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1 Ya Nabi Salam Alayka

Official best Maher zain top ten songs : 1 Ya Nabi Salam Alayka. 2 Freedom. 3 Allahi Allah Kiya Karo. 4 I Believe. 5 Forgive Me. 6 Ramadan. 7 This Worldly Life. 8 Kun Rahma. 9 Love Will Prevail. 10 Sameh.

Best Islamic song and very very greatest lyrics. I love this song every day. Top one all times and greatest hits song every year's. Very Too much best and nice one it.

Best of Maher zain song all times. I love this song. So nice it. Very Beautiful and good song every year's. Greatest hits song and greatest lyrics. Top 1

2 Ramadan

Best song. I love and like Ramadan. Very Too much good and nice and very very beautiful song all times. Super hits song every time.

You feel every vibe and note in this song
Mashallah Maher you have made the best song in the world
My favourite of all time!
Inshallah you will continue spreading these good vibes!

Best of Maher zain song every year. I love and like it. Very too much good and nice.

3 Forgive Me

Best song of Maher zain song. I love and like it. So nice one and very very great song every day and greatest lyrics and super hits song.

Very good and nice one. Very too much good. Very beautiful song all times. I love it every time. Best Islamic song all times.

Best song and greatest lyrics and very very nice song all times Greatest hits song. And like it. This Islamic song.

4 Freedom

Greatest Islamic hits song every year. I love It all times. Very too much good. Very too much nice one song it. Freedom is best song every days.

Best Islamic song all times. I love and like it. So nice one. Very Too much best song every year's. Greatest song it.

Best song. Very too much good beautiful and very very nice one song. Very too much great song.

5 I Believe

If you believe in God
Every thing around you will be good because the faith give us the inner peace and that spread around you ,
I really believe
Thank you very much maher Zain.

Greatest Islamic hits song one it. It's the super hits song every day. I love this song. Wow so nice one and very very good one.

One of my Favorite song and its just awesome.

6 Allahi Allah Kiya Karo

Who's watching this during ramadan I am loves this song.I believe Allah is important more than anything.If you agree with me please give me a like.

Proud to be ummot of muhammad (s)...
This naat (vocals only) is better than musical instruments naat.

7 Love Will Prevail

I love this song and very very cool song. Best song every year.

One of my Favorite song. Its just awesome and best.

My best favorite. Song it All times.

8 Insha Allah

Please Allah protect all Muslims in the world. We need help from you ... Because we are very helpless.

The song that lifts your spirit and your believe in Allah at once whenevee you are feeling down..

Nothing much. Just for my brother in Islam

9 Medina

The home and chosen place
Of our beloved Prophet
Where all I feel is peace
And so much joy around
No better place for me, yeah!

10 This Worldly Life

Very good and nice and very very best song. I love and like it every time. Greatest hits song every year. This the top two.

Super hit song it all time and this the best song. Very too much Top.

Simply the best! But great song.

The Contenders
11 Kun Rahma

Best song every year and very very good song. Best Islamic song. I love this song and this song top five.

One of my Favorite song.
Its just awesome.

The only best song. Great song and top 3.

12 Guide Me All the Way

I'll never be in love the way I am in love with Allah Subhanallahu wa Ta'ala and our Prophet Muhammad. Every time I feel lonely, I remember Allah and Muhammad, and I cry in a minute realising that I've never been lonely.

The top 5 Maher Zain song it permanently.

Very to much good song. Top ten anytime.

13 Sameh

One of my Favorite song, its just awesome.

It's the best song every day and night.

14 Hold My Hand
15 Baraka Allahu Lakuma

Probably 90% 0f my music play is Maher Zain and I understand everyone has differing opinions, but how this is not in the top 5 Maher Zain songs I will never know.
A mistake surely?

16 Number One for Me

Every mother love her child. Mother is best and Maher zain is good.The lyrics awesome and nice video song.

17 Always Be There

Listening to this song is really energizing and cooling. You'll appreciate listening to Maher Zain's work of art over and over again since it clearly demonstrates his inventiveness. With captivating Always Be There Lyrics, appealing vocals, and hypnotizing subtleties.

Super Excellent song. Top 5. Very important lyrics and good quality song. Vote for it.

18 For the Rest of My Life
19 Peace Be Upon You
20 Palestine Will Be Free

This song real touch one feelings and emotions.

Thank you maher zain from Palestine. One day Palestine will be free.Yes we will be free inshalah.

21 Thank You Allah
22 Radhitu Billahi Rabba
23 Good Day
24 I Love You So
25 Assalamu Alayka
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