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21 Live at the Rainbow '74 Live at the Rainbow '74

The band's finest hour finally released officially! - Mard

22 Queen Forever

Which features new songs:
Let me in your Heart again
Love Kills ( balled, 2014 remake )
There must be more to life then this ( ft. Michael Jackson )

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23 Classic Queen Classic Queen
24 Rock Montreal Rock Montreal
25 Deep Cuts (1973-1977)
26 A Night at the Odeon A Night at the Odeon
27 Hot Space Hot Space

Come on, how can it be below literally everything on this list. It's not a great album, but deserves to be at least in top 13. Staying Power, Put Out the Fire, Action This Day, Back Chat, Dancer and for god's sake - Under Pressure. Sure there is a mediocre song - Calling All Girls and most horrible thing Queen ever made - Body Language. But mostly, it's still good.

Obviously not their best album, in fact, probably their worst. However, it is a vastly underrated slump in the catalogue of a band who produced little trash for 15 albums straight. In my book, this is nearly as good as The Game, which harbors some of Queen's most astonishing highs, but also some unfortunately forgettable lows. Even without "Under Pressure," songs like "Life Is Real (Song For Lennon)," "Staying Power," and "Las Parablas Des Amor" rank among the most underrated gems of their career.

It's not among the top 5 but it's surely not as bad as 29th! Under Pressure alone makes this at least top 10 and the other tracks are not as bad as people make them out to be.

Definitely one of their worst but it deserves to be higher up if at least for the sake of putting their real albums over greatest hits - dubsinthetubs

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28 Queen on Fire – Live at the Bowl Queen on Fire – Live at the Bowl

THIS is the right title.

29 Greatest Hits III Greatest Hits III

Queen dynamic theatrics charge the acompilation, as Mercury's unrivaled voice and the band's grand production aesthetic resound clearer than ever before.

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30 Deep Cuts, Volume 2 (1977–1982) Deep Cuts, Volume 2 (1977–1982)
31 Deep Cuts 3 (1984-1995)
32 Greatest Hits IV

This is an Album which I made up here are the tracks
1. Spread Your Wings
2. Mustapha
3. Sheer Heart Attack
4. Liar
5. Keep Yourself Alive
6. Death On Two Legs
7. A Winter's Tale
8. Love Of My Life
9. If You Can't Beat Them
10. Made In Heaven
11. 39
12. I'm In Love With My Car
13. Body Language
14. Stone Cold Crazy
15. Back Chat
16. Scandal
17. Mother Love
18. It's a Beautiful Day (Reprise)
19. Seaside Rendezvous
20. Tear It Up

33 Flash Gordon Flash Gordon V 1 Comment
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