Top Ten Minecraft Myths

From Herobrine to cheats, here are the top ten most interesting Minecraft myths.
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1 Herobrine

"I need help."

"Do you remember playing during the golden age of Minecraft?"

"If so, do you remember the man you were greeted by every now and then.

""The one who was as black as night itself."

"Do not take this monster lightly."

"I am trapped."

"You can blame him."

"I'm sure you've heard of stories about me. How I tortured innocent players?"

"Every single of them is FALSE."

"I am feared upon being a very evil entity."

"But I'm not! I'm one of the good guys!"

"That man you've seen before."

"He is different."

"HE is evil."

"Please tell everyone that I am trapped."

"Maybe they have a solution!"

"If you don't help, however..."

"Well then it's HIS game now."


One day in my survival world I was just going on a walk later random lighting just spawns out of nowhere I put on my herobrine skin on for safety I then see man made structures. The structures was not made by me. There was a lot of trees without leaves, 2x2 tunnels in MY cave, and perfect pyramids in the middle of the ocean. As I make it back to land I see a default steve skin with no eye pupils. I try to get a closer look. As I see him I put in the chat HEROBRINE?! He just one shot killed me. I respawn at my house and it was on FIRE! I shouldn't have made my house out of wood. Later that day I see him once again and again he one shot killed me. Luckily I set my spawn point and used a command to give me armor and a sword. I find him again no one shot kill this time. I try to hit him with my sword but he just teleports then kills me. How will I kill him? P.S. THIS IS ABSOLUTELY A TRUE STORY!

Herobrine has no references in the game's code at all except if you've encountered the MHF_Herobrine head and is only a spawning glitch patched in 1.6. Why else would they stop the •Removed Herobrine in update news on 1.7? In fact, Notch never even HAD a brother. Herobrine is just some legend for evil noobs to make videos about. Especially on PlayStation, Pocket Edition, and Xbox.

After almost every update on the bottom of the list of removed items and new items, it says -Removed Herobrine. However, I believe they are just teasing the community.

2 Evil Chickens

Evil chicken lol

Don't worry I got the chills when I heard that chickens can kill U... I know some mods but one day I was right by a chicken and a ravine... I fell off •_•

3 Entity 303

iv had hime in my minecraft world 1 time and I know it was him because when I got into my minecraft world and started playing the game cept cliching

One day, I was playing minecraft.Also this is known by the 3 AM challenge.I was playing Minecraft and I did not know it was 3:00. I saw this weird hoodie guy with red eyes I tried to kill him but somthing strange world was deleted my whole Computer got corrupted also knwn as a hacker from Notch.

It is epic the new herobrine rises

Maybe its still out their,but maybe we should talk whether if he's real or not.And with the one who believes and does not believed.

4 Wither Storm

Very true my server got deleted because of 3 wither storms

5 Honeydew

Long time ago some jockey spread a rumor about him seeing honeydew in his single player server.. Then again one day I was on my roblox and came across a game and there was a honeydew in a volcano.. This is the game he got it from

What's honeydew any way?

Its is fake! all myths are fake:o

6 Broncos

ONCE AGAIN some noob found a mod with "hostile horses" and said they were in Minecraft with no mods.. So the creator of the mod sued him.. Turns out it wad the same guy who came up with pasaive mob spawning cages

7 Null

I think null is one of the 3 real myths in my opinion this could be the only real one but its certain null is a strange myth its real because it blinks.

Null is not real, if it was, then why would he go for youTubers?

True I like this guy

server 666

8 Chickens and Ducks

People keep fighting about those birds in Minecraft are duck but then people keep saying they are chicken... My opinion is a chicken because of the red thing under its chin

It's not a duck because there is a red thingy on under their chin

Lol the rite name is on the spawn egg (chickens)

It drops Chicken.

9 Ender Pearl Glowstone Glitch

I was bored one day so I looked up "Minecraft Xbox 360 glitches" it said something about digging a hole three blocks deep then throwing an ender pearl overhead... I tried and it didn't work

You mean the glitch where if you get your Minecraft character's head and feet inside of Glowstone or TNT you get an X-ray?

10 The Rain Man

Whats the rain man anyway?

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11 Nightmare Steve, Shadow Steve, and Dark Steve
12 Animal Spawner Cages

I'm In Survival But Once A time I Saw Animal spawner but I'm Destroy him because This is scared me

If you go in creative you can get it in inventory its not a myth

Not busted! you can do a command or use Minecraft P.E.

Once again a jockey came up with a rumor but he easily got busted for copyrighting a mod with animal spawning cages they're only for hostile mobs

13 Cats scare creepers

Actually, I call BS. Cats do scare creepers. And the creeper killed it how? Creepers only attack players. Unless you decided to sit down your cat and punch the creeper, the cat would scare it away.

It is very true cat scare creepers I almost forgot there were creepers until this came up I always have cats as a pet.

I tried it in my game, the creeper killed it.

It works in 1.8 and up

14 Boot Catch

If you fish on Minecraft you should you can get junk catches sometimes... Everyone freaked out when they realized they were catching what "looked" to be like a boot... Buy mojang accidentally turned junk catches into leather boots you can't pick up

15 Enderdragon Respawn

In 1.9! (but you have to make it respawn)

In 1.9 (but you have to make it respawn)

I have look this myth

Same thing ypu just said man!

16 Chickelikins

What even is “chickelinkins”

17 Slender Man

Once I tried a slender seed and the first thing that happened was that all the grass around me broke

I think he is real in minecraft PC. But not in any other voiersions so don't worry

18 Zombie Villager Village

It does exist, it's shown in a video.

I was found this creepy village on ZakiAtaya seed!

19 Penis Glitch
20 Chocolate Milk

Just another mod people! In the Christmas mod you need a bucket if milk and cocoa beans... People think they can do that in normal Minecraft! When they failed to make it thet still spread the rumor

21 PewDiePie

Again, some noob is trolling saying that someone called pewdiepie destroyed their single player world. NONSENSE!

What is Pewdiepie doing here?!

Why is PewDiePie Here? He Does Play Minecraft, He's not even a Myth!

roblox is bad

22 Voldemort

My favorite one

23 Ender Boss

You find them, they will kill you. Haha.

24 Potion of Enchanting

People are spreading rumors about potion o' enchanting gives you invincibility... Its to give you xp not make you invincible that's regenerations job

Some people just can't help putting the fact that they're idiots online by saying Bottle O' Enchanting makes you invincible..!

I think its not true

25 Old Guns

Crazy thing I ever seen

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