Top 10 Best Pokemon Websites

These websites are awesome! And if you like Pokemon you should check them out!
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1 Bulbapedia

One of the biggest Pokémon websites ever! It has everything you need to know and more about Pokémon!

I always rely on this for Pokémon information. It also helps me sometimes when I'm making my lists.

Bulbapedia is, of course, the Wikipedia of Pokémon. It's the best, of course. For forums, I check out Serebii.

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He's my favorite YouTuber, and he has a great Pokémon channel and website! On his YouTube channel, he does Pokémon wedlockes and nuzlockes. He also covers Pokémon news.

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3 Poké

The only place you need for the TCG. Lots of insightful opinions about the franchise overall.

Usually the fastest with news and has great insight on everything.

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4 The Official Pokémon Website

There are great online games on there.

5 Pokemon Showdown

Best Pokémon mobile battling platform. And no, this is not someone selling out and putting this on here.

It's a wonderful battle simulator for those who don't have the time to gen or train teams.

6 Psypoke

It helped me with my gameplay and how to find legendaries!

7 Pokémon Database

It's easy to use, has a community that isn't toxic, and is also a place where all of your Pokémon questions can be answered.

Simplest design of all others and easier to navigate. Provides information on all related topics, whether it's EV training, type matchups, stats, moves, dex, etc.

Best of all.

Better design and easier to navigate than the others.

8 The Pokémon Wiki

The website with the favorite Pokémon picker! It also has really cool custom sprites and fakemon. I also like the rant they did about "overrated" and "underrated" Pokémon because I finally had someone who agreed with me about it!

10 Smogon University
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11 PokeBattle
12 Pokemon Vortex
13 Pokecharms

Ever wanted to make your own Pokémon trainers? You got your wish!

15 PokeFarm

Interaction-based egg hatching game with lovely people.

16 Delugerpg
17 Serebii
18 Unova RPG

You get to catch loads of Pokemon. I love this website!

19 Pokemon Planet
20 Pokeheroes

Really addicting, to be honest. The community's really nice, and it's just generally a good time!

21 GPXPlus

An amazing equivalent to the Pokémon games. It's still going around today. Shiny hunts very often, explorations, battles with CPUs and online users... My god, I love this website.

22 Veekun

Great game, events, and interactive features. Good for Pokémon fans who want to play on HTML. Works on mobile, PC, or even Nintendo products (I've tried on DSi and Wii)!

24 The Pokémon Factory

It's an underrated fakemon fansite that rarely updates. If you're into fan-made Pokémon, this is the place for you.

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