
The Top Ten
1 Ninja Master

Where do I start? The ninja master goes ham on ninja stars regardless of anything! In fact, I believe it could take down 50 samurai!

Best unit ever. Literally, it is impossible for anything melee to stop him. Even most rented units can't stop him.

2 Catapult (Alpha)

This thing can be used as a bowling tool for peasants. Unfortunately, you don't get any straight lines of any unit, but still a line good enough to bowl with. Sure, otherwise it has horrible accuracy, but if it DOES succeed, it demolishes everything.

Basically the ballista, but with more limits.

3 Viking (Alpha)

I think that these things are overrated, but they are still pretty OP. If Samurai counter the Chicken Man Man, and Vikings counter Samurais, Vikings could probably destroy the Chicken Man Man. They are really fast as well.

Very powerful unit for its cost: 60.

4 Ballista (Alpha)

It basically one-shots everything. It fires in a perfectly straight line. The projectile it launches goes forever. And, it's only like 1.5k.

If you have seen what these do, you'll know what I mean.

5 Trump

Yes, they actually added Trump, and it is actually number five. He can throw a weird... ball or something that rises a wall blocking every attack for as long as that wall lasts (unless a unit becomes a troll and goes around the wall). He also has machine guns.

I hate to say this, but he's good. He can build a wall to stop ninja stars.

If I get the game, I will use him. He sounds pretty good.

6 Boxer (Alpha)

Well, he did win a tournament by Pungence in update 0.1.3 back in the Pre-Alpha. He deserves this high a spot if he can do that.

Won a tournament. Clearly good.

7 Dark Peasant

Can anyone tell me why this is in number 9? It can beat any unit, and also how is the boxer higher up than the dark peasant? It can destroy any unit at any time and anywhere. And plus, in the new closed alpha, it can fly and can use telekinesis and kills almost any unit because of that, so that is my opinion on the matter. If you have your own opinion, then have fun with your unit.

It's the most OP unit I've ever seen in the game, and it can defeat every single other character in the game put together.

Dark peasant is so cool, and I want a weaker variation but costs 900. I'm thinking shadow peasant would be pretty cool.

8 Gunslinger

I am not sure if this is what Trump was "in disguise," or if he was the musket. But overall, I think the gunner, other than the musket, is probably in the game, and could wreck face.

9 Ninja (Alpha)

Before you say he was already on the list, this is the NORMAL ninja, not the master. I can't remember what this version does, but I do remember how cool it is.

Basically a really nerfed ninja master. Need something cheap, but need to take out an army of halflings? This is your guy.

10 Cannon Crew (Alpha)

I don't know anything about cannon crew, but it sounds amazing. Like a bunch of cannons.

And no, this is not because of the fact that the cannonballs explode. They are just overpowered on their own. :D

The Contenders
11 Super Peasant (Alpha)

A flying wrestler, basically. Do not let the way I referred to him as fool you. Check him out!

It's basically a living, high-speed, hard-hitting projectile.

Perfect for almost everything. Super OP.

12 Artemis

She is in the new version without mods.

Shoots fast, durable, long-ranged, high damage, not too expensive.

13 Ice Giant

This thing is OP as hell. Expensive, but OP.

14 Shield (Alpha)

In Japan, over 20 Hwachas can't beat ONE of these guys. Enough said. Also, I will tell placement in my opinion when more units are added.

15 Pirate Queen

This girl is going to destroy almost everything. That overpowered move is going to kill the Reaper. I'm not joking. It can kill it. It's amazing.

She destroys almost anything with her grenade-throwing attack.

16 Ullr

He is a god, literally in Norse mythology and TABS. He also doesn't cost much. Best unit ever!

17 Axe (Alpha)
18 Jester

I understand that this thing isn't in the game at the time this was added, but come on. A unit that DODGES ATTACKS?

I'm pretty much a Jester in real life. Isn't good for my health though, 'cause I can't dodge attacks.

19 Samurai (Alpha)

Samurai? Where is he? He goes faster every time he hits something, making him hard to hit.

20 Cavalry

It is a CavalryKnight on a horse in the new version, just last update, not mods. The CavalryKnight is as strong as Knight, but what makes him overpowered is his horse. Not joking, the horse can literally beat a mammoth, probably even strong enough to beat a Samurai Giant. The horse can beat a Minotaur and Knight in one charge.

21 Zeus
22 Spearman (Alpha)
23 Beamer

This dude can flat out snipe nearly anything. Enough said.

24 M16 (Alpha)
25 Minotaur
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