Top 10 Best Games in the Wii Sports Training Section

Wii Sports Training is the training section of the game which has 12 games and the player can complete them for medals. Initially when it's a new disc, it'll require unlocking by completion but then afterwards, they're free to play as desired.
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1 Returning Balls (Tennis)

In Returning Balls, an auto-player serves balls to the player, who has to return them. You must ensure that you hit the ball inside the court. Otherwise, you lose. Later in the level, the server will serve balls at a faster rate. The first mistake you make will end the game.

2 Timing Your Swing (Tennis)

In Timing Your Swing, the auto-player will serve you the balls, and you will have to hit them across the net, just like returning balls. The only difference here is that the balls must hit the orange force field, which will get thinner and thinner as the game progresses. The ball comes to your right side if you're right-handed and to your left side if you're left-handed. The game will conclude after your very first mistake.

3 Target Practice (Tennis)

Target Practice involves a target that you have to destroy by hitting the ball at it. The walls aren't indestructible, and if hit too many times, they will break. Don't swing too early or too late, or it could be harder to control the ball. Like the other two tennis games, this one concludes after the first mistake.

4 Hitting Home Runs (Baseball)

In Hitting Home Runs, 10 balls will be thrown at you by the computerized pitcher, and you have to hit as many as you can. If the ball is hit at least 400 feet, you get a home run, and if it's at least 600 feet, it's a ball out of the park. If you don't get a home run or ball out of the park, you will not receive anything, and it will just show a black circle. However, if you hit a home run or a ball out of the park, there will either be a small star-circle (for home runs) or a larger one (for balls out of the park).

5 Swing Control (Baseball)

Swing Control involves the computerized pitcher throwing 10 balls at you, and you have to hit them into the shaded areas. The darker the shade, the more points you earn. For the bad zone, you earn 1 point. In the white zone, you earn 3 points. In the blue zone, you earn 6 points. And in the darker blue, you earn 10 points. The first four throws involve the ball being hit back in a straight line. Throws five to seven follow a path to the left, and the final three involve throws to the right.

6 Batting Practice (Baseball)

Batting Practice involves the computerized pitcher throwing 30 balls that the player has to hit. You must hit as many as possible. You may be required to hit slow, fast, and curve balls. Only foul balls don't count.

7 Putting (Golf)

Putting involves getting the ball into the hole as required. You will have five chances to sink the ball into the 10 holes. The 1 and 2 buttons on your remote can be used to change the view and see the elevation of the green, respectively.

8 Hitting the Green (Golf)

Hitting the Green involves the player hitting the ball into the light greenish area. When the ball stops, the points will be added to your score. The lower the score, the better. If you hit off the "green," regardless of where it lands, 100 points will be added to your score. There are 10 holes in the game, and with practice, you can ace all 10 and earn better medals.

9 Target Practice (Golf)

Target Practice involves the player hitting the ball on the target to score points. If the ball lands on the target first, they score points, but if they don't hit the target first, they will not score points. There's a large greenish target (with a red center marked "100") that awards points based on where you land. It's a lot like a target shooting game, where the center gives you the most points.

10 Picking Up Spares (Bowling)

Picking Up Spares involves the player clearing 20 lanes with five chances to do so. The player must get all the balls off the lane. The pins will be arranged differently, and some lanes will have more pins than others.

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11 Power Throws (Bowling)

I was surprised not to see this here. This one is everyone's favorite.

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