Reasons Why Sonic Is Better Than Shadow

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1 The games are called "Sonic" not "Shadow"

This one doesn't make sense. I guess Mario is automatically better than everyone else because his name is in every game pretty much right? No. Everyone in the game is just as awesome as Mario

2 Sonic saved the company not shadow

You do realize that people only like Shadow because they think he's cool, not really what he did for the company right? So how can you use this? This is like trying to compare God to humans, God is obviously better than humans because of what he did to the world. But this isn't fair because God is the only one that can do something since he's the leader of all and he has powers obviously. This is the same for Sonic and Shadow, Sonic is the leader of the whole franchise. How can you say this now?

3 Sonic isn't trying to remember his depressing past

Everyone deals with things a different way. Shadow JUST lost Maria, and that was the only true friend he had. I don't like how depressing he is either, but that's what makes his character, that's who he is. Sonic may have lost his parents or whatever, but at least he had friends and siblings to look back to for comfort. Shadow had no one because Eggman doesn't care for Shadow, and that's his creator!

4 Sonic uses Natural speed while Shadow uses JET boots

Well you can't really argue because Shadow uses his jet boots to be faster than Sonic. But since Sonic uses natural speed you cannot really say that Shadow is faster than Sonic because Shadow would use his jet boots to win a race

Do you know where is sonic called shadow of faker because he has rocket boots figure

Yes well you can't argue with that fact cause Shadow does use jet boots to go fast

5 Sonic actually saves a lot more people and things

That's his job, he's the main leader. So again, you can't use this excuse

6 Sonic has Super, Hyper, Dark, Darkspine, Werehog
7 Sonic has a Metal Rival

Uh, Shadow has a rival too and it's Sonic himself. And who cares if his rival is metal?

8 Sonic is a real hedgehog while Shadow was created

Thanks for proving my point that Shadow was created to be more powerful than Sonic.

Ya making Shadow the real faker! (Sorry to all Shadow fans! I like Shadow and all but I believe he's the real faker I'm sorry!)

Oh so just because Sonic was actually birthed means he is better

9 Sonic isn't a douche

At least Shadow focuses on his missions and fights better than Sonic. Sonic's only power is running around (which is so boring) and he doesn't like others taking the spotlight as shown in Lost World. Shadow sticks to himself and just wants to be alone. Sure he did use guns and stuff in his own game, but that was one time! Sonic's a bigger douche than Shadow.

Shadow was the reason why sonic06 sucked!

10 Sonic is the real hero
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11 Sonic has reasons to be liked

Like what? I got reasons to hate him:
-He hates others getting the spotlight
-He's super cliche
-The only power he has is running fast
-He's creepy because he looks like a cyclops
-He's very egotistical and arrogant
-He only cares about himself, especially in Sonic Boom
-He doesn't care for his friends, especially in Sonic Boom
-Fighting Eggman for him is just a job, not something he does for the good of humanity

Dude, you just listed reasons why Sonic is so great. 'Cause narcissistic jerks, not all of 'em, but some, are, pardon my 70's word 'hip'.

12 Shadow won't exist without Sonic
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