Top 10 Worst Things in Video Games

After the abysmal wreck also known as RCT4 Mobile has been released, and everyone hates it for what is in it. What are the worst things in Games? Here's the list
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1 Microtransactions

Microtransactions and Loot Boxes can even turn a game into something worse than shovelware and bug/glitch-filled games. It could become the most disliked and negatively received video game out there. (We're looking at you, Genshin Impact!)

Gamers hate them. We all hate them, especially when the game hinders your progress if you don't buy more coins or something similar. Games are becoming more grindy and tedious because of this. These unscrupulous companies want us to spend more money, or they will hinder our progress. If I ever make a game, I'll make sure not to even consider microtransactions.

2 Friend Barriers

Ugh, the reason I can't stand social gaming is this: Why do I have to get friends just to progress in an otherwise single-player game? What's the point? You need three friends to "help" you progress to the next world. Why? To get more people to play the game? Well, here's my response: NO! I won't support your game if you include this nonsense.

It's also the reason for very annoying game requests. Nobody likes them. They've become a meme for "DO NOT WANT!"

3 Wait Times

Another thing that's often done poorly, if not absolutely awfully. I'm not claiming to be the most patient person. Actually, I'm the last person you should come to for patience.

The more you play a game, the longer and longer (see what I did there?) these issues get, the less patient I become, and the quicker I stop playing for good.

4 Premium Currencies

It's a requirement for any Facebook game. You spend real money to get more in-game resources. These are usually used to instantly finish tasks or to bypass "friend barriers." Better idea: don't include that nonsense in the first place!


Many would agree that DLC is killing gaming, and I agree as well. Instead of getting the full game for the £50 you paid, you get half the game, and then there are three DLC packs costing £20 each. That's £110 for the full game. I wouldn't pay that much for the full experience!

The proper way to handle this is to release the full game, wait a couple of years for the buzz to die down, and then release your expansion packs. That way, gamers don't feel ripped off.

Overall, it's used for very weak gameplay.

6 Gamebreaking Glitches

Some glitches are game-breaking. Some are amusing (Character Spaz - Goldeneye N64), and some can even be helpful (Break Bedrock glitch - Minecraft). But still, it's a glitch. It shouldn't be there. Game-breaking glitches have ruined games everywhere.

You've just been caught by the glitch gremlin.

7 Loot Boxes
8 Vote Kicking Abuse

Left 4 Dead 2, Team Fortress 2, Tower Unite, almost every single Roblox game that had vote kicking.

9 Required Online Connectivity
10 Griefers

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? Rage Quitters
? Limited Rewards
The Contenders
11 Quality Over Quantity
12 Quantity Over Quality
13 Bullies
14 Lag

Lag can be annoying, like the time I finished in last place with seven or eight racers in Mario Kart Tour multiplayer and somehow finished in third place.

15 Chat
16 Bad Controls
17 Tedious Missions
18 Ragers

While sometimes I do get a little upset at a game, it's very annoying when someone complains about a game and says it's not their fault. Yes, there are hackers, lag, and trollers, but you still shouldn't get mad at something that really doesn't matter.

It gets annoying when my team dies and one of my random teammates just smashes their whole setup. However, it's hilarious when I watch ragers on YouTube.

19 Unsatisfying Endings
20 Ridiculously Hard Levels

It sucks when levels are way too hard to beat.

21 Background Noises
22 Annoying Characters

Unoriginal storytelling is a scourge in video games.

23 Consecutive Sign-In Events
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