Top 10 Tips for Beating Specific Tanks in Wii Play Tanks

As you know, Wii Play Tanks has 9 types of tanks that have different firing / mine dropping abilities. They are often killed using many kinds of strategies. Though, do note while I put the item to structure on a specific tank, some of the strategies can be used on other tanks as well.
The Top Ten
1 Use the tracks to trace the tank and follow according to where the tank goes (White Tanks)

White tanks turn invisible once the level starts, but the tracks they leave can be easily used to identify where the tank is traveling. This can give your player a way of firing directly and killing them. Also, in order to aim more effectively, use the aim cursor. It will help you determine where your bullets will go when you fire them.

2 Go on a far distance and fire directly at the tank, then drive your tank out of the way (Light Green Tanks)

Well, you can use this on almost any tank, but this one's especially useful since the light green tanks' shots bounce off the wall twice but it can land your target tank.

3 Shoot the tank once it's cornered by its own mines (Yellow Tanks)

Yellow tanks are notorious for laying mines. They have the habit of trapping themselves in corners with their mines or those of their partner tanks. Use this to your advantage and kill the yellow tank while it's trapped. But be careful and don't go too close to the mine yourself, otherwise, it might blow up your tank.

4 Use your cursor and fire along as the tank is moving throughout the level (Dark Green Tanks)

You can also use this for some other tanks as well. But, it's especially useful here if you want to take out the dark green tanks.

5 Allow the other tanks to push the tank to the wall, then use a mine to blow up the tank (Light Green Tanks)

This is possible for a few other tanks, but for this one, it's much more recommended (if possible). When the light green tank gets close to the wall, the mine can be useful in blowing up the tank as the blast radius is enough to blow up tanks on the other side of the wall. If there are any other tanks, they'll likely die in the explosion as well if they enter the blast radius. As always, though, get away from the mine so that you don't blow yourself up.

6 Corner the tank with other tanks using your bullets (Purple Tanks)

You'd generally do that with any tank, but since purple tanks move pretty fast, they can sometimes collide into your bullets. Remember one thing! They can use a "prong" strategy on you where both team up with each other and attempt to kill your player by trapping you using their rapid fires.

7 Fire at the tank and corner it near its mine (Black Tanks)

It's a bit like the yellow tank. Only, sometimes, you can fire bouncingly and, out of luck, the tank can get near its mine. Then as soon as the tank gets near its mine, you can keep firing and the mine will eventually blow up, killing the black tank. It's not always possible, and it's wiser to use Strategy #6 to take these ones out.

8 Randomly drop a mine in its path and let the tank come across your mine and blow itself up (Dark Brown Tanks)

It's pretty rare to do this with other tanks, but many times, dark brown tanks can be very senseless and will run into your mines. You can also shoot the mine when it gets close to kill the tank. It's really not that necessary, since these tanks are really weak and are bound to be easy to kill.

9 Bounce the bullets by shooting them at an angle to kill the tank (Light Green Tanks)

It's generally wise to do this strategy with other tanks as well, but since light green tanks can use a double angle to destroy your player tank, it's wise to use this on the light green tank. More often than not, other tanks will collide into your bullets and will kill other tanks alongside it to make the job even easier.

10 Rapidly fire at the tank when it comes into your line of sight and let the bullets hit the tank to destroy it (Red Tanks)

Even though you can do it with other tanks, it's a good idea to especially do it with red tanks (or dark green tanks, but strategy #4 can work for dark green tanks too). When you do it with red tanks, they're bound to collide with the bullets and blow up.

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