Best Team Fortress 2 Sniper Weapons

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1 Huntsman

The main alternative to the Sniper Rifle. All other primaries are also sniper rifles. This primary is very different, but also very similar to the Sniper Rifle. Firstly, it can headshot. Secondly, it can charge, which slows your movement. Thirdly, it has no damage falloff. However, it is also different because of its -90 maximum damage compared to the Sniper Rifle, traded off for more mobility while charging and faster charge. Then, it also lacks a scope, but can headshot without the scope and provides better vision of surroundings (instead of focused vision) while charging. It also fires a slightly slower, more visible projectile instead of a bullet, which functions differently from the regular hitscan, making it fairly difficult to aim for headshots (compensation for noscope headshots) but easier for bodyshots. Some gimmicks are that the arrows can be lit on fire for afterburn damage, and the arrows can be reflected by airblast or destroyed by the short circuit, albeit with great difficulty. The Huntsman also has only 13 ammunition instead of 25. An added cosmetic feature is that it puts arrows in your rifle case. Although an equal, preferential candidate to the Sniper Rifle in normal gameplay, it is one of the best weapons in Medieval Mode. The Huntsman also has the best tauntkill in the game (very fast, stuns enemy). It also pins enemies to the wall upon death.

2 Jarate

This is the most terrifying weapon in the game. Except for its far superior derivative, the Sydney Sleeper, or its somewhat equal equivalents for other classes, the Fan O' War and the Buff Banner. These weapons either make all attacks by your team (nearby teammates) deal more damage, or do the opposite: make all attacks dealt to a specific, unfortunate enemy, deal more damage (Like Zenyatta's "Orb Of Discord" from Overwatch).

The Sydney Sleeper is Jarate + The Sniper Rifle. It is a Sniper Rifle that looks like an airpowered dart gun, which puts darts in your breast pocket. It looks awesome. Its stats give it The Sniper Rifle stats, however it doesn't deal headshots. It stats also give it Jarate's stats however it doesn't extinguish fire and lacks infinite ammo that recharges (and it doesn't work like a grenade). This might look bad, but in reality, two of the best Sniper weapons have just been turned into one weapon with slightly worse stats of both weapons. Pretty amazing in my opinion.

3 Hitman's Heatmaker

I use this weapon and if you are good at getting head shots then your focus will fill up and then it charges quicker for more head shots, plus the focus doesn't go down if you don't headshot.

I have trouble with the sniper but this rifle is what gets me third to first place each match. It is was what gave interest to sniper for me.

Getting 6 head shots in a row is fun... BUT getting 6 head shots in row of exploding heads and can deal even more damage is the best thing ever!

4 Sniper Rifle

The stock sniper is a good choice, but I honestly like the huntsman and heatmaker better.

It does what a sniper needs and it does it without gimmicks, it's reliable and it kills.

Night Owl, Shot in the Dark, Awper Hand-- It doesn't matter. This all-rounder is good for any type of combat. A jack-of-all-trades sniper rifle,and one of my favorites

5 Machina

This weapon is AWESOME, great for sniping sentries and slower targets. If your good enough you can kill a heavy-medic duo in ONE SHOT. heres a good machina strategy (best on ctf)
Primary: The Machina
Secondary: SMG
Melee: Kukri

if the enemy team has lots of sentries, find a place where you can snipe the sentries while being out of range, if spies try to attack you, use your kukri. if someone besides a spy gets too close use your SMG. Keep sniping the sentries until they are all gone,usually go for the sentry then the engineer. DO NOT go in and capture the flag yourself, let your stronger/faster teammates like scouts, soldiers, and heavies capture it for you
(final score with this was 109, my best ever)

6 Darwin’s Danger Shield

More health? Perfect! Bullet resistance? Even better! Who cares about more damage taken from explosives? They are slow and easy to dodge.

R.I.P every spy ever who was unfortunate enough to go up against whoever using this

Really awesome how it can block 1 headshot.

7 Awper Hand

Its just awesome... and its really OP

8 Cozy Camper

20% damage vulnerability. So what? Snipers are usually out away from combat, and if he is in combat, most likely he would die anyway. Lets you regenerate 1 health every second, and no flinching on aiming. A wonderful secondary weapon.

9 Tribalman's Shiv

Yo SO what if it does more damage, you still use the normal becuase it is faster... but this is pretty op in terms of SPYCHECK, but we had the damn razor back for that (yes I am a noob) so. BYE BYE

10 Submachine Gun

A mini gun with a lot less spin-up with normal movement speed. How good is that?

Ok no you are a sniper you should be sniping not running in to battle and cleaners carbine is no apologie.

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11 Razorback

A lot of people don't like this weapon, but if you find yourself on a server with its fair share of spies going around camping on your team's snipers, it helps a lot

12 Bushwacka

Hm this weapon turns mini-crits into crits eh? And jarate applier mini-crits to the target interesting. It is so obvious this weapon was made to be used with jarate when used with jarate it will hit a target for a round 150 damage, who cares about the 20% damage vulnerability! I can't mention the countless times a scout,spy etc have come and I just throw this jar of piss and then swing this awesome jagged blade. Even pyros sometimes fall to this kukris wrath, its music to my ears when the sniper says bombs away! Or jaaarate

And I just swing this kukri, honestly my favorite sniper melee

13 Bazaar Bargain

I've never seen any bad Bazaar Bargain snipers, they always end up demolishing the entire server without mercy. Wherever you peek your head, in he'll be there hiding his sniper dot perfectly.

A pretty minor trade off that gets mitigated the better aim you have.

This weapon is good if you are a good sniper if not then this weapon might not be the best choice

14 Sydney Sleeper

This shouldn't be here. This is probably the worst sniper rifle. Ok, maybe it's a bit better than the classic, but still, WHO needs to long range coat people with jarate from a long range anyway?

Amazing. A sniper weapon that has Jarate. Cover your enemies with Jarate, one by one, also with damage, and your teammates will kill them. Too bad you can't head shot with this rifle.

Its brilliant for players who are starting off because it really supports your team and you do not need to get headshots. If you can shoot someone with this and score a couple more low charge shots they are dead very quickly because of jarate

15 Fortified Compound

A nice reskin of the hunts man, with new metal details, plus the time you can hold and arrow while still being on point seems to be extended

16 Flamethrower

What people don't think about is that you can actually get headshots with a flamethrower. Its as easy as reflecting a huntsman arrow back into that wankers head.

Not a sniper weapon,but when you have the huntsman, the arrow burns and if you shoot your target will burn in hell.

So good that you can...
Give it to a pyro

17 The Classic

Fun, but it's simply not a good weapon to depend on. The no-scope thing is useless for good snipers since they aren't going to be scoped 100% of the time, and not being to headshot until fully charged just kills this weapon as a large part of sniper shots aren't going to be 100% charged, but rather just scoping and headshotting (uncharged) for a quick kill on squishy units. The 10% less damage on bodyshot just adds insult to injury.

People always say that this is a terrible weapon, but the no-scope function is very very useful. If you are a sniper it is a good thing to always be able to see the entire battlefield. If you know how to use it, it'll always be charged.

18 AWP
19 Cleaner's Carbine

Same as the normal Smg, but gives you crits.. Still there are better choices

20 The Shooting Star

Hang on. Why is this one getting no attention.

21 Holy Mackerel
22 B.A.S.E Jumper
23 Force-A-Nature

It may not be a sniper weapon, but still, you can get more kills with this than any sniper weapon, trust me, sniper sucks.

Nah, 1 fully charged body shot to the Scout and he's dunzo, trust me, bodyshots are easy.

24 Mutated Jarate
25 The Tomislav

Much better than stock minigun, because of the decreased spin up time, and it's better accuracy means you can snipe across 2fort battlements.

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