Most Annoying Things In Terraria

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1 Fire

Is it that difficult to get a lava charm?

Is it hard to get an obsidian skull?!

One piece of fire your really injured another piece your dead

2 Water
3 The Dungeon Gaurdian

He ruins getting rich

4 The Goblin Army

I 100% agree! Once when I was very new to terraria in my first world(which I now have meowmer, rod of discord, etc) a goblin army spawned and I died like 5-10 times!

The goblin army ruined my family and I think the snow league does the same

5 Fire Imp

Kills you in one shot

They're so annoying.

6 Eye of Cthulhu

Cthulhu is mad... And is missing an eye and his brain! Honestly, how can he kill guy without his brain OR eye?!?!... Oh yeah! They do it! (This guy and the brain of Cthulhu are honestly easy, I Killed eye with ice blade, and tungsten armor, and the brain I murdered with a starfury, space gun, and meteor armor) - cyberpatch

7 The Old Man
8 Bugs

I was Building my Hole, and I was Quit, and join server and back my server hole and Got Error, don't worry It's not very error, My Hole is now gone when I join my hole server.

9 Dart Traps
10 Hell Bat

They keep killing me

They waste your time

The Contenders
11 Skellatron

I do not know about you, but sceletron is EASY! Almost everyone thinks queen bee is easier bus she is like 100 times harder. Besides the Eye of Cthulhu sceletron is the easiest boss in the game.

12 Demon

Funny story: I was in the hell area and I fought a voodo demon and they dropped a voodoo doll and then it fell in lava and then you know what happens.

13 Bob

You don't know it, but he's there. Watching. Waiting. Waiting for the right moment to strike.

Go away, Bob. I hate you.

He is a Lego man

14 Finding Floating Islands
15 Losing Your Stuff Far Away

How has no one voted for this 1 yet? Very frustrating when you lose your stuff! Unless you prepared a backup inventory..

I lost 6 platinum and couldn't get it back because it was so far away

16 The Twins
17 Killing the Wall of Flesh

I remember how much I didn't want to kill the WoF. Not because of the hard boss battle, but because of Hardmode.

Took me 5 hours to kill

18 Hornets

I hate them.

They charge around EVERYWHERE bash into you than just running away, Completely bombarding you with Stingers and their poison lasts FOREVER sometimes, Popping out of bee hives for some unknown reason.

And finally their Armour set is like the eater of souls where it could drop 2 pieces that you need AND than keep on giving you those exact 2 for hundreds or maybe even thousands of kills.

and you know what? The Spiked jungle Slimes can fit here too for how annoying they just are.

19 Getting the Ankh Shield
20 Cobwebs

Multiple times in terraria, I was trying to get down a cave in a rush but only 1 thing(excluding enemies) got in my way...

21 Forced Boss Battles
22 Lasers on Mech Bosses
23 The Destroyer

Ok, so just beat the thorn in everyone's asses. The Wall of Flesh. (WoF) Now, for the mechanical bosses. EVERYONE chooses the Destroyer because he is "easiest".
Spawn him in, so far so good, but when the segments start dying, it becomes Hell.
Lasers everywhere, probes smashing into you like WWE wrestlers, and eventually die. and for that mountain of salt, not only did you lose your moolah, you (probably if close to base) lost many important npcs, and all those potions. I hate the destroyer.

24 Finding Mimics
25 Skeleton Archer

Oh my gosh, So annoying!

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