Top 10 Best Games on Certain Wiis

The Wii has tons of cool games to offer. Many Wii titles feature multiple games within each that are fun to play. Whether it's in single-player or double-player mode (or in some games, even three-player or four-player), it's a great pleasure.
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1 Bowling (Wii Sports)

Bowling in Wii Sports is quite a lot like bowling in real life: you have to knock down the pins in every lane. To do this, you need to lift the remote and release the ball to clear the lane. You can adjust the mode by moving the remote and pressing keys to take out the pins.

In the training version, there are three versions. The first one, Picking up Spares, involves clearing the lane in one throw. In this version, you aim to clear as many lanes as possible with five balls. You can use a ball for as many lanes as you can clear. For every lane you don't clear, a ball will be removed from your total number of usable balls. Once all the balls are used up, the game will conclude and show how many lanes you cleared. This stage has a maximum of 20 lanes.

The second version, Power Throws, involves bowling through 10 lanes. For every strike, your points are doubled. The number of pins in each lane is as follows: 10 Pins, 15 Pins, 28 Pins, 36 Pins, 45 Pins, 55 Pins, 66 Pins, 78 Pins, and 91 Pins.

The third version, Spin Control, is similar to Picking up Spares, but with obstructions placed on the lanes. This version also has 20 lanes.

2 Tanks! (Wii Play)
3 Cycling (Wii Sports Resort)

Cycling is a game that involves racing to the finish line. You must have a nunchuck connected to your remote to play this game. The game has three versions. In multi-stage versions, each new stage continues from where the previous stage left off. There is a 1-Stage race featuring 30 racers in total. In the 3-Stage race, there are 50 racers in total, and in the 6-Stage race, there are 100 racers in total. The game also offers various customization options.

Another version of the game is the 2-player cycling, which involves two players competing against each other to reach the finish line. In this game, the player has three hearts. When all the hearts are depleted, the player will stop to drink water to become re-energized. Players must also stay on the track to avoid falling off. If they do fall off, they will be respawned at their last location to continue the race.

4 Frisbee (Wii Sports Resort)

Frisbee involves throwing the frisbee so that a puppy can catch it. The puppy chases the frisbee and catches it at a specific location. Points are awarded based on where the frisbee lands, much like a target. There is also a golf version of the game, where the frisbee is thrown around a golf course. Players proceed to the next "hole" after the frisbee reaches the target location.

5 Fishing (Wii Play)
6 Air Sports (Wii Sports Resort)

Air Sports offers three modes: Skydiving, Island Flyover, and Dogfight. Skydiving involves bonding with other players, and pictures are taken as the Miis descend. Island Flyover has three modes: Daytime, Evening, and Night. In Island Flyover, players fly a plane around and collect "I" points by flying through them. These points are located around various islands.

In the Dogfight mode, two players are required to battle for the most number of balloons.

7 Charge (Wii Play)

Charge is the 8th stage of Wii Play. The game involves guiding your cow to knock down scarecrows. Players earn either 5 or 10 points when knocking down a jumpy scarecrow. Players have 1 minute and 30 seconds to reach the finish line. Any remaining time will be added to the bonus score. If time runs out before reaching the finish line, the points won't count. Players must raise their remote for the cow to jump.

8 Find Mii (Wii Play)

My personal favorite from Wii Play.

Find Mii is the 2nd stage of Wii Play. The objective is to complete the given goal within the time limit. The game starts with 15 seconds on the clock and adds additional time for each goal successfully completed. If a goal is not met, time will be subtracted.

The types of goals include: finding 2, 3, 4, or 5 look-alikes, which involves picking the stated number of similar faces. Finding the odd Mii out, which involves selecting the Mii that looks different from the majority. Finding the fastest Mii. Finding the Mii you're using. Finding a specific Mii. Finding the sleepy head, which involves selecting the Mii with their head down. Picking a favorite Mii to memorize for later levels. And finding your previously chosen favorite Mii.

The game settings vary and include locations such as a city, where the Miis are walking through and the player has to select them before they leave the screen. In later levels, this city scene is more zoomed out. Other settings include bleachers, where the Miis are standing consistently and players have to select from the visible crowd. Water, similar to the city but with Miis swimming through the screen. Escalators, where the Miis are moving down the screen. Space, where the Miis are in outer space and players have to select each one. And darkness, where players have to use the cursor as a torch to find the desired Miis.

9 Swordplay (Wii Sports Resort)

Swordplay has three versions: Showdown, Speed Slice, and Fight with Opponent. In Showdown, there are multiple round areas where the player has to strike down each Mii. Players have to guard themselves to prevent the Miis from hitting them. If a Mii lands three hits, the player is out and loses the round. The number of hearts on top of a Mii's head signifies the number of hits required to take them out.

In Speed Slice, the player has to slice each item in the direction the arrow points. This is done against an opponent Mii. The one who gets the most slices in the end wins.

In Fight with Opponent, the player Mii fights the opponent using a sword. There are, at most, three rounds. However, if the player Mii defeats the other Mii twice in a row, the game concludes and the player Mii wins. The same principle applies the other way around.

10 Shooting Range (Wii Play)

Shooting Range is the 1st stage in Wii Play Tanks. It involves destroying targets in the game. In single-player mode, you can even connect a 2nd remote, which will generate a second gun for you to use to destroy the targets and earn more points.

The player can also earn extra points for multiple shots in a row. In the first round, there are balloons that the player has to shoot and pop. Birds will also be flying around, which will earn the player 10 points each.

In the 2nd round, there are targets that the player has to blast. Players should NOT hit their own Mii targets. Otherwise, they will lose 5 points. The regular targets are worth 1 point, and the reddish ones are worth 10 points.

In the 3rd round, clay pigeons will be thrown, resembling saucers. They are worth 5 points when destroyed closer to the screen, and fewer points when further away. In the 4th round, there will be red cans. These cans fall faster after each shot, and after 5 shots, they are destroyed. The 1st shot is worth 1 point, the 2nd is worth 2 points, the 3rd is worth 3 points, and so forth until the 5th shot, when the can explodes.

Then, in the 5th round, there will be UFOs attempting to abduct the Miis. The grey ones are worth 3 points, and the reddish ones are worth 5 points. For each Mii that survives, 10 points are added to the score.

The Contenders
11 Golf (Wii Sports)

When I was younger, I didn't really enjoy the sport. However, as I grew older, not only did I get better at it on this game and Resort, but I also started to appreciate it more. As time goes on, it's like fine wine.

I don't really like golf, but it's fun to play on the Wii. It's pretty challenging, but nice.

12 Ski Jump (Wii Fit)
13 Boxing (Wii Sports)
14 Baseball (Wii Sports)
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