Top 10 Worst Video Game Consoles of All Time

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1 Virtual Boy

Let's be real here. The only reason PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo consoles get so high on these lists is because of kids who add them on because they think the other console is superior, while the ones that are actually bad are lower because they're less popular. Not that they don't have their flaws, but they're all still a hell of a lot better than this headache inducing monstrosity and knockoffs like the "PolyStation".

This console causes eye damage and headaches!

Best console your opinion is wrong! 1ONE!

2 Philips CD-i

Gee, it sure is goring around here...

Gee, it sure is boring around here...

I hope she made lots-a-spaghetti!

Toasters toast toast

3 LJN Video Art

Look Mama! I'm Drawing a poorly rendered Circle!

LJN made their own console? Uh oh...

In the words of the Angry Video Game Nerd; "The Styrofoam was more interesting."

Look mama I drew a line!

4 HyperScan
5 R-Zone

This thing is a worse version of the Virtual Boy. Yes I actually said that.

Worse version of the Virtual Boy which was already pretty bad.

6 Wii U

Had a great lot of exclusives towards the end of it's life but it wasn't better than the Wii.

7 Ouya

This console is trash.

8 Xbox One

Completely flopped. No exclusives awful launch.

9 Atari Jaguar
10 Google Stadia

It flopped so hard that everyone forgot about it again the day after it launched.

The Contenders
11 Nintendo Switch
12 Chintendo Vii

This actually exists?

13 Apple Bandai Pippin

There where like 15 games for it!

14 3DO
15 32X

I actually like this one.


This handeld had some really good ideas but weren't executed well.

17 Atari Jaguar CD
18 Atari 5200
19 Nintendo 3DS

Yeah I kinda regret putting this on here, I'm just not a fan of the games.

It's on here because the games are bad and the graphics are too.

20 Nintendo Switch Lite

It has all the bad things about the Original Switch (Bad battery life, No virtual console and nintendo switch online) and when it drifts you can't just buy new Joy-Cons. It can't even connect to a T.V. and sword and shield are bad.

The Switch Lite isn't too bad in my opinion. It may not be as good as the regular Switch or the 3DS, but it isn't a bad handheld.

21 PlayStation 4

I hate this console because it doesn't show a single cool thing about it like the PS3. It is the worst PlayStation console ever! Do not buy this! This console is not worth it!

22 Sega Saturn

There wasn't even a main-line Sonic game!

No Sonic. Please no more.

23 RCA Studio II
24 Nintendo Polystation

Shameless PlayStation clone. And yes, this is a legit console. (Despite it being a Famicone)

25 Wii Mini

Just the Wii but they removed a ton of features which makes it less good

Just the Wii without GameCube games, internet or SD card for modding.

Wait, this exists?

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