Top Ten Genres that Certain Music Artists Should Never Try to Do


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41 Speed Metal - Jacob Sartorius
42 Death Metal Metal - Jacob Sartorius

Death metal metal?

43 Black Metal - Jacob Sartorius

Not second wave black metal, the best most raw brutal heaviest stuff ever - Lucretia

44 Progressive Metal - Jacob Sartorius
45 Industrial Metal - Jacob Sartorius
46 Nu Metal - Jacob Sartorius

All he needs to do is collab with Limp Bizkit and people would probably consider him a good metal artist... - Lucretia

47 Grindcore - Jacob Sartorius
48 Rock - Jacob Sartorius
49 Groove Metal - Jacob Sartorius
50 Children's Music - Mayhem

Attila or Dead, could not have done childrens music. Imagine what Oystein would have though about making childrens music. - Lucretia

51 Teen Pop - Bad Bunny

Bad Bunny is a rapper so imagine Bad Bunny covering "Baby" by Justin Bieber in Spanish. - StevenUniverseIsAwesome

52 Gospel - Marilyn Manson
53 Children's Music - GG Allin

I want kids bop to cover his songs... how are they going to change the lyrics? Probably gonna get popular too, kids bop is evil - Lucretia

54 Second Wave Black Metal - Eminem

Second wave is the controversial satanic stuff... no rapper can make a song like that, unless they are a Norweigan rapper or a satanist, or just really into that stuff - Lucretia

55 Hip Hop - Iron Maiden

I don't want to think about this.
Iron Maiden is awesome, and Bruce Dickinson's clean vocals are outstanding, so I don't want to think of Bruce Dickinson RAPPING.
That wouldn't sound good. - Kiyomi

56 Glam Metal - Iron Maiden

This would ruin Iron Maiden lyrically and musically. - Kiyomi

57 Mumble Rap - Michael Jackson
58 Country - Tyga
59 Blues - XXXTentacion Blues - XXXTentacion
60 Black Metal - Hevisaurus

Hevisaurus is a Finnish children's metal band full of anthropomorphic dinosaurs.

Them playing this would ruin metal's reputation of being for everyone even more. - Aragorn98

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