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1 Stairway to Heaven - Jimmy Page

This is without even a shadow of doubt the greatest solo ever played, in my opinion. Everything about it is incredible; the arrangement is melodic and beautiful, the tone is impeccable, and the lead up to and the fazing out (if it can even be called as such) of this solo are both epic beyond compare. This solo is the main reason why Jimmy Page is one of the most legendary guitarists and Led Zeppelin one of the most legendary bands in all of rock history. Oh, did I mention that Pagey improvised it? Not much else needs to be said.

Eruption, is difficult not great, Eddie didn't put any emotion into it, Stairway to Heaven is proof that fast paced playing doesn't make a solo great (although it can, Jump in the Fire)it is emotional intensity.

Perfect guitar solo that fits in perfectly with the song. This solo deserves the number 1 spot

There are no other ways to describe this besides completely and totally amazing.

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2 Comfortably Numb - David Gilmour

In one of the most psychedelic, calming rock songs ever composed, David Gilmour plays what is almost certainly the most otherworldly guitar solo ever created. Each notes seems to find its way into your head, invading your thoughts and leaving a deep, complex mental mark. This is reason why Pink Floyd is really the greatest space rock band that ever existed.

Its not psychedelic. after of meddle they stop making that kind of music

Pink Floyd, I feel, is the most intelligent music ever crated in our time. The poetry, the composition. There desire to truly help us understand what is important in life... Nobody can bent a note like Mr Gilmore, his well never runs dry playing guitar fast may have its respectabilities, I agree, but to play slower with a high degree of creativeness is what I find to be very respectful David is the man and roger is the other man too!

I don't get the fascination. GIlmour does great production & studio work an it makes him seem better than he is. In an NBA game there's the ONE chance, to drive, shoot, or pass for the perfect play. You don't get to fit 5 or 6 of your best into one. That's exactly what happens here. True magic is in creation and performance, not editing. Put
Eddie, Rhoads, Hendrix, Page, Angus, Blackmore, Walsh, May, SRV, Allen, Collins,...levels above the Gilmour grasp. - Maynut

Many people play guitar, David Gilmour makes it sing.
Comfortably numb is not just a song, it's a portal, to some other dimension. One can listen to the song a 100 times and more, and every time David Gilmour reaches the climax, you can feel yourself transported to some other World.
Pure transcendence experience.

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3 Eruption - Eddie Van Halen

How is this not #1? It's 2 minutes of ridiculousness! If you can play this song, you and Eddie are part of the 0.001 percent of the world who can play this song.

I really FEEL this solo, one of my favorites after Mr. Crowley. People who say there's no feeling into it just don't understand it. It's your problem. But it's like saying "I can't feel Stairway to Heaven". It's your problem, not the solo's problem. Anyone agree with me on this? One of my favorite solos of all time is not even on this list, and yet I feel it so much. It's the solo in American Life by Primus.

Stop saying it has no feeling! It's your opinion. I really feel the solo, personally, every note hits me hard.

When it hits the 40 second mark, boy, it really hits me hard. Unforgettable.

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4 Sweet Child O' Mine - Slash

My guitar teacher who is professional says that the run in the solo is the hardest one in the world

Obviously better than Eruption.

Greatest solo ever. Must be at least at 3rd place. Sweet solo. Among the best solos that I had ever listened. Classic solo by slash. This song takes me to heaven...!

Sure, greatest solo of all time... for people that only knows this solo!

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5 November Rain - Slash

Great song, for lower on any list. So many better choices. - Maynut

I love this song

One of the last great slow-burning solos in my opinion, the first guitar solo, and to a lesser but still large extent the second solo, in the Guns N' Roses masterpiece November Rain is absolutely beautiful. Passion and energy seem to flow out of the strings with each extended, stabbing note, and the wailing nature of those notes really help to convey the sad emotions presented in the lyrics and Axl Rose's beautiful vocal performance.

Best three solos I ever heard. I become spellbound while listening this song. Those three solos are SOLOS OF THE MILLENIUM. Can't be matched by any other though comfortably numb solo is quite great but not as november rain

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6 Hotel California - Joe Walsh and Don Felder

It's wonderful. The "Hell Freezes Over" version is amazing-they play it on acoustic, showing that you can take a guitar solo and make it just as good on acoustic. - galaxyfox

This song has the most iconic guitar solo and it is on #7 oh come on! It should be at least #2 after stairway to heaven

On a dark desert highway, cool wind in my hair warm smell of colitas rising up through the air up ahead in the distance, I saw a shimmering light, etc


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7 Freebird - Collins/Rossington

Sorry, Collins/Rossington, but your ranking of the Free Bird solo, as being the best even, is hands-down proof that you don't understand anything about music other than your own gut feelings, which is to say that you don't understand anything about music. I enjoy Free Bird also but the solo is very redundant. For somebody with musical training who knows how to truly pay attention to what's being played, the actual solo-lines in the Free-Bird ending get boring very quickly, which is why I prefer to not hear Free Bird any more than about once per year, because, that way, I can enjoy it without being bothered too much by the mindless-repetition. Compare, for one of many possible contrasting examples, Clapton's solo in Sunshine of Your Love. I'm not saying that repetition is always a bad thing but there are good ways of doing repetition and bad ways. If you want an example of a good way, listen to Stephen Stills' solo in the extended-jam of the 4-Way-Street version of Carry On. If you ...more

One two and three should be (not in order) Freebird Stairway and Hotel California- also bohemian Rhapsody should be higher

I was like holy cow when I heard this solo! - Userguy44

Criminal how this is #6

Best solo ever played

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8 Mr Crowley - Randy Rhoads

This guy is a top 5 ALWAYS! - Maynut

The two best guitar solos ever in one songI They're obscure compared to the other solos in this list, but still... it only speaks of the quality!

It should be way way higher

The third solo is AMAZING

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9 Bohemian Rhapsody - Brian May

Brian may deserve a better rank. - Maynut

It is so amazing. Surprisingly he wrote that guitar solo himself.

Easily one of the greatest solos of all time - right above pantera's domination, which should be higher

What a way to top of our list then with Bohemian rhapsody by Queen. The guitar solo for this songs is just out of this world and The way Brian Plays it Is just Spine tingling. He nails it with so much motion that you can feel the motion of the song and how awesome it was put together. Brian is well known for having awesome guitar solos (crazy little thing called love (hammer to fall (These are the days of our lives etc Queen rules and so does Brian

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10 Fade to Black - Kirk Hammett

More reaping, because he sowed.! I could loop it to infinity... - Maynut

Both solos (0:15 and outro) are so amazing
Kirk did awesome job putting so much felling in those solos, you can fell the suicide message of the song just by hearing kirk's guitar

This is the worst list I've ever seen... It actually sickens me that people are simply voting for their favourite song instead of the solos, you have solos like FTB, Comfortably Numb and Freebird outside of the top 5. This is such an intricate solo and quite emotional for metal. The only reason I would buy a Bon Jovi album was if I ran out of toilet paper

One of the best ever. So rhythmic and awesome - lilrocketman

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The Contenders

11 Highway Star - Ritchie Blackmore

Another that seriously belongs in the top 5...NO DOUBT ABOUT IT! - Maynut

This solo got me. What a guitarist Ritchie Blackmore is! Also, the organ solo is great as well. - Userguy44

Technical guitar master Ritchie Blackmore is most well known for his incredibly recognizable riff in Smoke on the Water, but his solos in Highway Star, particularly the second one, are perhaps just as strong achievements. The second solo seems a bit like the musical version of being shot out of a cannon at ultra-relativistic speeds. The arrangement has a classical touch to it, resulting in what probably would happen if Mozart got extremely drunk and then decided to pick up an electric guitar and wail away.

Actually the first solo is a keyboard solo. I used to think too that it was a guitar solo because of the distortion used. - RalphSaad

Every 'Top 10 Solos' List is lame without this solo in the Top 3!
METALHEADS, where are you? Without this piece - no speed metal and even thrash (thrash is speed metal mixed with hardcore punk).

This solo is just breathtaking and was so ahead of its time - way later speed and thrash metal guitarists started play such fast, technical and thundering solos.
Based on Bach-like chord sequences, this solo and the song in general were the best prototypes of metal music. - Metal_Treasure

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12 High Hopes - David Gilmour

Impeach these votes... No way does ANY David Gilmour belong near the top ten. - Maynut

Another great Gilmour solo! - Userguy44

I strongly believe that Dave Gilmour is the greatest and best-rounded guitarist in all of rock. And this song is his magnum opus. 4 minutes of pure guitar nostalgia, perfect top to bottom. No solo is better crafted, structured or executed than High Hopes. Yet, people overlook it.

Whoa, I was honestly suprised top see this so high. My favorite Glimour solo

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13 Voodoo Child (Slight Return) - Jimi Hendrix

Now this man is an instrument with an instrument, within movements on a powerful groove. It's hard to endure the disrespect associated with trailing a studio musician like Gilmour. - Maynut

Absolutely belongs in top 3. My #1. Hauntingly melodic with over the top power chords.

No contest

Come on!? How is this not at least in the top 3? Anyone who plays guitar knows that this song is awesome and hard to recreate. Hendrix was one of the most original guitarists of all time. Seriously?

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14 One - Kirk Hammet

An amazing slice of the top ten stuck and underrated. - Maynut

Banging solo it really is the ONE

I may like other Metallica songs more overall, but One is the greatest piece on guitar. The guitar is not simply there to supplement the sound and hit a few catchy riffs; the guitar sets the mood so much in this song. It begins with some eerie, gloomy riffs, which are perfectly complimentary to the lyrics of a traumatized soldier. After two verses, it goes into a great solo that most people would consider enough for a song. But instead, the song is only halfway over, and it kicks into a much harder sound. The heavy riffs again control the tone of the sound, where now the lyrics are of the soldier losing his mind. It then finishes with two minutes of pure thrash and the greatest guitar solo in history.

In my opinion, better than Master of Puppets. This song is just all around good. The gloomy beginning solos and the crafted lyrics. Although the guitar playing gets crazy at the end, it still feels clean and well constructed. It doesn't stray too far from the core of the song. Solos like Eruption and almost any Hendrix song have you clawing and grasping for notes but they are flying out too fast. One still has that intense element but is bottled nicely and can almost be compared to Stairway, in a song structure sense.

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15 Tornado of Souls - Marty Friedman

Oh man, every time I hear it, I die, but in a good way.

The best metal solo no doubt and I think that marty friedman's solos are so underrated so as chuck schuldiner and john petrucci

It takes way more technical skill and is still more beautiful than most of the solos in the top ten.

This solo deserves to be in the top ten man, I don't get how can such a majestic composition be way down in here with this other load of garbage

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16 All Along The Watchtower - Jimi Hendrix

Just what I wanted.Jimi's best. I have no idea how anyone keeps this out of the top 5, let alone 10. In the way Deep Purple were the pioneers to a Hard Rock and Metal genre, Hendrix was on a path that only he saw, but everyone wants on it. It's beyond malice having this steamroller behind the planners and thinkers. He's a dreamer. - Maynut

Regarding creativity and originality, Joe Satriani said this about Hendrix; "I can very easily figure out what he did; but I have NO idea how he thought of it."

Total shock that Stairway to Heaven is number 1. #sarcasm

A guitar solo from another dimension, performed by an immortal guitar virtuoso born on another planet.

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17 Beyond the Realms of Death - Glenn Tipton

This solo speaks to me... of course it's one of the best ever. So sad people often vote for crap. This solo deserves to be in the top 10 and I put it on my personal list - this will move the solo up (higher than #42) but not enough to get it to the top 10. - Metal_Treasure

I've been listening to Heavy Metal Since I Was Teenager But never tried to listen to Judas Priest ever not sure why...

A talentless guitar solos like Sweet child of mine November rain Afterlife Takes first spots and beyond the realm of death doesn't get 10?

Those solos you've mentioned are very good, but none of them is as good as this one. - ShahryRKnoT

Undoubtedly the best guitar solo which has ever been composed. I guess it is the only piece of music that makes me feel something so profound every single time I listen to it.

And I am never going to be tired of it.

The best guitar solo of ALL TIME in my opinion. How can this song and Judas Priest NOT be in the top ten? For those who haven't heard this song, look it up on the YouTube.

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18 Breaking All Illusions - John Petrucci
19 Hangar 18 - Dave Musatine/ Marty Friedman

There's at least 11 or 12 solos in this song, wow. - Metarock

hanger 18 has an awesome sol. mustaine and friedman are amazing as a team, shame friedmans gone now. one sucks. its overrated cause of guitar hero - lezakattack

Number 13? You gotta be kidding, this song has 12 solos and they're all incredibly creative and fast, this list is mostly voted on popularity, although I still love led zeppelin

Must be higher. And where's tornado of souls? - vishaljagannath

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20 Whipping Post (Live) - Duane Allman & Dickey Betts

An emotional roller coaster of a series of solos Live from the Fillmore West. The solos fit very well with the emotions and desperations of the song.

Slide guitar licks and driven southern rock takes it home

21 Machine Gun (Live) - Jimi Hendrix

Still blasting at to he wall, from up on the tower looking down at, BLAH! His presence left, and left us other's blase. - Maynut

No one else has ever had such amazing control of feedback and harmonics. Controlled chaos and raw emotion! All done with a minimum of fuss, live on stage. Also the gnarliest sound ever recorded from 8:56 - 8:58. Chills every time! #1

Emotion, intensity, original. there are other great guitar solos by Hendrix, but Machine gun for me stands out. Of course Voodoo and star spangled come a close second.

Couldn't agree with you more. #1 as far as I'm concerned. Great solos are about feel not technicals. Still gives me chills listening to ir.

22 White Room - Eric Clapton

Good but not LAYLA good. - Maynut

This is fine but not 21. I would submit that "Let It Rain" on "Derek and the Dominos In Concert" ranks this high. And "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" has got to be higher than White Room.

Listen, I love the song, I loved Cream. My third album was History of Eric Clapton. Just being honest though.

That wah wah sounds so awesome. Also the rhythm guitar in this song could be my favorite of any song behind When the Levee Breaks

It's Clapton. Totally awesome.

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23 Heartbreaker - Jimmy Page

This is exactly the opposite of Gilmour's droll that is needed to sink that pink. Swap them out so I can take this needle out of my PINK eye. - Maynut

He plays it so fast that you can barely hear it!!!

This should be WAY higher up. This is one of the best solos of all time. He improvised it as well.

Eruption stole from this solo look it up

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24 Afterlife - Synyster Gates

This solo is so boring. IT. IS. JUST. FAST. Anyone could play triplets as fast as they can in the box and call it a solo (see Scream by Avenged Sevenfold) It's so straightforward. There's nothing creative about it. Good solos don't need to be just fast to grab someone's attention. One of the best solos of all time is Comfortably Numb, which is slow and psychedelic. That solo's not great because of its speed. It's great because of its creativity and melody.

Kick yourselves Everyone!..
Have you ever listened AFTERLIFE?.. By Avenged Sevenfold?..
Synyster Gates is just AWESOME.. His solo is great!.. And very fast!...

Speed doesn't define a good solo, a guitar solo may not be very fast, yet be awesome, such as stairway to heaven's, if speed was actually important free bird or through the fire and flames would be on first place

Short but lightning fast

I'm voting for this just because too many people are hating it for its speed. Yeah, it's fast, and yeah, fast doesn't make a good solo. However, this solo is captivating, clear, catchy, and isn't dragged out too long.

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25 Hollow Years - John Petrucci

Never heard a solo with that much emotion. - Clyx

The Studio-Version is good, but the Solo on Live At Budokan is the greatest solo ever played in history.

Anybody who doesn't vote this up seriously needs to listen to it - the Live at Budokan version.

Its AMAZING. It's the only solo I've ever heard that successfully combines kickass virtuoso shredding with Gilmour-level emotion.

I hope this is referring to the love at Budokan edition.

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26 Sultans of Swing - Mark Knopfler

Oh yeah, I wondered when this one would skate in...
It's perfect for a couples only skating rink with a soloist in Pink. - Maynut

Maybe not as good as Comfortably Numb, but I would put this in my top 10. - Stalin

Shows how good Mark Knopfler actually is. - Userguy44

Even if the song was 2 hours you still wouldn't get bored of it.

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27 Layla - Duane Allman

Well, her she is. I thought Layla got away. - Maynut

Love Duane Allman but you should give Clapton a lot of credit and solo should be at least top 10.

Are you kidding - Layla not in the top 20? And Eric Clapton had a part in the solo too...

All duane.. Simply the best.

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28 Master of Puppets - Kirk Hammett

I mean, like, master comes out of the part where james shouts master! Master! Where's those dreams that I've been after! And it comes to a building that finishes with kirk's solo, simply amazing, he said that when he really got a kick out of it, he destroy one of the guitar strings, AWESOME

This solo deserve 1st position... Best solo I ever heard... All solos ok Metallica are best.. Solo of one, fade to black, creeping death... There should be a different list for metallica solos... They all are best... Put this solo at top...
1. Master of puppets
2. One
3. Fade to black
4. Whiskey in the jar
5. The unforgiven
6. Creeping death
7. The day that never comes
8. The unforgiven 3
9. The unforgiven 2
10. The Judas kiss...
This is perfect list..
Metallica only

And, most important, do you listen to something different than Metallica? - Rocker00

Kirk is killer. One is better. Neither deserves to be on this list. Who the hell makes these stupid lists? I can go no further with this stupidity since there has been not mention of Jimi, Stevie Ray, Les Paul, Robert Johnson (look it up you idiots), Robert Cray, Eric Clapton I could go on for hours And by the way, a special thanks to Ozzy for Tony, Randy, and Zakk. Three greats.

In my opinion... The best metal solo

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29 Moment of Surrender - The Edge
30 Free Bird - Lynyrd Skynyrd

I cannot believe I HAVE to say...are you KIDDING. Way too good for this garbage heap. Take it to the top...5-10 at the least. - Maynut

Greatest ever come on people have no brain these days

31 The Spirit Carries On - John Petrucci

Where's the Dance of Eternity? That whole song is basically a guitar/bass/drum solo song.

32 Maggot Brain - Eddie Hazel

May be missing the fast notes here, some tri note patterns, but that just means that Eddie doesn't need em. Pure funk and soul went into this piece. All it needs is just one introduction and Eddie tears the rest up. Eddie even harmonizes with himself, through effect pedals he is able to delay his guitar and soon gets an amazing sound that is just unattainable in songs where the music is going by so fast there is no time to appreciate how well the solo is being articulated. Truly the masterpiece that deserves to be in the top 10 at least.

Deserves to be the first

How in the world is this not number one? I've listened to all the solos above it and Maggot Brain may not be the fastest, but it is raw emotion. This is a ten minute song with nobody singing, but it doesn't need any because Eddie Hazel makes the guitar sing. I love Stairway and all, but to say its guitar solo is better would be a lie.

Can't listen to this song just once.

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33 Time - David Gilmour

Honestly up there in the top 10. It is often overlooked even though its one of the bests bits of this legendary song. This and burn solo are so underrated. - lntxp01

This deserves a top 10 spot! - Userguy44

Honestly, David has a bunch of solos that are Top Ten-worthy material. He's just that good. - Gg2000

This guitar solo both gives me chills and impresses me at the same time, it really is one of the absolute best I've ever heard. Gilmour chooses his notes wisely and makes every one count, which can often be a hard thing to do in a guitar solo.

Goes amazingly with the song

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34 Rising Force - Yngwie Malmsteen

A masterpiece - speed, accuracy, melody! One of the best ever. Deserves to be way higher - this solo is mindblowing! - Metal_Treasure


35 Room 335 - Larry Carlton

God bless Larry Carlton! Awesome tonal mastery. Didn't like his "Fire Wire" album, though.

36 Dogs - Pink Floyd

ENOUGH ALREADY. Is this list for sound efx? NO! - Maynut

I'm gay folks!

I'm gay too

This song has not only one, but 5 INCREDIBLE guitar solos. Should be at least in the top 10.

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37 Floods - Dimebag Darrell

Agreed One of the best solos I have ever heard best raw material and it inspired me to be a guitarist - CowboysFromHell

Should be at least in the top 20. This song has an absolutely beautiful solo. I have the great southern trendkill, and this is my absolute favorite song on it. RIP

Love this solo

This should be in top 3 - Disturbedpotato

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38 Let It Be - George Harrison

While the single version and a few other updates to the classic Beatles song Let It Be experimented with different guitar solos that were good but not great, the original album version's solo is one of the most emotive instances of guitar playing in history. The lead up is incredible, sure, but without a doubt the most amazing thing about this solo is the way that George Harrison's stinging, wailing, beautiful guitar playing seems to perfectly complement Paul McCartney's vocals with the two almost seeming to fuse into one entity of sound. Few solos, or parts of a song in general, have ever made me feel as strongly emotional as I do when I hear the solo in Let It Be.

What a cool guitar solo by George Harrison Who uses blues slides and single note picking to create an awesome sounding solo which really fits in with the song And a cool ending for one if the worlds greatest Bands

It is the perfect solo there are hardly any other songs like this that are able to use the guitar like George did in this song the guitar is so effective and sound so good a lot of other song just have a simple riff that leads into a solo but this song has an efecctive emotional solo that hits you with awesomeness

Precise, passionate, wailing, and melodic. This is one of the solos that confirms George Harrison as a master and still worthy of studying after all these years.

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39 Whole Lotta Rosie - Angus Young

Tremendous, and tremendously awful that it's this low. I forget it's a Floyd show. (Sarcastic) - Maynut

You can't hear The song, whitout doing
The air guitar


2 of the greatest guitar solos of all time, move it up

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40 The Best of Times - John Petrucci

Totally agree that this solo deserves a top 3 position for sure! In fact, petrucci should dominate any top 10 along with rhoades, slash and satriani

Most underrated solo of all time! Beats up Stairway to Heaven any day of the week and rivals Comfortably Numb!

It is the best solo ever written

This should be at number 1 without doubt

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41 We Will Rock You - Brian May

It's great. - Userguy44

Everybody knows the famous Boom Boom Clap Of we will rock you By queen. For the last 30 seconds of the songs Brian may Comes in with an epic Guitar solo that just makes this song rock and ask anyone and they will totally agree.


42 Texas Flood - Stevie Ray Vaughan

Not many people, even on this list, can play for over 15 minutes non-stop with 13 gauge strings not to mention bends and vibrato on almost every second note

How is this so low?!

I had to vote for this one because it's too low on the list
This solo deserves a higher place here, it's one of the best blues solos I've ever heard

43 Jordan - Buckethead

I thought no solo could top eruption... and this one did!

Living on prayer shouldn't even be on this list! Great song, good, but mediocre solo compared to the other ones listed here. And its top... - AymanKabir

many haven't voted for this simply because they never heard it. I always thought nothing could top Eruption... this did! - AymanKabir

If you go on Wikipedia and look for all the different styles that Buckethead plays, you will be shocked.

the best guitar solo I have personally heard, it has not been released on CD so check it out on youtube - bruinkiller69

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44 Jessica - Dickey Betts
45 Say What! - Stevie Ray Vaughan

You know nothing about Double Trouble.

I hate stevieie ray and all the trash music he created during his brief 35 year life.

46 Back In Black - Angus Young

Now Angus is a man who likes to plug in a guitar to an amp play with no distortion and crank the volume up full and just rock. And Back in Black is an awesome example of blues playing and Angus just plays This solo with such speed and feeling its amazing it just had to be up here

Must be in top 10, awesome solo

I don't get it this is easily better than any thing I've seen on this list I mean come on why does everyone on this site kiss stairway to heavens ass!

He should be in top 3... Come on

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47 Child In Time - Deep Purple

Extremely underrated. - Userguy44

It should've been in the first place

How is this 47? This list sucks.

48 La Grange - Billy Gibbons

It's a nice solo.

Best Texas blues boogie song and guitar solo ever!

49 Goodbye to Romance - Randy Rhoads
50 Return to Serenity - Testament
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