Top 10 Best Video Games of 2019

Based on votes from gamers like you, here are the top ten greatest video games released in 2019. The list includes games from a wide variety of gaming genres and from renown series as well as brand new franchises.

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1 Resident Evil 2

Here's the new high standard for remakes. Capcom modernized it and made it better than the original RE2.

A really good remake of thr Original! Keeps so much of the original games feel but makes it feel so new at the same time!

I great remake of a great franchise.

2 Kingdom Hearts III

I'm going to be completely unbiased for this review of the game, because I myself am a massive fan of this series but I am also quite unforgiving if a game doesn't bring the goods. To be very honest, this game was a huge disappointment, and for a lot of reasons, but I'll just sum up the cons of the game. The story lacks any impact or consistency and the entirety of the game just felt like it was pandering to Disney fandom instead of the Kingdom Hearts fandom, which also includes the complete lack of Final Fantasy characters besides moogles and a cactuar. The game is ridiculously easy and way too forgiving, which also includes overpowered abilities and the lack of critical mode. Once you beat the story, there's so little left to do in the game. There's only one optional boss and no colosseum. All there really is left to do is take photos of lucky emblems and other crap for special items from moogles.

KH2 is still superior to this game. Don't get me wrong, there is fun to be had in KH3, but it certainly doesn't last. KH2 had so much that made me love it to death. You could make the game more challenging, the game didn't rely so strictly on Disney, the boss fights were way more spectacular, there were still people to fight even after you beat the story, and the story itself was much more consistent and impactful that it made me actually care for the characters. I honestly ended up not really caring about ANYONE in KH3, even some of my favorite characters like Roxas and Xion because they got such little screen time with few moments that made you sympathize what they went through. If KH3 was your first game in the series, you would just think that they were some extra characters who weren't that important. The game just made all of them look like knockoff sidekicks. KH3 is in no way a bad game. The graphics are gorgeous, the evolved combat is very fun and wild at times, and the worlds are actually pretty well-designed, especially the Pirates of the Carribean... more

3 Gears 5

I was going to add this, but people are being negative about Gears of War 5. Well, I hope its as good as its predecessor.

I might play it

4 Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

It's actually a fun game and it is a big surprise. But considering this was published by Electronic Arts, I was curious to see whether there was an additional paywall. Like for real, microtransactions ruin the fun. This is a singleplayer game inspired by Dark Souls, Uncharted and God of War which makes me a lot content because it's all combined to a Star Wars Game.

I'm not finished with this Star Wars game yet, but the storyline, gameplay, and characters are well designed and thought out. The worlds in this game are beautiful, and the purchase of this game is so worth it for my first-time gaming computer build.

5 Devil May Cry 5

DMC5 refuses to take itself too seriously, which lets Capcom include some wacky entertainment. It's a joy ride with a full arsenal of cool weapons to manhandle the demons in the flashiest way possible.

This game is one of the greatest game I have ever played...

Devil May Cry 5 looks awesome, and I mean Awesome.

6 Mortal Kombat 11

I normally wouldn't vote for a fighting game to be top, but, let's be realists, we haven't seen many good games so far in 2019, and mk11 had a nice flow in the continuation of the franchise and, well amazing and brutal graphics.

This game is cool but there will never be a mk game as mk 2011. This game has a poor roster and unnecessary Dlc characters. I rate this game 6.8/10

I like this in mkx. I think Mortal Kombat is a best fighting that was ever made. I would it put it down to any other fighting game. and it has good story.

7 Luigi's Mansion 3

This game looks amazing, and might be my favorite game that isn't a mario maker of 2019. Dark moon was one of my most nostalgic game, and unlike other games of my childhood, this game still is one of my FGOATs, so if they manage to take what's great about this game and expend upon it by also using what makes the first game good, it would be an amazing game, for Dark Moon fans like me, and the fans of the first game.

This game looks gorgeous! Honestly, this game is maybe not as good as Mario maker 2, since that game, also is AMAZING. This game is pure fun, and in my opinion should be higher, as well as it should be higher on the top 10 games of all time...

31? This game is Top 5 at least! This game has great progression, amazing boss fights, clean graphics, and realistic physics.

8 Borderlands 3

This game is a revolution to behold. It brings pure insanity to strategy to an all time awaited game. This is the game I waited for years over. This game not only deserves first place, but is the embodiment of first place itself.

Worth the wait. Everything a Borderlands game should be...with much more to come.

Got it when it came out.

9 Crash Team Racing: Nitro Fueled

I'm only one day into playing it but so far, this has massive potential to make my top spot in my best games of 2019. You heard me. It's that damn good. Just like the N. Sane trilogy, this remake literally mirrors nearly everything that was so fantastic about the OG. Better yet, there is not a single microtransaction feature in this game. You unlock stuff by actually playing the damn game, something that every game SHOULD have. Beenox did this serious justice, and considering the fact that a company like Activision would even conceive the idea of publishing these Crash remakes in solid base form, I have nothing but mad respect for them. I've always loved Mario Kart, but even today, that series still can't hold a candle to how groundbreaking CTR has always been.

EDIT: Okay Activision lied and ended up putting microtransactions in the game a month later. Still, they're extremely cheap (no more than $10), only for cosmetics, and don't affect the gameplay in terms of getting an advantage in races, so you're in no way forced to pay for them. These are the kind of microtransactions I can tolerate, so the game is still very solid.

10 Death Stranding

Unlike anything I've ever experienced. I wasnt doing much more than walking around for 90% of my time playing but I was engrossed every single second. The genius of making the mundane into an unforgettable video game about loss, connection, isolation, death, and wondrous to behold.

It is a Unique Game that is not for everyone. I was pretty impressed with the gameplay and the story was quite interesting. Kojima did make those 4 years of development worth it for this game. I love it. Just be in mind, I can't recommend it considering it's uniqueness.

One of a kind game. Beautifully done and interesting plot. Not overly complicated but the storytelling really makes it the experience of the year. Looking forward to what else Kojima comes out with after this one.

The Contenders
11 Super Mario Maker 2

Why isn't this higher? This game is awesome! For one, it has a lot more things in here then the original, A story mode, a new style, on/off switches, slopes, angry sun/moon, Forest theme, Superball... Its all here! Also the new song selection. And a lot more good levels than the original since more people own the Nintendo Switch. Not to mention the amazing and hilarious Yamura's Dojo, where you get trained by a pigeon and his teenage girl assistant. Not even kidding. One thing is you can make the Thwomps go Sideways, which is amazing and works for some really good levels. Again, like the original, there is a lot of trash levels and the online Multiplayer in awful. Just hand a joy-con to a friend and stick with that. There's a lot less.. lag. But this game is so fun that Nintendo had to double the amount the levels you can publish. Also Arby's and Wendy's both made Mario Maker levels. Now that's something. In Conclusion, this game is fun and is way better than the first! (Not that the first was bad) there may be some bad things but that can't distract me from this amazing game. Let's get this to the top 10!

12 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

A long-awaited return to the series that got the Call of Duty franchise into the mainstream. And it's better than all 3 Modern Warfare games.

Best Call of Duty in years...maybe since the first Modern Warfare.

The entire series of Call of Duty made my teenage life great..

13 Metro: Exodus

The little game franchise that could...always overachieving and accomplishing atmosphere better than anything else I've ever played. They took everything up a couple notches for this entry and it really has no equal in immersing you in a world you both recognize and absolutely do not. Its excellent and incomparable to other shooters.

An excellent continuation and evolution of the criminally-underrated Metro series.

Who hated Metro 2033? Nobody, so why hate this. The devs will not let us down.

14 Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

That game was phenomenal. It should be in the top 3 to be honest. I don't understand how Kingdom Hearts III, a disappointing game, is number 1.

Hidetaka Miyazaki and his team at From Software finally won Game of the Year! They deserve it after Dark Souls got robbed so many times.

So severely underrated! This is made by FromSoftware, aka the makers Dark Souls, Demon's Souls and Bloodborne. This one will be epic.

15 Days Gone

I honestly seen my Ex Play This I begged Him To Play Overwatch! I didn't See single Damn Overwatch Videos Of Him Playing He's Missing Out the Stuff I get Out of A Loot Box and Gold I keep telling him that Overwatch is Better than Fortnite I begged Him Multiple Times! He Couldn't listen to me! I just hate that I wish He can Play Overwatch someday with me I just don't want him to miss out

I really liked it. For some reason, this game got a lot of hate, which it honestly doesn't deserve. Sure, It's nothing special, but it's not terrible either.

This game got a lot of hate at launch, but after the patches, it's honestly one of the best games of the year.

16 The Outer Worlds

This game is similar to Fallout but in a good way because it's barely glitchy and it runs well on my Xbox. Issues I've had whilst playing was just the Loading Screen times which take more than a minute due to world size. But overall I loved Outerworlds, it's a game inspired by Fallout just without the bugs and having to run in with performance issues. I experienced no lag at all which is why this should've been the game you bought on Black Friday or Boxing Day. Best game in 2019.

I just started playing this game and I can't stop thinking about it! It's like Fallout (especially Fallout 3 and Oblivion in terms of character design during dialogue), but in space! This game is AMAZING!

Way better than Fallout. It's sad that the game didn't get much attention. Very underrated. If you like Fallout New Vegas, definitely give this game a try.

17 New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe

This game is okay. You can have fun with it, and I'm one of the only people that will say every NSMB is better than 3 and world, but not as good as the 6 golden coins and this game is the best NSMB so therefore the 2nd best 2d Mario, which is good, but doesn't mean a lot. Sadly, this game cost too much for what it is.

Just an updated version of the original New Super Mario Bros. U

Good game, but not worth 60 dollars.

18 Fire Emblem: Three Houses

Super excited for this game!

Best game ever.

19 Untitled Goose Game

This game is just incredible. The concept of the game is great I want a 2nd version of this please and thank you.

Untitled Goose Game is a revelation because it lets you be a furious goose.

I love the concept. It's a really funny game.
Why isn't it higher?

20 Pokemon Sword and Shield

I don't know exactly how it will turn out, but I think it's gonna be the best pokemon games yet. I don't think pokemon will reach its ultimate potential with this game, like odyssey did for Mario, Star Allies did for Kirby or Breath of the Wild did for Zelda, but at the end of the day, any pokemon game will at least be great.

Dude it's not even out yet but if it was out it would be like the best Pokemon game ever maybe. My prediction.

Say what you want about it but I really like this game!

21 WWE 2K20
22 Little Misfortune
23 Tom Clancy's The Division 2

I usually avoid the games that glorify the American Military complex, but this game kept me playing for months. Truly, a great game that should be in the top 10.

An almost sublime experience. The game is everything good about the first Division...just better. Loved my campaign playthrough...can't wait to go back for DLC.

The Division was spectacular, and this is gonna be even greater.

24 Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story + Bowser Jr.'s Journey

Too bad it only sold 20000 units since late 2018(Japan) and early 2019(Everywhere else) compared to the original of over 3 million units. One of the most underrated remakes ever. Because of this, the Partners in Time remake might be cancelled.

I spent over 150 hours leveling all three characters up to level 99.

This game will always be amazing no matter what system it is on

25 Five Nights at Freddy's: Help Wanted
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