Top 10 Worst Bosses in Kingdom Hearts

Kingdom Hearts is a best game I have ever played. There a lot of good and awesome stuff and bosses are Epic! However there are some bosses that are worst. Note to self if you see this, there all my opinion (me). However (AGAIN) There are some game I haven't beat all kingdom hearts. I didn't beat Kingdom hearts Re:Chain Of Memories And Never will (Because you need card to attack enemies), Didn't beat 365/2 days, and BBS as Aqua (She the only one that is left) and of course of the game that haven't out yet:Kingdom Hearts 3(Can't Wait). Well let get started, here is my top 10 Kingdom Hearts Worst Bosses. (Forgot to mention: Most of My least Bosses was from KH3D)
The Top Ten
1 Phantom From Kingdom Hearts

You must attack and use magic on him with the correct color. Red is Fire, Blue is Blizzard, Yellow is Thunder, and White is Attack (seems legit). You must beat him within a time limit.

You can slow down time by using Stop on a giant clock. When time runs out, your party members will die and you can't revive them, and you will die too. If you are out of MP, you are dead (unless you equip Ethers). I faced this optional boss but haven't beaten him.

2 Nightmare Ventus Armor From Kingdom Hears 3D: Dream Drop Distance

He has the lowest health for a final boss, and he is easy! (Even though I died once from him.)

3 Grim Reaper From Kingdom Hearts 2

When he gets the medallion (all or less), he takes no damage. You need to use magic to get all the medallions and put them in a chest before you can attack him.

4 Young Xehanort From Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance

After he has 0 health, he turns into a clock, and if you don't perform a reality shift, he will restart the battle. After you do a reality shift, you fight the clock while dodging the clone.

5 Spellican From Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance

Use Flowmotion as Sora and try to attack him. After that, you start using commands to attack him. He likes to spam Star Attack, and if it takes too long, he will take you back to Flowmotion again!

6 Dark Zack From Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep

After you face Zack in the Olympus Coliseum, Hades will control Zack. His attack is insane. His dark power move is almost impossible to dodge, and he spams Meteor.

7 Holy Moley From Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance

Well, there are three reasons:

1. Worst boss name ever
2. He can teleport to the worst rooms
3. He shoots you with a carrot (Really, Square Enix? REALLY?)

Worst boss name ever. He can teleport to the worst locations for a fight! Plus, he shoots you with a carrot (Really, Square? Really?)

8 Giant Urshla From Kingdom Hearts

Her power was insane! She makes your HP low (unless you have Cure, but do it before she shocks you). Also, I hate Atlantica (at least I didn't die from her).

9 Demyx From Kingdom Hearts 2

His personality. He becomes a wuss and starts acting like a badass (he's not).

He summons water people while there's a time limit. In fact, his data battle is much worse! It's the same thing when he summons water people, but much worse!

I got so sick of hearing "Dance, water, dance" and "You like it?" also "Come on, skip to the beat." The data battle was horrible, trying to beat 90 clones in like 25 seconds.

Once I figured out Wisdom Form and spam Firaga, he was easy. His phrases are worse than Phil's "Get up on the Hydra's back!"

10 Trickmaster Kingdom Hearts Re Chain of Memories

He's terrible in every Kingdom Hearts game he's in, and his Crimson Prankster form in 358/2 Days is even worse!

The Contenders
11 Ansem From Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance
12 Captain Hook Kingdom Hearts Re Chain of Memories
13 Xaldin from Kingdom Hearts 2
14 Hydra from Kingdom Hearts 2
15 Oogie Boogie from Kingdom Hearts
16 Chernabog from Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance

He was extremely hard in the first game. This one is disappointing. They need to bring my favorite Disney villain back to Kingdom Hearts 3.

17 Mysterious Figure from Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep

This is the most broken and unfair fight of the series for me (especially as Terra).

Unlike Lingering Will, which is hard but fair and actually challenges the player in a good way, this one is just a pain. This boss is way, way too broken, and you are going to spam dodge roll like crazy.

18 Genie Jafar from Kingdom Hearts 2

All the Jafar boss fights in the series are plain bad. But KH2 has the worst. This should be number 1. Genie Jafar is a joke, and his boss fights are just bad.

19 Anti Black Coat Nightmare - Kingdom Hearts 3D Dream Drop Distance

The thing that pisses me off about this fight is when he takes all your health and heals himself. It's really hard to dodge. Square, what were you thinking when you made this fight?

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