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161 Irmgard Seefried
162 Sarah Geronimo Sarah Geronimo Sarah Asher Tua Geronimo aka Sarah Geronimo or Sarah G. is a world class and multi-talented Filipino singer, actress, dancer, record producer, model, host, coach/judge, commercial/product endorser and tv personality . She can also draw and plays the piano. Sarah is popularly known as the one and only more.
163 Kathleen Ferrier

Fantastic voice and lady. Taken from us too young and too soon.

Only a few operas, but what a voice

164 Antonietta Stella

I remember hearing her live at the Met in 1960 at the age of 12, in Madame Butterfly, it was the first opera of over 50, that I attended at the met. Richard Tucker was Pinkerton, and Madame Stella, Butterfly. I was totally impressed by the performance, at that young age, and became involved in opera as a lifetime pursuit. I still have a 33rpm recording of La Boheme, live from the Met, with her in the role of Mimi, of which I listened to dozens of times, as I was studying and learning and memorizing that opera.

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165 Betty Allen
166 Laura Tatulescu

Romanian soprano... an angel singing... From Marzelline to Serpetta and Helena - the best of the best!

167 Maria Ewing

She has a fierce temperament, a lot of energy, but a bit mumbling voice. Her singing is not precise enough.

Voice - Beautiful. Acting - Bravura.

168 Elena Xanthoudakis
169 Cecilia Bartoli

Your singing for the sake of music. Every person on this list you shouldn't compare yourselves to others believe in your own talents and work them for your name

Cecilia is the world's best mezzo soprano. Her beautiful, rich, expressive voice, passionate performances and stunning beauty make for the ultimate in operatic entertainment. She belongs in the top 10.

Cecilia is the very best female singer I have ever watched and listened. She is a wonderful woman!

Excellence in voice. Love the seeming control and lack of it in the song. Very expressive and passionate.

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170 Katherine Jenkins

Katherine is one of the best opera singers in the world, should be in the top ten. Her voice is wonderful, strong, delicate and smooth.

Katherine Jenkins is not there either.

She is amazing. Her voice is beautiful, divine and heavenly

Lovely powerful voice with innocent smile

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171 Edita Gruberova

I don't get why Tarja Turner, Katherine Jenkins and Jackie Evango ARE DOING HERE, THEY AREN'T OPERA SINGERS. They have never sung a single full scale opera in their lives they should stop labeling them as opera singers.

Gruberova's voice has this warm special Vocal timbre, very recognizable. And her coloratura sends shivers up my spine. She may have a bad habit of scooping, but other than that there are no other singers like her. She is simply unique, her Zerbinettas are the best in recorded history! In my Top 10 following Callas, Sutherland, Price and Fagstad.

She is the Queen of scooping high notes. Don't know why she can't sing them on pitch at least once in her way too long career. She should retire now!

Queen of coloratura, still going strong post-60.

Best singer ever there was

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172 Natalie Dessay

Her Coloratura Soprano has no blemish. One can tell that what she does, she does professionally. She is also a good actress. I am surprised and dismayed that Dessay is not amongst those at the top of the list! I love listening to her voice. Those songs we call beautiful when other sopranos sing them are closer to heavenly when Natalie sings those same operas.

Her control over her voice is full of talent. I am surprised that her name isn't amongst those at the top of the list. One can tell that she has studied what she does for a long time, and knows the languages of opera.

Any body who has a problem with Dessay has a problem with music and musicality and acting and opera and did I mention music? the best and one and only.

Stunning range and a joy to watch!

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