Best Mann vs Machine Weapons [TF2]

Some weapons are good in the real game, but what about MVM (Mann vs Machine). MVM is a mode of TF2 (Team Fortress 2) where you can pick a class and fight off hordes of robots. There are upgrade stations that you can use to boost your weapon's stats to face the larger waves. In order to use these stations, you need cash. You can spawn cash by killing a robot. If a player picks it up, everybody is rewarded a number of cash. use it to upgrade your guns. If you die, unlike normal TF2, you can be revived by a Medic. The Medic needs to shoot his medi-beam into a device that drop out of the players that die during the fight. For more information, go to the TF2 Wiki. This top-10 will list some of the BEST weapons to use in MVM.
The Top Ten
1 The Kritzkrieg (Medic)

Very, VERY good. You can use it in setup to charge up the Scottish Resistance stickies, use it against an Uberbot, or shred a tank.

2 The Mad Milk (Scout)

Scout's job is indeed picking up money, but what if his secondary slot can be used for something other than the BONK! Atomic Punch? The Mad Milk is a bottle of milk that when thrown, splashes. Mad Milk covers the enemies in a rough coat of milk. Players who hit enemies with the Mad Milk effect will be healed. This heal effect can save lives. The last thing you want is a scout to survive, and carry the bomb to the end zone while everybody doesn't have enough health, and eventually dying. You don't want to have to defend with a dead team, and the Mad Milk can prevent that. As a Scout, you can't defend on your own, but if you're team is dead, you have to. If you're a Scout main, you KNOW it does not work out to defend robots on your own. Prevent the loss of a team by throwing mad milk into a crowd. Your teammates will get the milk heal, and you can survive the wave. It's very important, so it's #2.

3 The Scottish Resistance (Demo-man)

Demo can destroy a lot of robots with his grenades and sticky bombs. The stickies are very powerful, and can be stacked together for big damage to big things. The Scottish Resistance does this job best. This DOES have a trigger time penalty, but that doesn't matter unless you're using stickies for offense. The Scottish Resistance can make big amounts of stickies in very little time, and can be set off group by group, wasting less stickies. You can cover an area with Stickies (Critical Hit Stickies especially) and blow up massive waves of zombies. This sticky bomb launcher's defensive abilities are powerful, but since it's slow to blow, it's at #3.

4 The Brass Beast (Heavy)

The worst thing you could use in a normal fighting match. But this isn't normal. This is MVM. The boosted damage is EXTREMELY helpful, especially since all of Heavy's Miniguns have no damage upgrade. Although there is a movement decrease, the damage greatly outnumbers this. Also, there is a spin up time penalty which IS crippling, but the damage is super important. #5.

The brast beast is op in mvm. Even though it has down sides that loweres its spining up speed, you can upgrade its down sides. It has a damage bonus, which makes it op.

5 The Machina (Sniper)

Sniper's job is to accurately take out the big robots. The Machina is perfect with it's extra damage boost when fully charged. The Machina is usually referred to as The Body-shot Gun, but when you get a head shot, total destruction. Especially after equipping The Machina with maximized damage buffs and other boosts, it will destroy those big robots and tanks. But what about smaller robots? What if there are no big robots? Just small? That's why the Machina has piercing damage. The Machina can hit multiple targets with a single shot thanks to it's piercing shots, removing big numbers of robots from the scene. The #4 spot goes to The Machina.

6 BONK! Atomic Punch (Scout)

Scout's job is putting down damage on big robots with his scatter gun and picking up money! The BONK! Atomic Punch lets Scout run around without taking damage. You can get away with it, or go in with it. You can use it to get behind the enemy, and then attack. You can use it to get around safely, allowing more money to be collected without facing a death. This thing is helpful. It earns it's spot at #6.

7 Jarate (Sniper)

JARATE! This weapon is a jar of pee (aka Jarate) that splashes. When it hits an enemy, they're coated in Jarate. Jarate makes the victim take Mini-Crit damage. If you can get this into a pile of robots, they'll get shredded. The reason this is here instead of the Sydney Sleeper is because you can Jarate enemy robots and STILL use your rifle to shoot off robots. Also, the Sydney Sleeper can only Jarate one enemy unless you get a headshot. Finally, there are no Head shot critical hits with the Sydney Sleeper, thus making the Jarate better. Jarate is #7.

8 Deadringer (Spy)

This weapon is good. Very good in MVM, as it's a very quick escape. This is MUCH BETTER than the Invis Watch and the Cloak and Dagger, simply because you can disguise in front of a robot and BOOM! You're hidden. The Deadringer can get you out of bad situations quickly. It's #8

Normally a very infuriating weapon to play against, but it's a very good utility in this.

9 Stock Weapon (All Classes)

No matter what (unless nerfed), the Stock weapons will always be useful. They have no downsides, yet no upsides. The weapons above this have huge upsides that outnumber the downsides, or non-crippling downsides that come along with upsides, or maybe even a crippling downside that unlike the normal game, would have small effect in MVM. An example of how powerful the Stock weapons can be is the Stock Flamethrower. The Stock Flamethrower's cheap air-blast can reset the bomb, and save your team from losing a round, which is why stock weapons are #9 on this list.

10 The Crusader's Crossbow (Medic)

Medic isn't built for dealing damage. That's why the Crossbow was made. Since the Crossbow won't save Medic from death, it's only at #10, but it earns a spot on this list for it's ability to heal teammates you won't be able to run over and heal, and also, when used correctly, it can provide a fast heal rate. It's helpful, but because of it's lack of defense, it's only at #10.

The Contenders
11 Dragon's Fury + Gas Passer (Pyro)

Pyro using this combo can make him a very powerful force.

12 Buff Banner (Soldier)
13 Rescue Ranger (Engineer)

The Rescue Ranger is always good. It lets you stay close to your more supportive builds, and focus more on being support.

14 The Shortstop (Scout)
15 Phlogistinator (Pyro)
16 Your Eternal Reward (Spy)

The Your eternal reward is really helpful in mvm. When you backstab a robot in mvm, multiple robots fire at u and you need time to disguise. Using the Your enternal award, you can quickly disguise, backstab and sap robots. The your enternal award is hard to master, especially the cloak downside. Try it with the Dead ringer.

17 Fan O'War (Scout)
18 Beggar's Bazooka (Soldier)
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