Best Weapons in Ratchet and Clank: Going Commando

The Ratchet and Clank series is known for the ridiculous weapons and the obscene power that many of them have, so I wanted to make a list about the ones from the first truly great RaC game. I won't be taking weapon mods, mega or ultra weapons into account.
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1 Bouncer

Everything about this weapon is absurd, the fact that the explosions create bombs that create more explosions is nothing short of hilarious. The actual damage of the weapon is also absolutely amazing. This is even better once it gets upgraded because all it does is make the explosions even better.

This is so broken that I just shred everybody to pieces with the Heavy Bouncer. 10/10.


The only reason that I don't find this the greatest weapon in the game is because you probably won't have enough bolts to be able to buy this before the end of the game. The weapon itself is amazing though, the pure destruction it causes is unmatched.

Rip You a New One, the second coming.

3 Plasma Coil

I personally don't like the base version of this gun for the fact that it barely holds any ammo at all. Luckily, the upgraded version of it is the single best form of crowd control in the game. If it weren't for the fact that weapons take an eternity to upgrade in this game, would put this higher than 6.

This weapon is by far, the greatest room cleaner in the entire galaxy!
Just imagine that you got a sparkle of destrution coming in your way and that's basicaly how the enimies should feel about this weapon. And don0t get me started on the upgraded version of the plasma coil, in one word: Destruction!

4 Shield Charger

This and the Synthenoids are almost one in the same for me, they both serve the same purpose of giving you extra power without any form of compromise. As well as protecting you really ell, the upgraded verion of this is an absolute beast in combat.

5 Synthenoid

This weapon is great for the sole reason that you can use other weapons while these are active, giving you a boost in dps without any cost. The upgraded version of this makes the weapon be able to destroy everything without needing you to also shoot.

6 Hoverbomb Gun

I find this to be a fairly underrated weapon, the fun of carefully maneuvering these balls of destuction is really satisfying, and the upgraded version is beyond ridiculous. The only issue with it is that it barely carries any ammo

7 Minirocket Tube

I find this to simply be a decent long range weapon. The ammo amount is ok and the splash damage is great. The one issue is that I believe it should do a bit more damage, not a great amount, but enough t make it feel like you are actually shooting explosives at the targets.

Good for range

8 Miniturret Glove

The turret gloves are always a great deal of fun in these games, and once again, it gives extra power while you use other weapons, the main reason I don't like this one as much is because of the inconvenience of having to aim where it will drop, which makes it a somewhat less reliable weapon than the shield or synthenoids.

9 Lava Gun

This is just one of if not my favorite weapon in the entire series its just so cool to shoot lava, I repeat LAVA. Well the second form is ok not nearly as cool but powerful. RaC 3 did better with liquid nitrogen but a favorite!

The base version of this weapon is one of my favourites in the game, and series in general, I always found it really fun to shoot this beam of pure liquid death at my enemies. Due to this fact, you can understand that I was furious when it upgraded into what is essentially a lancer that does more damage and has shorter range. Great base weapon, terrible upgrade.

10 Sheepinator

As well as being unbelievably fun to use, the sheepinator is decent. While it has short range, the fact that it has infinite ammo makes it quite easy to upgrade, and its upgraded form is awesome, the fact that the sheep will now take aggro and explode makes this a very good weapon.

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11 Zodiac
12 Bomb Glove
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