Top 10 Minecraft PVP YouTubers

The world of Minecraft content creation on YouTube is vast and incredibly diverse. Among the plethora of Minecrafters sharing their building tips, redstone innovations, survival adventures and speedrun records, there's a special niche of YouTubers who focus on the pulse-pounding action of PvP combat.

These Minecraft PvP YouTubers are the champions of virtual combat, the masters of diamond swords, bows and potions. They are players who've honed their Minecraft skills to the point where they're practically performing an art form every time they enter the battlefield. From classic one-on-one duels, to large-scale faction wars, to Hunger Games-like survival scenarios, they showcase their formidable prowess and entertain thousands (even millions) of viewers worldwide.

But hey, it's not all about the kills, it's about the thrills too! These YouTubers bring something special to their channels, be it an infectious sense of humor, a knack for epic storytelling, or a talent for breaking down and analyzing the mechanics of the game. They know how to turn a match into an engrossing spectacle, and that's why their fans tune in, match after match, video after video.
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1 Technoblade

I think he is a fantastic PvP player, as proven in every single MC Monday event so far, only losing in weeks three and four due to bad teammates and an overpowered duo (Vikk and Preston).

He also holds the second-highest Bedwars streak of 1,400. As a YouTuber, I find him hilarious, and his content is always great, even if he uploads rarely due to his busy college schedule. I definitely recommend people watch him. He is a lot of fun to watch, and you'll laugh for sure.

The true best. He won Minecraft Monday more times than anyone else and many other Minecraft events. He was the real king of Minecraft.

Rest in peace, King Techno (1999-2022).

2 xNestorio

Super good with the bow and arrow and also very good with the sword. He's won hundreds of UHCs, and I think he is better than Technoblade.

One of the best PvPers and certainly the most creative. Subscribe to him.

3 Stimpay

Stimpay is coming in at number 2 for the same reason as Ngal: because Danteh quit.

Stimpay is a master at Pot PvP, and he also tries his best to win against better PvPers, something that many people don't do.

He is also on this list for beating Danteh in a Pot PvP duel.

4 jdegoederen

Jdegoederen is a very good UHC player and can easily achieve impressive combos on others.

He also won a clutch against SuchSpeed (Tom) and can be quite good with the bow at times.

Yeah, the guy is a nut in UHC PvP. UHC PvP covers most Minecraft PvP skills and mechanics, and this dude is really good at it.

5 Huahwi
6 Grapeapplesauce

8th? Are you kidding me? When Grapeapplesauce fights Huahwi, it's even, yet Grape wins most of the time. However, when people make videos of those fights, they only show the ones where Huahwi wins, and people believe it.

Grapeapplesauce did lose to Technoblade in a 1v1, but Grape had less armor and was knocked off first due to Technoblade's knockback. The only reason he has never beaten xNestorio is that in one instance, Nestor got lucky, and in another, Grapeapplesauce was nice and essentially let xNestorio win.

7 Tylarzz
8 SuchSpeed

SuchSpeed (Tom) is one of the most popular PvPers on YouTube and is also into UHC and similar activities.

SuchSpeed (Tom) is at number 4 for two reasons: (1) jdegoederen, Stimpay, and xNestorio are better at PvP, and (2) he was one of the first to die in United UHC.

9 Skeppy
10 TapL
The Contenders
11 PrestonPlayz

Preston I dare you to challenge Techno. I f you need backup call dream and Avery the minecraft dude that beat Techno. I subed turned on the natefications and liked your videos

12 fruitberries
13 gamerboy80
14 Hypixel

It is a very good community but it's not a singular player so why is it here exactly?

15 Wisp
16 Kiingtong
17 TheBestGinger13

He is a really good PvPer, and I believe he is one of the 10 best players, but...

18 Vikkstar123
19 Graser10
20 PopularMMOs
21 TimeDeo
22 Shotgunraids
23 Ph1lza
24 Verzide
25 JeromeASF
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