Top Ten Minecraft Myths

From Herobrine to cheats, here are the top ten most interesting Minecraft myths.
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1 Herobrine

I was just mining in my single-player survival world and got almost three stacks of diamonds. I was working for hours. After mining for so long, I decided to take a break and came back a few minutes later. I turned around to leave the mines and saw Herobrine standing behind me. I got tons of creepy messages in the chat. Then, as I tried to walk away, he one-shotted me.

I respawned in my house, only to see Herobrine standing outside. I tried punching him (a dumb choice), and the server crashed and somehow deleted itself. I then got an email from a user named Herobrine that read simply: "You deserved it." Herobrine is very, very real and should be feared!

2 Evil Chickens

Once I saw my first-ever diamonds. There was a chicken next to me and a pit of lava. The chicken pushed me in.

3 Entity 303

One day, I was playing Minecraft. Also, this is known by the 3 AM challenge. I was playing Minecraft, and I did not know it was 3:00 AM. I saw this weird hoodie guy with red eyes. I tried to kill him, but something strange happened... my world was deleted, and my whole computer got corrupted. He was also known as a hacker from Notch.

Said to spawn in crevasses of mountains on the seed 1234. Sounds strange, right?

Maybe it's still out there, but maybe we should talk about whether it's real or not - and discuss with those who believe and those who don't.

4 Wither Storm
5 Null

I think Null is one of the three real myths, in my opinion. This could be the only real one, but it's certain Null is a strange myth. It's real because it blinks.

Null is not real. If he was, then why would he go for YouTubers?

Null is definitely real. I've seen him.

6 Nightmare Steve, Shadow Steve, and Dark Steve

I've never seen these guys before, but they sound scary.

It's really very scary. Ten black shadows of Steve come to kill players, not the animals.

7 Honeydew

A long time ago, some jockey spread a rumor about him seeing Honeydew in his single-player server. Then again, one day I was on Roblox and came across a game. There was a Honeydew in a volcano... this is the game he got it from.

8 Broncos

Once again, some noob found a mod with "hostile horses" and said they were in Minecraft with no mods. So the creator of the mod sued him. Turns out, it was the same guy who came up with passive mob spawning cages.

9 Cats scare creepers

Actually, I call BS. Cats do scare creepers. And how did the creeper kill it? Creepers only attack players. Unless you decided to sit your cat down and punch the creeper, the cat would scare it away.

It is very true that cats scare creepers. I almost forgot there were creepers until this came up. I always have cats as pets.

I tested it and it was real. Also, the creeper had red eyes and it killed me. Then my world was deleted.

10 The Rain Man
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11 Chickens and Ducks

Ducks are cute yellow chickens, and chickens are white ducks. Ducks are not real mobs on any seed without mods, according to Mojang. But many lucky things can happen after seeing ducks.

People keep fighting about those birds in Minecraft - are they ducks or chickens? My opinion is they're chickens because of the red thing under their chins.

12 Ender Pearl Glowstone Glitch

I was bored one day, so I looked up "Minecraft Xbox 360 glitches." It said something about digging a hole three blocks deep then throwing an ender pearl overhead. I tried, and it didn't work.

You mean the glitch where if you get your Minecraft character's head and feet inside glowstone or TNT, you get an X-ray?

13 Animal Spawner Cages

I'm in survival mode, but once I saw an animal spawner. I destroyed it because it scared me.

14 Slender Man

Just a super-sane ender man on a Slender seed. So many bad things have happened to players on that seed.

I think he is real in Minecraft PC, but not in any other versions, so don't worry.

Once I tried a Slenderman seed, and the first thing that happened was that all the grass around me broke.

15 Ender Boss

The ender boss is said to spawn when you kill the ender dragon five times. Well, that's what other websites say. I have encountered one myself. It's basically an ender golem.

You find them, they will kill you. Haha.

Technically, you could just count the ender dragon as the 'ender boss'.

16 Boot Catch

If you fish in Minecraft, you should know you can get junk catches sometimes. Everyone freaked out when they realized they were catching what looked like a boot. But Mojang accidentally turned junk catches into leather boots you can't pick up.

17 Enderdragon Respawn

In 1.9! (But you have to make it respawn.)

18 Voldemort

I saw Voldemort once. I was in a village church, but then the vicar's face turned white. Suddenly the floor disappeared, and I fell into the void. After that, it said I had been killed by Voldemort, whoever that is.

19 Disc 11
20 Zombie Villager Village

It does exist. It's shown in a video.

21 Potion of Enchanting

People are spreading rumors about the potion of enchanting giving you invincibility. It's to give you XP, not make you invincible. That's regeneration's job.

22 Chickelikins
23 Chocolate Milk

Just another mod, people! In the Christmas mod, you need a bucket of milk and cocoa beans. People think they can do that in normal Minecraft! When they failed to make it, they still spread the rumor.

24 Penis Glitch
25 PewDiePie
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