Top 10 Best Beyblade Burst Tops

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1 Lost Longinus

Lost Longinus is cool because it has two ways to say it. The first way is Lost Longinus and the second way is Lost Luinor. But I like Lui because his sharp teeth and his fluffy feathery thing. he pulls a car string for training. I watch beyblade burst gt and there is someone else who has Longinus which is Lodin Haijima. I like Lost Luinor more than any other beyblade. It is the best beyblade in the world...

I really like the bey and it truly is the most powerful because it won 5 championships in a row. Although Lui can be extremely rude sometimes that is practically the only way he knows how to communicate with people, so I really don't mind

Lost Longinus is absolutely BEAST. Seriously. Even though he gets beat sometimes, the only reason is because he got knocked out. I switched the tip, and that made Lost Longinus much better. I approve, definitely.

I beat some of the best blades with it and, I BEAT Nightmare Luinor with it! Better than quite a few god (evolution) blades and managed to beat cho-z (turbo) blades. Best burst bey.

2 Xcalius/Xeno Xcalibur

1. Xander put lots of effort into his bey, and the training he did at SB Rios, the hundred blader test was way harder than all these other bey's challenges in the series.
2. Have you seen how strong his bey is?! I'm sure it's had the most burst finishes in both Beyblade Burst and Beyblade Burst Evolution!
3. The grip. Have you seen it?! It's so cool, and it's one of the main strength providers of the bey itself.
4. It's moves are so powerful, oH mY gOD!
5. It's sooo underrated. It's WAY stronger than Nightmare Luinor and Lost Luinor! In real life, Xander would have won the actual thing, not Valt with his dumb luck and motivation. And Lui is just too cocky, and gets overconfident. With the strength Xander has, if Beyblade Burst/Evolution was filmed in real life, without any matches rigged, Xander would have won. So, join me in Xcalius' praise!

My #1 Beyblade because all of his stuff has metal and his focus ring is heavier than most of my beys. His tip has a very sharp tip edges for those sharp turns l. It's top has extremely heavy sword that can 1 hit burst almost anything (Just with top). So please make him #1

Xeno Xcalibur is quite good with zephyr, with not only attack but a good amount of stamina. It is also quite a good bey on its own. I approve.

Extremely strong attack type. Will likely burst opponent. I like xeno xcalibur the best. Looks cool, Is cool!

3 Valtryek/Valtryek V2

Either in the Beyblade Burst Turbo app or in real life, this bey is the one of the BEST I've ever had! With the stunning design of the Valtryek V2 QR code I got from Hascon way back in 2017 and the sheer determination I have, I haven't lost a single battle with this awesome beyblade! Please leave a vote for this bey, as it is - by far - the most awesome bey I've ever had. And I mean EVER! Leave a vote please!

It's really good if you have an attack sort of stadium, as it's speed can knock the opponent out of the arena easily. I have versed it with most beys such as Drain Fafnir and it always wins. I haven't versed it against Lui's bey though.

If we are talking about the anime, a strong contender he is for first place, but in real life it really determines how you use it. But in my opinion, It is an amazing bey and is one of my favorite.

It is so overpowered,it should be at the top compared to every other bey (besides wonder valtryek of course) it also defeated every bey I had even all my spryzen's and any other bey I had!

4 Spryzen

He is the best! He bested Lui and Shu can battle with both hands making Spryzen even more powerful, besides he is a balance type

Spryzen should be number 1! Spryzen cracked a lot of beys in season 2, It's the best bey.

Why is this in top 4 dude in turbo series he destroyed longinus like dude.

Spryzen is my most beyblade in the world because he beat everything.

5 Spriggan Requiem

This was definitely insanely overpowered. I'm pretty sure they banned it being used with the bearing driver due to it being insane against opposite spin stuff so you could just change spin direction and win

Spriggan Requiem is easily a top tier Beyblade choice. There is a variety of options that the bey has available. Starting off with the layer, very strong teeth, making a tight locking mechanism, a metal god chip that gives it more weight, rubber on the layer allowing it to spin steal and absorb attacks. Metal on the layer making heavy impacts. And, left and right spin! How many other beys besides the Spriggan lineup have that? None! That's what makes it so unique. The round disk is 0 and is one of the heaviest and best attacking disks that you can have! And the Zeta driver (6 in greek) allows up to six modes including left and right spin! The flat rectangular tip is the Attack mode tip, the ball looking tip is the Defense mode tip, and the flat circular-shaped tip with a little point in the center is the Stamina mode tip. This bey is basically a must-get and is very good. I recommend it very much.

Spriggan requiem should be your best bey because it has Rubber contact points and duel rotation and only 3 Spriggan bey have this ability in Beyblade burst(The whole series). But, seriously how can longinus be at the top. (anything that release after beyblade burst is by default better then this bey)(the same for every beyblade also) no beyblade will every be the best until beyblade is over. The majority of the time the last release is the most broken. So, until the last release of beyblade burst(the whole series) we will not know who is the best

It is the best god bey of all! It really can switch between Attack, Defense, and Stamina! Not to mention right or left spin! The rubber on the God Layer even allows it to spin steal as well! I'm pretty sure that it also has metal on it too. And it's a pretty heavy bey and hard to take down too.

6 Drain Fafnir

Drain fafnir is actually bad but if your talking about the movie, it is the best, or even volt could defeat it (volt's bey was a golden valtryek). The regular drain fafnir isn't green and the movie driain was. There's a difference, more rubber on the movie, the only burst hey that can defeat it is almost not a single bey can but a defense type can. The only other bey that can are metal fusions, out of all of burst, turbo, and metal fusion, drain fafnir is the 6th best bey, the bey that is better than it is 5 metal fusions

My Favourite Bey is in the top 8! Drain Fafnir is really cool and it sucks other bey's power which I think made it one of the most powerful bey ever. I like the part when the driver is pressed down and it suddenly zooms so fast that it can either dodge the opponents bey or BURST it, and the other beys will be like "Fafnir, give...mercy..." and Fafnir will be like "GET DUNKED ON! " then you'll know what happen.

Drain Fafnir can do a Move that can drain Other opponent's spin called "Drain Spin" and then when you Launch hari enough the spring in the Nothing Performance Tip gets drove Down leaving to a "Nothing Break" the faster fafnir spins, the more chance it has to do nothing break. And you can laso use Drain Spin To lead to Nothing Break.

I love dran Fafnir! Even though it has no attack as a counter-clockwise stamina type, it switch strike abilities are awesome! Including the fact that it's tip actually goes down! Awesome, right?

7 Kerbeus

This bey is off-limits awesome!

Kerbeus is my favorite

Such a good defense bey

It bursts so easily

8 Spryzen S2

I love spryzen S2 he is so grand just got hike today and I'm already winning battles The only beyblade that is my favourite is spylryzen S2.

Ya I agree that Spriggan Requiem is better than spryzen S2.

Sprigging requiem is better, sorry storm spryzen fans, but overall, requiem outclasses storm is nearly every way

Same thing as spryzen itself.

9 Dark Doomscizor

World's best attack type. Stamina could be better, but if it gets a good hit the opponent will burst or even break.

Doomscizor for the win

Doomscizor has great attacks it beat my metal revive Phoenix with a burst

It sounds amazing

10 Nightmare Longinus

It is the best because of its deadly attacks that always leave my opponent in pieces and wishing they never faught me. It deserves #1 spot easily. Another reason is because it, when I looked at this list, beat every single one above it 7 or 8 times, it really does deserve #1 spot, please vote nightmare longinus for the win

I don't know that has happened...Nightmare is the best Beyblade and it plus it beats Lost Longinus and all must be in first place...What the hell! Lost Longinus is not that good to be in first...Second should be xeno xcaliber only and Third should be spriggan requiem

Nightmare longinus is awesome! I battled lost longnius and it broke into pieces withe one single hit! It goes so fast drain fafnir can not even steal his energy! If you are going to get the number 1 beyblade this is what you are looking for.

Nightmare is honestly the greatest. Rekt my Winning Valkyrie, God Strike Valkyrie, yea. It's overpowered basically. And it never burst ONCE. Launch it correctly, and BAM! You've won. Vote for Nightmare Longinus everyone!

The Contenders
11 Doomscizor D2

This is one of my best beyblades! It can smoke Xcalius, Furneas, and Orichmondulus! ( did I spell those right? ) The only bey that stands a chance is Odax. ( which is BEAST. )

I got the Japanese version it is awesome it barley ever bursts and could take out sprytzen and valtryak no probably go doomscizor!

I like attack types

It is so awesome

12 Geist Fafnir

He is the better Bey, because he have a power of Spin Steal(OBS: It don't work if the Beyblade spin to the left side), and if a beyblade have a left side rotating, he will explode him because he have 3 Spin Stealers/strikers perfectly posicioned, and it make a great damage, he is always better in Takara Tomy.

He can spin steal and only the best bladers can unleash it's true strength like me. Now my bey broke like in the show because I battle too hard. Now I am just waiting for the new Fafnir for Beyblade Burst Super King or Sparking

I love this bey not the best but I love the design. I like that gem in the middle. It looks dope and that a fact, and all the haters can log out.Its spin steal is amazing I don't see who could hate it. It's so good I don't like Pli for breaking it

I spun Geist Fafnir with my hand and beat a full power God Chip Cognite. It is really OP if you use him correctly.

13 Horusood H2

I have Horusood H2 and it always beats my younger sister's beyblade Wyvron! I love it!

It defeated a metal fusion: earth eagle.

Amazing should be #1

I have horusood

14 Shin Longinus, Lui's 3rd Beyblade

The names is bloody Longinus not "shin Longinus".

I love this bey best beyblade ever!

Not the best but okay

15 Valtryek V2

I like op attack type

Valtryek is the best because its super fast and when it gains speed it does more damage

Valtryek is super fast in spin and can go the the outer rim and gain more speed

16 Lost Luinor

Burst my requiem in two hits!

This is lost longinus

The is the best

Best bey to ever roam the earth and I found out that it goes toward its opponents

17 Winning Valkyrie

This thing beats Spriggan Requiem easily in every spin direction. I would change the tip to something that has more trajectories because volcanic is uncontrollable.

Even if it has bad stamina, the power level is the same no matter how fast or how slow it spins.
That's why I LOVE it.

Winning valtreyak is the best beyblade because valt uses him and he always wins so of course it's going to be good.

It always wins against every Beyblade, Emperor Forneus, Bloody Longinus, Z Achilles, and so much more.

18 Quetziko Q2

I have him and he is a stanima type I challenged him to a stanima battle between lightning x istors (slingshock) and quetziko Q2 still lost.

Yas. I have this bey it's my best

It sounds like a snake

19 Zet Achilles

Hasbro one goes down in 3 hits (or less), while takara tomy one outclasses it.

I have the evolution of him and it is awesome!

I like it because it not only looks pretty cool but its also quite strong

Best hey it broke vortex

20 Hell Salamander

Oh yaas! Beast of the bey of my favorite character. Really cool bey, the bey's ability to switch from attack to defense mode quickly really reflects owner's personality! Amazing how well connected the owner and bey is, it's like Salamander is a person, don't get mixed up that they're only spinning objects. Has an epic look with the Fire and the moves!

It is the best in defense mode and has a attack pattern that makes it to where you can't get him off balance. He is undefeatable

Hell Salamander is the best balance type out there! Should be number one.

One of my favorite beys and definitely one of the good beys out there, if you are able to read the situation then this bey has amazing potential

21 Maximum Garuda G3

I getting the starter pack for Christmas.

I have it and none of my beys have defeated it because of how long the forge disk is

22 Vatryek v3

Awesome reboot makes it super offensive burst my drain fafnir in 4 hits and took no burst damage.

I just got it today but so far it's like a god bey!

It is the best beyblade my brother had.

Why is this thing behind Valtryek V2?

23 Lightning L Drago

This is the a bad bey it always burst.

Metal fight is not cool

Bro , burst ver is best

Who cares this is l drago the best metal fusion it can beat all burst

24 Legend Spriggan

Legend Spriggan is a really good bey and I also think that it's really strong. Especially in tournaments!

It can beat the top three in left spin.

It's such a good bey!

I like the colors

25 Zillion Zeus

That bey is the strongest bey I have ever seen
I don't care if a tiny bey like valtryek beat it!
Zach shouln't have retired.

You got to be kidding me how is it 17 place?

It has limitless stamina

This bay is awesome.

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