Top 10 Ideas for a Five Nights at Freddy's Fan Game

Five Nights At Freddy's has become really popular. Two games in the series that were released in 2014, Five Nights At Freddy's 3 coming in 2015, and a bunch of fan games based on Five Nights At Freddy's. If you want more FNAF action, then here are some ideas for your own game based on FNAF. I know that some are cool, some are stupid, and some are hard to understand.
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1 Five Nights at Cartoon Universe

I would call it "Cartoon Universe", instead of "Five Nights at Cartoon Universe".
Here would be the story: There once was a man who was disgusted over an argument between three cartoon channels, Nickelodeon, Disney Channel, and Cartoon Network. No longer putting up with it, he decided to open an amusement park where all cartoons from all three channels can live together, and get along. During the night, a night guard must work & make sure nothing goes wrong. (I'm not copying from the other person, I like his idea.)
You play as Francis Ryan and must work there for five nights. However, you discover a secret...
A secret that was never supposed to be found...
A secret that could end the world...
A secret you will have to stop...
Before it is too late.
Some features:
-Free roam
-A big story
-Multiple endings
-Each night, different place
Here are the nights:
Night 1: Bikini Bottom (SpongeBob SquarePants)
Night 2: Fairy World (The Fairly Oddparents)
Night 3: Land of Ooo (Adventure Time)
Night 4: Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
Night 5: Employees Only Sector

2 Forgotten at Fredbear's

Oh, yes! I already have a plot..
You're a mechanic at the popular (at the time) Fredbear's Pizza, and you're about to leave. You try opening the door, and you realize you can't budge it. You begin to panic, doing everything in your power to get out. When you calm down, you decide you just need to stay for the night and survive, so you do. The next day, the doors are still closed. It has been raining hard all night, and the water is pretty high, although definitely not high enough to keep the resturaunt down... you continue trying to avoid the killer anamatronics. You keep going through the same routine- eat something, avoid, sleep. Eat, avoid, sleep. Before you know it, you've been there for five days. The flood was long gone, and the doors are still locked. You finally look at a poster saying something about how the business is going to be shut down, and as for this building, it's up for sale. As you're reading it, Fredbear walks up to you. THE END! NO CONCLUSION!

3 Forever at Freddy's

It looks cool! Being stuck forever!

4 Five Nights at Sesame Street

Please make a five nights at sesame street! I'm really into a sesame street horror game! And an idea of making your childhood ruin! :D Please make this game!

5 Five Nights at Justin Biebers

I would either be A)Screaming B)Crying C)Cutting off my ears or D)Shoving the door down Justin's mouth. Or pants. Pretty much, if you're lookibg for horror, do this.

6 Five Nights at BronyCon 2015
7 Five Nights At The PlayStation

The main antagonists would be PlayStation characters.

8 Five Nights at Eddy's
9 Five Nights at School

Second night phone call: Hey, on the animatronic's first day yesterday, an animatronic part fell on a kindergarden student. He's fine, but we're fixing that suit. Erm.. It may be a bit more active then the spare one I told you about.
I wouldn't be suprised if they broke while watching them on camera, err.. They're very fragile and add that to the truck ride here from all the way out south they're even more broken. I just can't wait until those piles of crap go. Also, the principal decided to move them to the music area. The stage and all. So, good luck. Check on that suit, and remember to always check the cameras. Alright, good night.

10 Five Nights of Big Nate

Night 1 call: uh hello? Hello um I'm not really sure why you choose to work here because this place is haunted. So far 5 people have gone missing and we aren't sure why. Anyway you need to check on the animatronics so they don't attack you. Anyway whatever you do do not go to cam(REDACTED) (call end)

Night 1 Call (Only part of it. ):Hello... Hello. Uh, I'm here to talk to you about the stuff that will happen during your first week at PS 38 Middle School.
For those not knowing who Big Nate is, it's made by Lincoln Pierce.

First night call:

Uh hello? Oh hello there Bryan volkes and yes I know your name

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11 Five Nights At The Zoo
12 Five Nights at the Little Einsteins'

INTRO:One day, there were four children called the Little Einsteins. They played in their playhouse where Rocket usually is. Then, a man came to them & asked if he can buy their playhouse. The Little Einsteins were worried about this, and thought that this could make them lose their playhouse & Rocket would have to find somewhere else to rest. The man then gave them something for their troubles & accepted that they decided to not have a deal with him. For some reason, the Little Einsteins fell into a coma, and nobody knows what happened, except for the man who met with them earlier. Feeling sad for the Little Einsteins, he decided to turn their playhouse into a place for children to look around & have fun. The Little Einsteins were replaced with animatronics that looked like them, and their bodies were kept somewhere, except for the hospital, nobody would ever find. The man thought it was a stupid idea. Now, there is a night watch person who must keep an eye on the Little Einsteins' playhouse to see if everything's alright.

13 Play as an animatronic

I'll make the game I've had an idea of that for a long time.

14 Five Nights At The Cemetery

Have some decayed animatronics, maybe some design related to gravestones or something like that

15 Five Night at Foxy

Funny thing is, I'm working on a fan game called five nights at foxy's funland using clickteam fusion 2.5, I'm using tutorials to help.GAME IS WIP!

16 Five Nights at Blue's Clues

Blue's Clues is my favorite T.V. Show. If you're wondering why this is on the list, I'll tell you why. I had a dream about Blue's Clues. A bunch of characters from that show were in it. Blue the puppy, Sidetable Drawer, Mr. Salt, Mrs. Pepper, Paprika, and a bunch of others. So that's it. Five Nights At Blue's Clues was inspired by a dream I had.

17 Super Nights at Freddy's

This would be more of a Super Mario Bros. crossover with Five Nights At Freddy's. Replace Mario with a security guard, and replace Bowser & the other enemies with the animatronics.

18 Five Nights at Farting

Most likely a dumb idea by a ten year old.

19 Left to Decay at Fazbear Entertainment

This is brilliant. Whoever thought of this idea is a genius.

20 Seven Nights At The Farm

We could have the main antagonists be the farm animals, which turn into monsters at night.

21 Five Nights at TheTopTens

Heh, make Justin beiber play this and include parts of the Justin beiber hate lists! That would be SO SO funny!

22 Fredbear's Fright
23 Fredbear's: Nightmare Unleashed

A Man named Joe Decided to work at the local Fredbear's family diner Since he got a newspaper that said
"Help needed. Someone needs to work at the local Fredbear and friends family diner. Since 1983."
He Thought it might be easy enough so he went but... things were wrong there was a secret animatronic in the back room that was black and it had red eyes everything was not normal none of them were moving
until... SKRREEE!

24 Eternity at Freddy's
25 Five Nights At Cartoon Universe 3: The Underground

Night 1 Phone call: "So hey there. I'm Zachary Anderson, you can call me P.G. So, Uh... Welcome to The Cartoon Universe! Yeah... Uh... The old location got shut down a week ago, so yeah... you are here in this underground facility to do some helpful tasks and yeah. You need to look right and go into the hall and sweep it, go into the vent behind you and reset the ventilation and unclog the drains in the toilet. So come back here to check the cameras, play audios and don't watch movies all night. If you're done your tasks then just press control M to play a movie on the computer. So Goodnight! "

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