Top 10 Best Video Games of 2018

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1 God of War

I am an Xbox fan, but even I have to admit that Spider-Man PS4 and the new God of War are some of the best games I have EVER seen, and I haven't played them. That's impressive, especially when they are up against games like the Borderlands series, the Elder Scrolls series (particularly Skyrim), and the Batman Arkham series. I got a PS4 for God of War and Spider-Man alone!

Athena: There's nowhere you can hide, Spartan. Put as much distance between you and the truth as you want, it changes nothing. Pretend to be everything you are not: teacher, husband, father. But there is one unavoidable truth you will never escape: You cannot change. You will always be a monster.

Kratos: I know. But I am your monster no longer.

2 Red Dead Redemption 2

This game is INCREDIBLE. The huge (and I mean HUGE) open world is amazingly detailed. The random character encounters you can run into are interesting and almost never repeat. The story is stupendously amazing, with great character arcs, beautiful graphics, emotional moments, and groundbreaking AI. I could go on forever.

Not to mention the fact that you can choose how to play the game. You can be the evil outlaw, or the heroic outlaw. I cannot even begin to say how incredible this game is, you have to play it for yourself. Definitely game of the year material, and definitely one of the most influential games I've ever played.

3 Marvel's Spider-Man

I had a really fun time playing this game and I'm so glad it made top 5 with the likes of greats like Red Dead 2 and God of War. I loved everything about the game - the boss battles were spectacular, including the surprise villain (which I'm not going to spoil). I loved the suits, especially the Spider Punk and Vintage Comic suit. I also really loved the story and DLC content.

The only problem I had was raging during Taskmaster's challenges, but that's really the only complaint. Can't wait for the sequel and the other console games Marvel has in store.

4 Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

It's October 16th as I type this... 52 days left... I can't take it anymore. Not even Zelda BotW and Mario Odyssey made me feel this impatient and frustrated... This game will completely dominate my life.

I'm on my knees praying we get either Geno, Isaac, or Banjo Kazooie... and I would feel blessed if we got all three of them, even if it was after launch as DLC. Even if they don't make the base game, K Rool, Simon, Ridley, Isabelle, and Inkling all look incredible! And my Brawl main, Snake, is finally back, and I can't wait to play as him again.

It's going to be truly Ultimate, the perfect game. No offense to God of War, Red Dead, or any other game, but Smash Ultimate will, and will always be, the best game this year.

5 Far Cry 5

Far Cry 5 remains quite similar to two of its predecessors, but its heart still doesn't lose steam as this series remains a good time for fans and first-timers, especially in online co-op.

A great game for those who seek games that test their button-pressing skills. Far Cry games have always been my favorite. Although the story is kind of unrelatable to anything, it's still an enjoyable game!

The Far Cry series has never failed to amaze me, and this is the most complete with a badass villain, cool combat system, and all.

6 Detroit: Become Human

After finishing the game, I can truly say that this is among my most favorite games of all time. It's unique, charming, emotional, and diverse. The characters each have a distinct tone to their storylines, and playing with them will get you to grow attached to at least one character.

If you finish with one bad ending, it can hit you in the feels pretty hard (as I did with Kara), and finishing the game leaves you wanting more. The most interesting thing about the game is that each choice you make leads you to a different path and gives the game a significant amount of replay value for a single-player game.

It may have its minor plot holes, but it doesn't stop it from being the masterpiece it is. Very good game from Quantic Dream. The effort wasn't wasted, and those years of development were worth it.

7 Spyro Reignited Trilogy

I love Spyro and his comeback will be amazing! This game has so much atmosphere and pure fun combined with smooth and stunning graphics, this time. It's not boring with all these technical aspects that ruin modern games, in my opinion. As a Spyro fan, this is a love letter for all the platformers fans and all the gamers in general. Enjoy if you can!

Ah, my childhood. Great that a younger generation can play this gem of a gem-collector dragon.

8 Kirby Star Allies

I finally got a Kirby game and this was my first one! I was absolutely blown away by the graphics compared to other Kirby games I've seen people play. They brought back the helper system, which I liked. So yeah, I haven't finished it yet but I already love it!

So far, I'd like to give a vote to Kirby's perfect debut on the Switch. Sonic Mania is my 2nd favorite Sonic game, and I'm thinking about whether to vote for that when the Plus version comes out. It makes me so SICK that Fortnite is #1 on the list.

9 Dragon Ball FighterZ

The year has just begun, so I'll vote for something that actually has come out. This game is marvelous, one of the best Dragon Ball games and actually one of the best fighting games I've ever played. The story is something new with the correct tone coming from the anime.

Gameplay is fantastic, and battles seem exactly like the anime. The art design and graphics are marvelous, and you get invested. Gameplay is easy to learn, and the process is very fast. There are many options or playable modes to get invested in. Every single character is fantastic (yes, even Yamcha), and everything is balanced.

My only problem with that is that the character roster is very disappointing (in my opinion). Another problem is that other characters and music will be paid DLC! That's abusive, actually, and it makes me think that in the future, for 60 bucks, we will only have the right to access a game, but that the menu, the music, the dialogues, and practically everything will have to be paid for separately.

Nevertheless, this game is fantastic and totally recommendable for Dragon Ball fans and for fighting game lovers. 8.5/10 (this is just a short review)

10 Monster Hunter: World

A very unique experience unlike many FPS/RPG/racing/sims out on the market today. This game very much deserves a spot with some of the current triple-A titles.

NEEDS TO BE VOTED MORE! This game has the best graphics, and the monsters themselves just create the entire excitement of the game. There are so many weapons and armor to choose from (I prefer the light b. gun). It has a realistic feel that just makes you feel as if you were in the game. This game had so much work and effort put into it.

Vote, guys, vote, because this one deserves it.

The Contenders
11 Assassin's Creed Odyssey

One of the best games created in a long time, loved it so much. I've already beaten it multiple times, plus the DLCs make it so much better.

You don't know what an RPG game is like until you play this well-structured game.

I love the new "setup" this game has, rather than the past games.

12 Celeste

Such an amazing game. The gameplay is challenging but still very fun and exciting. The story is incredibly well-written and beautiful. The pixel art is gorgeous and the soundtrack might be one of the best indie game soundtracks I've ever heard.

One of the greatest games I've ever played. Beautiful soundtrack, precise controls, crystal clear graphics, and a touching story.

Awesome platformer. If it wasn't for the other incredible games released this year, it probably would have been the Game of the Year.

13 Mega Man 11

Haven't played many games that came out this year. However, this game was great. Would recommend. The Blue Bomber somehow remains good.

The little Blue Bomber is back.

14 Return of the Obra Dinn
15 Forza Horizon 4

It's a bit similar to its previous game as far as gameplay, but somehow I still got hooked on it. Maybe it's the new setting, which is full of life and beauty. In my opinion, it looks even more gorgeous than FH3, especially considering the seasonal change. Also, with its vast amount of cars to choose from and their customization options, this game is definitely a shoo-in for my top 10 games of the year. A must-play for any racing gamer.

Great on Xbox One X, but the steering wheel controls suck. Better on Windows 10, as the steering wheel controls kick ass.

16 Florence
17 Tetris Effect
18 A Way Out

The whole idea of a two-player game where you can see the other person's screen was amazing in itself. The game's storyline far surpassed most games I've seen this year. The ending messed with me more than most other games, only surpassed by The Last Of Us. I was fully in tears two different times during the ending.

Spoilers Ahead: When Vincent still grabbed Leo's hand as he was dying, though they were fighting just moments earlier, I was tearing up. But when Alex screamed "Mom", the tears came. If you choose to kill Vincent, when Vincent hands Leo the letter, I almost cried. But when Leo rings the doorbell and drops off the letter and Carol reads it, I started crying.

19 Sonic Mania Plus

Thank God this game was rereleased, so I can gush all over this game. It looks beautiful, even though it uses sprites. It's fast-paced, takes the best parts of previous games, and throws out the negatives. The bosses are actually quite good, there's plenty of replay value, and unlike a certain BR game that came out in 2017, stuff actually happens!

This would've been the game I voted for, but it feels more like a 2017 game to me. All the zones are fun, Encore Mode plays nicely, Ray and Mighty fit in well and are fun to play as, and the 1.04 patch has zone transitions that were missing in the original game! This game is perfect to me, I don't care what anyone else says.

20 Warioware Gold

This is by far one of the most underrated games of this year, and I will bet that in several years' time, this will be considered one of the most underrated games ever. All the minigames are exciting, the coin system adds to the gameplay, and you can still play the game tons of times after finishing the main story. It's very good. If you've never played a game from this series, I recommend starting with this one.

This game is ranked lower than Fortnite, Kirby Star Allies, Baldi, Lego games, and Mario Tennis? Come on! This game is better than all of them!

21 Super Mario Party

So glad they got rid of the car mechanic.

22 Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

Well, this was a surprise, wasn't it?

All this time I thought BO4 would be a complete dumpster fire since it felt like BO3 + Fortnite. I was wrong. The game is a big improvement over some of the other entries, but does it really deserve the best game...? Not really, no. I'd say give it a try, though, if you want.

So, my opinion has changed on this game. I got it for Black Friday, and honestly, it was much better than I thought it would be. The zombies are the best part. They now added a difficulty level, which is good.

I love this game. The multiplayer is awesome and way better than some of the other games above it.

23 WWE 2K19

Same thing as last year but with slightly updated graphics and more characters.

With AJ as champion and Daniel Bryan showcase with Velocity, I'm pumped.

24 Just Cause 4

This game is really underrated. I have never played Just Cause 1, but I can say that Just Cause 2 is one of my favorite games of all time. JC3 was great as well, but it has a much worse map, fewer missions, and less to explore. Just Cause 4 seems really good, and it should have a map twice as big as JC2 & 3, which is amazing. I hope it's detailed too. The physics in this game are really fun, and the story is not so important because this game is fun and never gets boring. Just Cause 4 is going to be awesome, and I'm sure about that. December 4, can't wait!

25 Sea of Thieves

This game is so fun, but it is not for everyone and still has a lot of room for improvement. I have thoroughly enjoyed it and feel like I have gotten my money's worth out of it, but that is just for me. Make sure to play with at least one other person when you are playing because otherwise, you aren't getting the full experience of the game. Overall, it is a very good game, although it does feel a little content-empty sometimes.

Most underrated game of all time. I'll remember this as one of the best games I've ever played.

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