Top Ten Things To Do In Microsoft Flight Simulator X

The top 10 favorite things to do in the best Microsoft game, Microsoft Flight Simulator X.
The Top Ten
1 Fly Airplanes in Free Flight Mode

You can just cruise an airplane and fly to just about any airport in the entire Earth. This is an awesome game. You can just fly towards a city and land there. However, it takes lots of practice to fly a plane and ESPECIALLY landing an airplane. It takes a while to learn how to land, but once you get use to the game, you will start to get better at it.

2 Fly Multiplayer
3 Fly Over the Clouds

So you can be able to see the blue sky when down there on the ground it's just rainy and cause your airplane to run out of control, then you might actually crash (only happens in Missions Mode. ) Over the clouds, is a blue sky that does not make your plane go out of control.

4 Fly from New York to Los Angeles

This could be fun because then you might actually be able to see all the cities and mountains that you along the way. It's so pretty, just as long as you don't run out of gas. THEN you might have to start at another airport.

How long will it take

5 Do Missions

If you do a mission, you can get rewards on the game so you can become an expert or even a master at plane flying, in fact, so much good that you might actually be able to fly a plane in real life. If you love doing missions, then you know what I am talking about.

6 Fly Over Mountains

It's a little tricky, but yet is is fun to drive an airplane right over the rocky mountains. Then you can get an amazing view of all the mountains and cities and even the ocean. This is probably one of the most fun things to do in the game.

7 Fly in a Helicopter

This could take weeks of practice to fly, but this could be a fun thing to fly when you want to fly really high up, just as long as you watch out for rocks, cliffs, and rain storms.

I think it is very relaxing following the roads from you nearest airport and flying to your house(very fun! )

8 Join a Virtual Airline

Sign up for FSEconomy and do some flights for a virtual airline. It will keep you busy and will make your flights rewarding.

9 Fly Over Earths Oceans

The oceans you would fly over would be pretty because that's when you might be able to see your planes shadow on the airplane. Unfortunately, you won't be able to sink down the oceans, which makes it bad, but yet fun.

10 Fly from Paris to Milan

That could be an amazing flight in Europe just to see what it looks like at the airport in Milan, Italy. Would THAT be cool? Also, you might actually be able to see the Indian Ocean along the way.

The Contenders
11 Fly in a Jet

In a jet, you could just go zooming all the way from one city, to the other city 700 miles away. But in missions, it a little bit tricky because if you lose balance, then your jet would go completely out of control. That's why it takes practice to fly a plane.

12 Fly from Bristol to Cardiff
13 Crash a Plane
14 Fly Inside Mountains

This could be really challenging, you would have to watch out for all the hills in the way, otherwise you could crash into one and you could easily lose your mission, so then you would have to start ALL over.

15 Do a Barrel Roll in a 747
16 Fly a Stunt Plane
17 Test Decommissioned Aircraft

Choose white variants (or decommisioned) type aircraft and test them!

18 Re-Enact a WWII Flight

Go back in time and re fly missions such as the Dambusters raid and fly from RAF Scampton to Germany or the Doolittle raid with the overhead pass in Japan.

19 Fly and Land Into Water by Water/Land Plane

There's just something about landing a plane on the wather... without crashing it

20 Land on One of the Longest Runways in the World

Fly in Denver (KDEN) and land at runway 34L. Do experiments with fully loaded aircraft since the length of the runway is one of the worlds longest! By Carl

I suck at this sim but want to share some cool things

21 Fly Around a Tropical Island and Admire the Scenery
22 Fly from Vancouver to Calgary
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