Top Ten Super Mario 64 Levels

Super Mario 64 is one of the most popular games, and I would like to know what you think the best level is overall. Vote here!
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1 Bob-Omb Battlefield

The original Nintendo 64 version of Bob-Omb Battlefield gets a 9.6.

The DS remake of Bob-Omb Battlefield gets a 6.5.

The 3DS version (if there ever is one later) might get a 6.5 at least & an 8.0 at most. In the 3DS version, I hope Princess Peach has the same voice she has in Super Mario 64 & its DS remake in the 3DS remake, not the bad voice she has in games such as Sper Mario Sunshine, Mario Power Tennis, Mario Party 6, Super Mario Galaxy, Mario Kart Wii & etc...

I would overall give the original Super Mario 64 (the original N64 version) a 9.7, which is the true aggregate score (from critics) of Super Mario 64 on the N64.

I would give Super Mario 64 DS a 6.8.

2 Big Boo's Haunt

The scariest thing in any Mario game is in this level. Not that I ever expect you to survive it...

Not to mention that it's the only level in the entire game that has a unique music track!

That music is probably the reason it is at number one and I couldn't agree more.

3 Tiny-Huge Island

Rather frustrating than anything. Hard to navigate through as well. Not a fan of this one

The best! A great idea executed even better!

The stars in this level were fun and hard to get the perfect level

4 Hazy Maze Cave

Best level ever. The yellow death fog, the green switch, riding a dinosaur. I love it all.

Really Awesome! So many things to do!

5 Cool, Cool Mountain

The N64 version of the game gets a 9.8.

The DS version gets a 6.7.

Cool Cool Mountain is great in general, but Shifting Sand Land or Snowman's Land should come in top 1.

Most diverse of the stages, each star is entirely different from the last, aside from the Red Coin and 100-Coin respectively.

This is one of my favorite snow levels! I like th esnow levels form the super Mario galaxy games better, but this level is a masterpiece!

6 Jolly Roger Bay

I can beat this level with 0 a presses.

7 Whomp's Fortress

The Whomp King is such an enjoyable boss, it makes this level a hundred times better.

8 Lethal Lava Land

Lethal Lava Land is Lethal, has Lava, and is a land of hatred.

Nothing compares to surfing the lava on the green shell getting mushroom after mushroom, volcano was a cool add on as well

9 Tick-Tock Clock

Why does it seem this list is just placed after order. I mean, Tick tock clock is amazing so I don't get why it's just #9

It might be too hard. But still, it is a whole stage that is a clock.

You now a stage is awesome if it appears ina Mario kart game!

10 Wet-Dry World

There are so many reasons as to why this is my favorite level in the game. It's so eerie, really weird, and the pinnacle of perfection. It's not my favorite Mario level of all time, but it's definitely the best Mario water of all time. I have absolutely no problems with this level at all.

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11 Tall, Tall Mountain
12 Shifting Sand Land

Even at top 9, this level is underrated!

The N64 version of this game - 98% awesome!

The DS version of the game - 59% good.

The 3DS version of the game - when will there be an actual Super Mario 64 3DS?

Best level of Super Mario 64!

The original N64 version of the game gets a 9.9!

The DS version gets a 7.2!

The 3DS version (if there ever is one) gets at least a 7.5 & at most an 8.0

This is the greatest level in gaming history, especially in Super Mario 64!

13 Bowser in the Sky

The most fair stage in my opinion, the room for error is a bit kinder as you don't die the moment you fall.

14 Snowman's Land

Very underrated. Not exceedingly difficult or big, but still places in this level that merit it being late game: that jump to get to the shell/star across the frozen pond; jumping over the ramps that conveyor belt out of the mountain; walking with the penguin to get the first star; random snowmen and fake coins while shell riding for the 8 red coins... and then super fun stars like the ice cube, bullying the bully, and inside the igloo

Such an underrated level - even for a level of the great old Super Mario 64 (on the N64, not the crappy DS version).

15 Bowser in the Dark World

How you get to this level: you enter the star door (you have to have at least 8 power stars to pass through) and see a picture of peach. But when you approach it...

Who ever thought that Mario could throw Bowser?

The music for this level is so awesome, they remade it for both of the super mario galaxy games

16 Bowser in the Fire Sea
17 The Princess's Secret Slide

The coolest, most creative level in the entire game. No other Mario game has replicated the joy of these stages. Spongebob: BTBB and Spongebob: The Movie: The Game did.

I love The Princess's Secret Slide it's creative and so much fun

18 Dire Dire Docks

The best music, the best design and full of memories. What isn't there to love about this level? ( Excluding that eel. )

All Super Mario 64 levels are the best levels ever (in gaming)!

A great soundtrack really makes this level glow up.

19 Crisis City
20 Big Blue
21 Aquatic Ruin

The arrow shooters were annoying, but overall a good level.

22 Water Temple

An easy star with a nice design.

23 Rainbow Ride

The most difficult level of this great N64 game - awesome!

But the DS version of this game - average.

But the 3DS version of the game - please make it, Nintendo.

Poor Rainbow ride. Wil'l I don't think it the best level in the game in is still grate. At least better than snowmans land dirdir docks. Bower in the sky should be hier. This level is not kelp forst bad (Sponge bob BFBB) but I give it a 3.5/5 rating. If any thing tictoc clock shoued be the big 15. But sill a good level.

Not only the best level in Super Mario 64 but also the most difficult.

24 Chief Chilly Challenge
25 Big Boo Battle
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