Best Gamma Ray Albums

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1 Land of the Free

Classic power metal album! But hell underrated! Every song is gold! - BlindGuardianValhalla

2 Land of the Free II
3 Powerplant

Kick ass album! Very unique and I can say it's a but dark... - BlindGuardianValhalla

This is my favorite. - Caleb9000

4 Heading for Tomorrow
5 No World Order

One of the best concept albums ever! The whole album is just amazing! - BlindGuardianValhalla

6 Somewhere Out In Space

The first gamma ray album I ever listened. Such an amazing record! Beyond the black hole, somewhere out in space, men Martians and machines, valley of the kings are a few recommended songs! - BlindGuardianValhalla

I mean I had to add the greatest album.
Oh! And to the metal too.
And no world order and land of the free 2 can't
Compare with this.

7 Majestic

GR most underrated album - BlindGuardianValhalla

8 Empire of the Undead

I don't know why this albums get hate for some fans. It's just awesome! I love the thrashy-power metal style of it! Listen to Avalon, pale rider, time for deliverance, master of confusion, I will return etc. the only bad song in my opinion is born to fly... It's just too cliche - BlindGuardianValhalla

9 Sigh No More
10 To the Metal

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11 Insanity & Genius
12 Blast from the Past
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